Butting Heads in Marriage

I dedicated myself to going through a list of the top causes of stress in a family situation. I wanted to eliminate stress as a contributor of my son’s challenging behaviour as well as make things easier on all of us. Energy stress is the root of all evil! 🙂 (no, really)

One thing on the list was: General alignment of alpha couple on common goals and values

So I didn’t make a pro and con list about this, I didn’t ponder our individual goals, I didn’t talk with my partner in depth, we just made an energy habitat each! We had thought that we were pretty much on the same page with our goals and values yet my energy body disagreed. So did his. The first thing that appeared for me was us headbutting each other! He also saw an indication of conflict.

This is one situation where I don’t know if I effectively fleshed out the habitat. But the headbutt image was so clear to me that I didn’t think it was necessary. We had also done other energy work at the same time so were already pretty well connected.

So the headbutt image was there and I did agree yes, in many ways we are butting heads with each other. The sense of conflict.

My aspect stopped and rubbed her forehead. I think she laughed because it was a ridiculous image in a way, and said “What are we doing here?? This isn’t working.” Then it seemed like we were still eyeing each other off accusingly. The feeling was as if we were mid-argument and we both wanted to ‘win’. Again it felt ridiculous.

I said “We don’t need to fight. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s also okay to work together.”  (I’m not sure if I said this out loud or not) Honestly what are we doing by focusing our energies on going head to head and disagreement instead of working together? Being right and winning seems like a waste of energy when you are a team.

‘Scene by scene’ the two aspects shifted from headbutting each other to standing together, hand in hand with the feeling shifting from aggressive conflict through to a sense of teamwork. When I reconsidered the topic, there was no longer anything ‘there’ that got my energetic attention, so I considered it resolved. Having these energy places for healing opportunity means that energetic shifts can occur simply and easily. Even without using EFT in the process.

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