Energy and dressing for your type

Is how you look true to WHO you are?

I recently came across Carol Tuttle’s program “Dressing Your Truth”. It uses what she calls Energy Profiling to determine a person’s type (out of 4 types) and how a natural expression of that type looks. It isn’t restrictive at all based on age or shape, and gives a lot of information for free if you sign up.

  • Type 1 is bright and animated, commonly described as “cute”.
  • Type 2 is subtle and soft, takes her time and gives attention to detail. Described as “beautiful”.
  • Type 3 is rich and dynamic, angular, expressive, takes action more than she plans. Described as “hot”.
  • Type 4 is bold and striking, constant, still. Described as “stunning”.

Carol talks about types in terms of how they physically appear as well as traits that they are likely to have and challenges they come up against. It can be tricky to understand your type but is worth taking the time to understand.

I’ve found my type, and identifying with it and being given “permission” to express myself in that way, is surprisingly freeing! And it is making sense to me why I have felt in particular ways before and why I might have struggled with my appearance before, personality wise and physically.

I now know who I am physically and how this energy is best expressed. (surprisingly it’s not with ill-fitting clothes and stringy hair and absent accessories! 😉 ) I am a beautiful woman but I’m not always dressing like I feel that way about myself. I have some changes to make.

There are energetic reversals in the process of course. People know me as me, they don’t know me as anything else, for example. If I dressed my truth and physically expressed myself as who I truly am, what might happen? This is where EFT is the perfect tool. Tapping for things such as: “It’s safe to be me”, “I accept who I am and it’s safe to express that”, “I love to express myself to the world”, “I accept the truth of who I am, deeply and completely”, “It’s okay to be me”, “I love me!”. If there are specific fears they are worthy of attention too: “People will laugh at me”, “No one will connect with me anymore”, “I will get too much attention”, “My gorgeousness might be dangerous if unleashed!”.

What’s your type, and do you dress in line with your truth? Has anyone used Carol’s program before?


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