The Roast Lunch

I asked my energy mind to help me restore my ‘food mojo’, so I might feel more like cooking and enjoy making meals for my family. This is what it came up with for me.


I see a leg of lamb about to be sliced for eating. It’s piping hot, with steam coming off it, meat juices running down. It looks to have rosemary on top. It is around lunchtime, an autumn day. I feel warm and cosy inside my parents’ house. It is my dad who is slicing the meat. He doesn’t want me to do anything, he tells me to sit down and relax until it’s ready.

I am enjoying being looked after. I sit down on the couch and I am talking with my dad. I feel good.

My mum is making a gravy on the stove with mushrooms and it all smells delicious. She is talking with us too.

I am pulled towards the TV cabinet and the framed photos have caught my eye. I pick one up and it is a photo of my mum and she is holding me up in the air. I am a toddler and I see chubby legs and my mum’s face is showing she was laughing at the time the photo was taken. Because this is an energy habitat, the photo angle shifts while I am looking at it and being curious about it, and I am now looking from behind my mum and I can see my delighted little toddler face beaming down at my mum. It is a moment of pure joy. We are having fun and I know that I am loved. I put the frame back on the TV unit.

I’m pulled towards the kitchen and I walk there and see that the lunch items and plates and cutlery are being taken to the table and my mum tells me to take a seat and start serving up for myself. I reach for warm crusty garlic bread which is a little hot but I manage to get it onto my plate anyway. There is a fresh crisp salad there that gets my attention. The iceberg lettuce showing little droplets of water on it and slices of tomato sitting with it, also looking very fresh. There are raddish slices, cucumber pieces and alfalfa. I’ve never seen a salad so delicious looking before. I use the salad servers and place some of this salad on my plate. I add a little dressing but it doesn’t really need it.

I notice my parents have sat down with me at this time and are doing the same as me. I see a dish with steam coming from it and notice it is cauliflower with cheese on top. I love cauliflower done like this and take a good portion of it with a spoon and place it on my plate too. I then help myself to some of the sliced lamb and some baked vegetables: crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Mmm.

Strangely I see what looks like a silvery white fairy peek out from behind one of the dishes and then suddenly fly from one side of the table to another. Leaving glittery fairy dust in her wake which drops down onto the food. We laugh and she flies away from the table leaving more fairy dust. She flies around the corner leading down the hallway and is gone.

My mum picks up a piece of garlic bread and as she picks it up there are silver sparkles falling off it, which makes me laugh again.

When we’ve finished serving ourselves and are eating I feel a really warm feeling within. I am sharing this magical moment with my parents and enjoying this beautiful food. I am feeling very content about my place in the family as well as content in my tummy.


I really feel like a roast dinner now! And I noticed how simple food, a family connection (and a little magic) can go a long way.

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