The Journey Home.. Via Donkey

Yesterday I asked my energy mind to help me with impatience and frustration I was feeling and this is what unfolded. A little on the quirky side! My take on this is that I can’t rush the journey, it happens as it’s meant to. I don’t need to know how or when things will happen, just relax and trust and I’ll have more fun that way!


I am sitting on a donkey in the middle of a sandy desert. The donkey is not moving and therefore neither am I. It’s really hot, the sun beating down on us. It smells weird, like urine. There are flies buzzing in my face. I’m hot, bothered and frustrated.

I kick my legs a little, digging my heels into the donkey’s sides. “YA!” I say, trying to get him to move. The donkey makes a snuffling noise but remains still.

I am getting more annoyed by the minute. I yell “COME ON! MOVE!!!! What’s wrong with you?!”. The donkey doesn’t move. I am brought to tears and I cry for awhile, feeling there is nothing else I can do. I feel like I will be stuck here forever. I slump forward with my head down on the neck of the donkey and sigh, defeated.

As I am resting there, the donkey begins to move slightly. My mood is brightened significantly and I sit up and click my tongue and the donkey continues to move forward. Very slowly, but forward! Thank goodness for that! I’m not stuck here forever!

It is two days later now and ahead we can see a palm tree. We can also see the ocean ahead and I can’t wait to get there! As we get to the palm tree, the donkey stops still in the shade of it. I’m so frustrated! I want to get to the ocean but it’s too far to walk on my own and the donkey is refusing to move. I’m feeling so angry and yell “Argh!!!”.

Deflated I lean on his back and close my eyes. With me still on his back he kneels down to rest in the shade. I don’t realise that I had slept at all but the next thing I know I feel I am moving and feel the air flowing by me, it feels fresher. I open my eyes and see we are moving forward. The donkey has stood up at some point and is moving with me laying on his back.

We must have been moving for awhile because we are very close to the shore now. And looking out over the sparkling aqua coloured water, I can see a large white speed boat. It is headed our way. I am excited to see someone else, having been in the desert for some time!

We get to the shore and I hop off the donkey and stand beside it, watching the boat. It slows and eventually comes to a stop in the shallows. The water is calm and flat. The driver is wearing all white, and could be an 80s TV show star with his cheesy appearance. I smile in greeting (because I’m giggling on the inside about Mr 80s) and I’m feeling frustrated by the journey that got me here. I’m feeling quite drained. The man has a short light brown perm, bright white teeth and a tan.

“Come aboard!” he says with a big white grin. I look from him to the donkey and back again. “Him too?” I ask. “Sure!” he says, and waves both myself and the donkey aboard. I have no idea how a donkey will get on a boat but I feel it’s not my problem anymore really. So I wade through shin deep water and hoist myself up into the boat. There are two thuds behind me, I turn around and the donkey is aboard also. He sits in the middle of the boat, like a cat might. He looks very comical doing so, with the pointy ears and funny sitting posture. I am sitting on a bench at the side of the boat.

The man says “Well alright then! Let’s go! Hold on!”, and drives the boat out to sea. The wind is whipping my hair and tousling the cat-donkey’s ears and fur and fluffing up the man’s perm. I’m glad the boat and the engine and wind are noisy because I laugh and laugh and laugh! What a spectacle!

I lean forward and yell to ask the man where we are going and he says “Home!”. I’m not sure where that is at this stage, and I keep my eyes peeled and watch the horizon.

I can see a golden pyramid slowly appear on the horizon and as we travel toward it, this rises up until we are at the base of it. It is built over the water somehow, there is an opening and the water continues downward, in a tunnel of sorts.

The man follows this tunnel down with the boat and with some twisting and turning in the dark tunnels we arrive at a dock and come to a stop. Here we can see a brightly lit white glossy door. It seems in contrast to the style of everything else, and is mesmerising. I am very much drawn to this and I climb out of the boat and walk towards the door. The man calls out “Donkey will come with me” and the boat drives onward through the tunnels.

I continue towards the door, my footsteps making very loud echoes. There are no other sounds that I can hear and I can feel my heart beating stronger. I don’t know what I’ll find but I’m nervous and excited!

I reach for the silver door handle and turn it. There is a slight creak as the door opens. Inside is a space (it’s too big to call a ‘room’!) full of greenery. There are dark green tropical plants and vines, flowers, butterflies, toucans and parrots. The noises and smells remind me of being in a rainforest. The air feels more moist and humid.

I look down to see that I am in my bathing costume and a floaty white sarong, thongs on my feet. I feel a weight drop from my shoulders. The burdens of the journey lifting. I sit down beside a tree. I can see above that there is a monkey eating one of the fruits from the tree, so I pull one down for myself to try. It is very juicy. Yellow flesh. Soft like a mango. Pale like the flesh of a ripe banana. Edible skin like an apple, yet much softer. It is good. Very nourishing and satisfying after my long journey to get here.

I lay down in the grass here, feeling relaxed and happy. I am home.

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