Energy worlds at our fingertips

Recently I completed the Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner course with The Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies. For me a very significant part of the course was the unit of the course centred on autogenic habitats – energy worlds created with the purpose of helping to heal.

I fell in love with the concept and have since used it many times. My experiences with using these habitats is why I created this blog in the first place – I want to share.


To begin with, we consider an issue we have or a situation we’re in or just our life in general.

From there we ask ourselves if this issue/situation/life was a PLACE in time and space, where would it be? And a picture begins to unfold. We might see a beach, a desert, snow, darkness,a room, a hill, a field. We place an aspect of ourself there, a person who exists in this world we are creating.

Consider this place and ask yourself what time of day it is and what time of year it is. We can also explore and find out if there are any scents here, any sensations on our skin, any feelings in the aspect’s body. And consider anything else that exists here and what we are seeing around us. Is there vegetation or buildings or other people or animals.

We then consider our aspect and what they are doing or what they are feeling. We go where they lead us and we help them along the way as needed by using Emotional Freedom Technique if needed or creating objects to place in this world for them to use.

With this world, an aspect, and the abilities of ourselves to help them when needed – we have an amazing tool for insight and healing. One could say that it is magical. 🙂


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