EFT Case Story – Trusting In The Universe In The Face Of Infertility

My client (C) has been trying to conceive a baby for two years. She was finding herself stressed about starting the process of IVF. She was not finding very positive stories relating to her same issues and was starting to feel scared that she wouldn’t be able to have kids.

As she already knew how to do EFT, she had tried tapping for positive affirmations about children yet found herself doubting what she was saying while doing so. (read more about affirmations and energy reversals here)

She also found that she was struggling to sleep, and feeling stressed about the unknown. She had originally come to me to ask the question of my guide as to whether she would ever have children or not. I suggested instead of seeking that information, that we use EFT to help C feel better about the entire situation. She agreed.

I firstly suggested she tap to de-stress by using “Calm“.

From there C felt like she might tap on “Trust” to help restore her trust in the universe providing, as that’s what she felt was happening and what was bothering her. That she didn’t trust that things would turn out. She felt far better after doing so, and decided to do several rounds on this same phrase, which further helped her.

By the next session C had found out that there was history of early menopause in her family. This was adding to her stress. After doing additional rounds on “Calm“, I suggested we look to a future aspect of her (the one who is pregnant or a mother), and approach the issue that way.

She felt that her aspect needed:

  • To stay calm
  • To trust/believe/have faith in the universe
  • To be strong/brave
  • Erase doubt
  • Erase fear

She said that at this point due to the rounds she had done (where she had tapped for “calm” and “trust”), she wasn’t feeling stressed about it anymore. C said “I’ve reached an inner calm. I have no doubt that the tapping I’ve been doing with you has helped to bring me here” and that she was hovering around the neutral point of 0 on the SUE scale. She said she was sleeping well also. She is getting to sleep quickly and staying asleep.

Since C was feeling the issue was at a neutral point I suggested we could tap for some positive set up phrases to energise the issue. She tapped for “I trust in the universe“, and “Whatever will be, will be“. She was then flooded with realisations that reminded her that even though things had gone badly over the last few years, she had actually been looked after by the universe.

For example, problems with her house meant sharing with others for awhile, which in turn lead to saving money and being able to afford their first home in a location perfect for them. The new house being affordable enough for her to be able to be a stay-at-home-mum when the time comes, unlike their original location. She recognised the opportunities that had arisen due to her not yet falling pregnant or having children – amazing holidays, inspiring new experiences she would not have done otherwise. She’d had the opportunity to look after her health and wellbeing and found a balance with diet and exercise that worked very well for her. Also, an unexpected job she had ended up in (after not getting the job she wanted) feels to her that it is her calling, and she loves it.

C said that she felt a weight off her shoulders having noticed that she really is being looked after by the universe. She is calm and relaxed and open to what will happen.


Unfortunately her first IVF treatment was unsuccessful due to equipment failure, yet C remains positive and enthusiastic. I wish her very well for her next attempt.

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