ABFE Case Story – Night Sweats In Menopause

Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) are flower essences sourced from various places around Australia, helping to evolve and resolve emotional and physical issues. The essence of the flower is the energetic component only, there is no physical flower ingredient. Here is a recent case story:

My client has experienced night sweats for years. She has tried various herbal remedies which unfortunately gave side-effects due to some of the ingredients. I prescribed Australian Bush Flower Essences’ She Oak Essence.

She Oak is fantastic for anything related to hormones and femininity, such as menstruation, menopause and fertility. The essences themselves are an energetic ingredient which is preserved in water and brandy, so side-effects are unlikely.

My client began taking the She Oak drops, taking 7 drops, once a day (prescribed twice daily but she kept forgetting the second dose). Within 5-6 days the night sweats stopped completely. She also had no side-effects.

She recently went on an interstate holiday and forgot to take the drops with her and also forgot to resume taking them again when she returned home, the night sweats returned.

Needless to say she is taking the She Oak Essence again and they have gone again!


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