The Dog Rose is an Australian bush flower, which transforms a defeated person into a confident one, enjoying improved quality of life without their fears and worries.

The Dog Rose flower’s ability matches my aim – to help people to overcome the things that prevent them from living a full and happy life. I use what I know works. And I know they work because I have used them myself and with clients.

The energy system knows the truth that our brains may not be conscious of. Our energy knows: What the body wants, what’s holding us back, what’s contributing to our problems, why we believe what we do, and why we are unwell. Relationships, fears, phobias, anxieties – it is all energy! Our energy systems can also give us answers and creative ideas and solutions and worlds to explore, if we know how to tap into it

This can be a subtle unfolding of sorts, as issues fall away, perhaps presenting others to be addressed. At other times it can be instant improvement in energy, enthusiasm and quality of life! Energy work can be life changing as the client sees themselves and their world through new eyes.

With extensive training in Reiki, Metatronic Healing, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Emotional Freedom Technique, and many years of experience under my belt, I have the knowledge and ability to help my clients through a range of difficulties. Even though I use the term ‘healing’, the client is fully involved in the process; together we are a team!

You can find Dog Rose Healing:

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