The Rain Storm of a Toddler

Yes I’m here again writing about yet another storm habitat relating to my 2.5 year old son. What a freaky coincidence… 😉

The habitat is a very strong wind and heavy rain pelting down on the aspect. It is not hot or cold, but the storm is preventing the aspect from getting anywhere. She can’t see where she’s going or what she’s doing. She is completely stuck, trapped by the severity of the storm, and can’t get anywhere. I use EFT to rescue our aspect and tap for “can’t get anywhere”.

The storm has died down and she can see ahead and there is a shed at the end of a jetty. She runs ahead, along the jetty and gets up to the shed. She’s a bit frantic and looking for shelter. She gets to the shed and it’s locked. She is devastated and cries in disappointment. She stayed there for awhile, not sure what to do as she was tired from running and fighting the storm. I tapped for “Don’t know what to do”.

The sun shone through the clouds at this point and the storm had passed! What remained was a gentle sunshower. The aspect was thrilled and when she turned around ready to walk back up the jetty, she saw that behind her, where she had begun, was in fact a beautiful scene of tall trees, flowering bushes, vines with raindrops on them making them look like sparkling gems. The aspect is smiling and feels great.

There are so many elements here – which is the beauty of these habitats. Even retyping this now I am seeing new things. New messages. New lessons. What’s your take?


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