EFT Case Story – Anxiety About Getting To The Toilet On Time

My client came to me with a problem that she had had for almost 20 years, which had taken over her life in many ways. Yet similarly she felt that this was a silly problem and she was frustrated at herself for having it.

In 1995 she had a change of diet which she found had upset her stomach badly. She was in her car, part of the way through a 1.5 hour journey, and recognised that she needed to get herself to a toilet very quickly, but could not due to being stuck in traffic. She felt anxious, was feeling “I can’t get out of this”, found her breath shallow and her legs trembling. She felt trapped and didn’t know what to do. She was able to turn back and make a change of journey and got to a toilet on time and experienced diarrhea.

Since this time, whenever she was faced with a situation of similar circumstances, she has suffered similar anxiousness. Expecting that she will have an accident, soil herself and wherever she is unless there is a toilet in close and reliable proximity. It has prevented her from being able to take spontaneous trips without being aware of toilet stops along the route. It affected a family holiday whereby she needed to stop along the way to the airport, and subsequently the family had missed their flight, costing money and causing her embarrassment and upset.

She would feel physical stomach upset in conjunction with the anxiousness and was tested for coeliacs disease before being referred to a psychologist. The psychologist assisted with self-talk and improving things in this way, but my client felt that she was having to be sure to plan ahead to avoid issues, that she was at many times not able to talk herself out of worrying about not making it to a toilet on time. She would only feel comfortable when there were clear ‘escape routes’. In times where there was no options she still found herself panicked and this panic was disrupting her life.

She was distressed by her issue and was very emotional when speaking about it. She received a lot of hugs and supportive words over the process of our session, as well as Emergency Essence drops. We began by tapping for “Calm” to de-stress.

She rated her strength of feeling about her issue as -9 on the SUE scale (where -10 is strong negative emotion and +10 is strong positive emotion, and 0 is neutral). We tapped for “Trapped“, which was the emotion which presented the most strongly. During this round she had tears streaming down her cheeks and was quite overcome with emotion.

While tapping for something of strong emotion, it may show more strongly while focusing on it and allowing it attention. She was crying and asked me about how she could continue this at home, and said she felt that she needed to go. I told her that I wanted to tap with her for “Calm” to de-stress her energy system again if she was going to leave. I also recognised an emotional release in the crying, which although it can be hard to go through, is a very important thing with regards to evolving a problem.

At this point she said that she did feel better and was willing to do further tapping. She ranked her issue as -8, noticing that she did feel slightly better.

We then tapped for “Stuck“. She felt that it was less severe, and she noticed she was less teary during that round.

She felt that the strength of feeling about the issue was now -6. That she noticed that she no longer felt trapped anymore. The current feeling that she had now was a sense of silliness. She felt silly about having the problem, she also felt that the focus for her now was on how she would have to look silly if she had to stop doing something to find a toilet, or ask for details and plans about a trip or outing that other people didn’t seem to need.

We tapped for “Feeling silly“. She noticed that she struggled to retain this feeling as she went. After a few points on the face, the concern about feeling silly was already lessened and gone. Not an issue anymore. She ranked the strength of feeling about the issue as -3.

What remained about the feeling was a mild discomfort relating to affecting others with her problems. She was wanting to be in the situations again, and have the plans and outings again to see how she would feel.

We decided to think about the things that she wanted, instead of having the problem. She talked about wanting to be more spontaneous, going with the flow and doing things on the spur of the moment. She wanted to feel that it was easy to be spontaneous. We tapped for “Easy” and then “Freedom

She cried hard after the round for “Easy” and afterwards I asked what she felt the crying related to and she described it as a feeling of relief of her problem no longer controlling her. She was reminded of situations in her life that she now saw as being affected by her issue, where she hadn’t been aware at the time of how they had been impacted. She was also reminded of situations where she felt relaxed and enjoying herself, times when her issue wasn’t affecting her, times that she is likely to experience more of in the future.

We ended the session with her feeling at +1 about her issue. She was given ‘homework’ to tap for additional positives relating to her freedom and being able to do and go where she pleased without worrying.

I am so very grateful to be able to assist someone in evolving such long term issues affecting them so significantly, on a daily basis!

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