How To Make Flower Essences

I thought I’d write a brief post about the process of making flower essences with photos.

I buy high quality brown glass bottles with black dropper lids from a reputable supplier in Australia.

I open the bottles and sterilise them by boiling in batches.

I leave the bottles and lids to cool before using.

The base for all of the essences is a blend of brandy and water. The brandy preserves the energy of the essences.

Each bottle is filled with the base mixture, ready for its future as a combination blend, a personalised blend, or a single dose essence.

Lids are put on and bottles are put into safe storage for when they are needed.

When I get a request for essences, I add the relevant stock essences for the client’s needs. Here I’m adding She Oak for a client who wants essences for hormone related night sweats.

With the stock added to the base mixture, the essences are ready to go! I give extra energy to each one then put the lid on, label on, and hand them over to their owner.

If you have any questions or would like flower essences for an issue you have, please contact me.


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