Hi, I’m your complementary therapist!

Complementary therapist. I like that term.

As your complementary therapist, I…

  • won’t tell you to stop taking any medication you’re already taking.
  • won’t tell you not to see other practitioners.
  • won’t judge how you manage your own health and wellness.
  • won’t make promises that I can’t keep.
  • won’t waste your time.
  • won’t try and sell you things that you don’t need.
  • won’t use therapies or supplements which have side-effects or interaction with other medications.
  • will be honest about what I feel is contributing to an imbalance.
  • will help you to overcome emotional barriers.
  • will go at your pace of evolution.
  • will have you feeling calmer and more relaxed at the very least.
  • will give you what I have to give.

In short, I want you to reach a place of emotional wellness in the easiest way possible. Sound good?


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