PMS is Proclaiming Our Many Secrets

 I’ve got a definition of the acronym PMS to share with you. Instead of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, it is: Proclaiming Many Secrets!

To “proclaim” means to declare publicly, typically insistently, proudly or defiantly and in either speech or writing. At this unique time of the menstrual cycle, we women can be most definitely insistent in our declarations! (whether we like it or not)

Feelings and annoyances float to our emotional surfaces where these gentle bubbles make pops loud enough to make us want to punch someone. Things that don’t ordinarily bother us become very noticeable.

What you need to know is that we are not irrational or weak or crazy to be noticing or feeling these things. In fact I would go as far as to say that we are truly BLESSED! Bear with me on this..

Every cycle during PMS time, women become more sensitive. We notice more, we smell more, we see more, intuit more, we FEEL more. It may be overwhelming at times, but in this way we are presented with a magnificent healing opportunity. Those gentle bubbles of emotional disruption float to the surface of our consciouses without any deep meditation or therapy sessions. They sit there, much to our annoyance sometimes, and make themselves known. Before fading away (or are able to be ignored again) to try again next cycle. They may seem to be irrational things that we are raging or sobbing about, but what if there was some truth to them and what we’re feeling? What if they were actually secrets that our energy systems were presenting to us? Giving us a precious gift of potential freedom from these things. Giving us insight into how we can help ourselves to be free of the PMS mouse-wheel and feeling ping-ponged from one emotion to another.

Every cycle, give your feelings (and body) attention and notice what is really going on. Your energy body knows what your conscious body may not be admitting to.

Consider if there a pattern in the thing(s) that are bothering you. What is it saying to you? What is the feeling? Does it remind you of something in particular? Does it relate to an event in your life or an experience you had? It’s okay to feel these things, acknowledge these things, and most definitely okay to use techniques such as EFT to shift these things!

Some examples of behaviour/feelings and the secret your energy body may be trying to tell you:

  • If you are frustrated when others are around you, perhaps you are not able to give yourself the focus you are needing and your energy body is craving solitude.
  • If you feel overwhelmed by noise and information, perhaps you would benefit from disconnecting yourself to find a peaceful place within yourself which will guide you to the right path. Similarly being overwhelmed by belongings could be your energy body telling you to shift some clutter to feel more peaceful, finish those unfinished tasks that draw your attention. Try making a list during PMS that you can work through in a calmer time.
  • If you feel inexplicably angry, perhaps you genuinely are angry at someone or something in your life or in your past or even yourself. Is there a pattern within the anger. If someone hurt you with his words, is there any truth to the underlying message? Does it match with a belief of your own that you wish to shift?
  • If you feel like every piece of communication is a veiled attack, perhaps you are needing more self-approval and self-love to find the stability that your energy body knows you need.

Once you have seen very clearly what is happening and resolved a particular emotional disruption (message me if you would like help), chances are that something different may present itself the following cycle. This isn’t a failing – this is okay, it is addressing yet another bubble of emotional disruption, gradually reducing the impact on your behaviour and mood. Making PMS less of a life sentence, uneventful, and smooth sailing as you are in touch with what needs attention and take heed of it. And if the same issue presents itself, then there may be other aspects to it that are needing attention. I am always available to assist. 🙂

We have the opportunity for more easily healing and improving our energy flow every month. Without paying a cent. I for one am grateful to be a woman!


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