The Snow Storm of a Toddler

I am trying to resolve issues with my 2.5 year old. I don’t want to fight with him but the simple act of deciding that he and I should go for a walk seems to be fodder for a fight as he refuses to get dressed, refuses to get shoes, begins throwing things etc. As all habitats are, there was a learning experience with what happened here.

So I created a habitat with the intention of it being a representation of his behaviour. It was a snow storm in the middle of winter. I can see tall trees. It is night time and winter. I’m cold but not freezing as I’m rugged up well, but my face is cold. I don’t want to be in the storm but can’t see where I was going. The snow and wind was whipping at my face. I tapped for “Can’t see where I’m going”. The storm reduces in severity enough that I can see ahead of me but is still there.

I’m able to see a light ahead and feel really positive heading towards it. I’m able to get to this cabin and go inside. The cabin is warm and brightly lit. I feel restless here. I have thoughts of there being a storm outside and “maybe I should be trying to get somewhere else”, but decide since I’m warm and dry and had supplies that I would stay.

On one hand I could see that perhaps I need to keep pushing through ‘the storm’ to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. The message might be to keep going, persist. But then the message might be to stop making it harder than it needs to be too. If things are fine enough, then don’t panic with the storm going on around me.

Through this habitat I had a lightning bolt moment: If I am shiny (see The Golden Girl)  and have my needs catered for, then I can weather ‘the storm’ that is the rough age of 2.5 years. Accepting where he is at (with his own struggles and frustrations) without fighting for something different.


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