The Spider-Octopus and Free Speech

In the process of being more honest, more open and more ME, I have come up against situations where the truth may not have been the most popular route, but I took it anyway.

It recently reminded me of being told when I was a child “Your mouth will get you into trouble“. A friend thought it sounded very curse-like and maybe I should remove it. I’ve not removed a curse before, so I asked my energy mind to show me how. This Project Sanctuary experience below is the outcome, and a nice reminder that energy work and resolving things can be fun:

I’m in Sanctuary in my cabin and this THING is suckered onto my mouth. I am pulling at it to get it off and it won’t budge. When I pull at it, it takes my mouth with it. I’m feeling angry and a little distressed. I don’t want it there and I can’t say anything or do anything to get it to move. I figure I could calm down and just go on with my day, and just not be able to talk, but I don’t want to do that (anymore).

I move in front of a mirror in the cabin. I can see this thing. It looks much like a big spider. Black, partly shiny body, but also slimy like an octopus and also suckered onto me like an octopus could. It’s pretty gross. I’m looking in the mirror and this thing also sees the mirror and looks at it too, with its four eyes. It has a furry mouth-like thing which grins. 

In the mirror I give it the finger, because I don’t know what else to do. I ponder if this gesture of displeasure communicates across the spider-octopus to human language translation.

It looks like it’s laughing at me. I growl “GRRRRR!” and it jumps a little. I growl louder and with more force and it rises up on its legs and its body away from my lips, before coming back down again. 

I begin another growl, which builds into a scream once it has raised itself up off my lips and I then close my hand around its body, and am able to pull it off my face, its few remaining suckers making ‘pop’ noises as they unstick, and fling it into my fireplace. I am still screaming and this scream turns into loud cackles of laughter. The thing is hissing and shrieking before it burns and melts into a pool of blackness which is also burnt away into black steam which rises up the chimney and is gone.

I’m left standing in the cabin, playing with sound and my voice and listening to the sounds bounce off the walls back at me: La la la LA la la laaaaa! Buh diddley doo DAT, TAH!! BOOGERS!! SHITFACE!! MONGREL ARSE LICKERS!! (more cackling laughter)

I open up the door to my cabin and I walk out into the forest and the sunshine. I take a deep breath and yell: IIII CAAAANN SAAAYY WHATEVVVVERRRR III LIIIIKKKE!! bahahaha!

So long mouth spider octopus!


It may seem just like a story, and just words, but the energy unfoldments and processes that occur along the way using Project Sanctuary have lasting effects on the energy body and emotions, as I am feeling now! Amazingly high, and SO free to speak my truth!

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