You are beautiful!

What is beauty? What makes someone beautiful? What makes someone not beautiful?

I was considering how to approach the topic of beauty from an energy perspective and it becomes quite complicated.

Would we devote time to each physical element of our appearance that has us feeling ugly or unattractive? Instead of focusing on the physical, piece by piece, what about embracing the concept that this person is a thing of beauty, regardless of what physical attributes they have. Because this really is the truth of the situation, even though it may be hard to accept. We’ve had years of programming which denies this. Decades, even! Entire industries are based on denial of this!

Just like other limiting beliefs that might exist (“If I am in a car, I will get hurt”, “If I don’t control a situation, something bad will happen”), the belief that “I am not beautiful” can be evolved at the very least.

In terms of energy, what does it feel like if you were to say to yourself in the mirror: “I am beautiful”. What’s there? Is it a feeling of discomfort, of guilt, of shyness, of rejection or denial? Maybe you’re adding conditions. Whatever presents is what matters and what needs attention.

Try tapping yourself in the process: Tap the top of your head while looking at yourself in the mirror, saying “I’m beautiful”. Continue through all of the points (middle of forehead, inner corner of one brow, side of eye, under eye, under nose, under mouth, collarbone, each finger at side of nailbed, karate chop point), tapping for “I’m beautiful”.

What are the “buts” that come up? (“I’m beautiful but….”) Any thoughts, conversations, events, images, that spring to mind? Maybe some things have happened in your lifetime that told you what beauty was, and what it wasn’t, and also cemented your own view of yourself within those rules. Tap for all of these things.. “I’m not beautiful without make-up”, “I can’t be beautiful if I weigh more than X kilos/pounds”. “I’m not beautiful because Johnny Smith told me I wasn’t when I was in school”. You get the idea.

When it’s just you and the mirror – if the only definition of beauty that counts is our own, that means that we are in the driver’s seat of whether we acknowledge that we are beautiful or not. We get to make the rules. So is the ability to find ourselves beautiful simply an ACCEPTANCE of ourselves and all that encompasses what we are? And if that acceptance and beauty can begin to exist when we’re on our own, then why not when we aren’t on our own? We are still the same person.
The traits that I personally saw in the mirror, they are representations of my beauty as a whole person. As a person who lives and works and experiences and makes decisions for herself. If I believe that I am in the right place, at the right time, following the right path, I can begin to accept that I look how I am meant to and how I look is perfect for me, the body I have, and the life I am leading. And if I’m not making the right decisions, not on the right path, not doing the right things for me, then how about I start TODAY and change what I need to, from here on in. Maybe I need clearer boundaries so I can devote some time and energy on myself. Maybe I can try and get more sleep. I am still beautiful regardless, but there is no harm seeing my physical self as a message either. I can try and make changes to know that I’m doing my best for myself and that IS enough.
If you are tapping for this yourself at home, try using EFT and tapping for these affirmations:
  • My body is a perfect expression of my beautiful self.
  • I accept all that I am, completely.
  • I accept my beauty, without condition.

Do multiple rounds on these if needed, really let them resonate and focus on your breathing, don’t rush it. You’re worth it.

There are so many ways to approach beauty when it comes to energy and emotions, but beginning and evolving and thinking about it is surely a positive step forward.

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