EFT Case Story: Weight loss and exercise motivation

My client wanted assistance with motivation and discipline to get her to be able to exercise regularly, in order to lose weight. She had learnt EFT with me before and had already used it to combat some emotional eating and chocolate addiction (which is fantastic!), but was having trouble with the issue of exercising. She would tell herself each night that the next day she would get to the gym.. and it would never eventuate.

In terms of establishing a BEFORE: Her weight is 116 kg. She is feeling “unmotivated, not sexy, icky at the thought of going out in public, not confident an unable to wear clothes that reflect who I am.”

On 6th August the feeling was:

  • I can’t be bothered.
  • Don’t want to get sweaty.
  • I’ll get hot but the heater needs to be on for my baby in bed.
  • I will get too tired and need to not be so tired later on.
  • I don’t want to go out.

So I asked her about working out at home and whether this  is something that she did. She said she’d be too embarrassed if her husband was to walk in on her and see her “flubber” in action. I asked if he was likely to comment and she said no, that it was just her insecurities speaking.

I asked her to think about her body and what the feeling was. She said that her immediate thought was “I’m not worth it” which she said was a little scary – a significant realisation.

I asked her to tap for “Calm“, then “I’m not worth it“.

She said when she tapped for “I’m not worth it” that there was a sense of “Don’t be silly!” and “I give you permission!” and she had tears in her eyes in the process. An emotional release as she began to embrace her worth.

We briefly talked about the concept of aspects and changing emotionally and the outward needing to adjust to match with it. This really resonated with her and she talked about how the act of exercising really helped her to feel strong and powerful and GOOD, it was just a matter of getting to do it.

On August 7 she went to the gym. She found that she was arguing with herself beforehand: one part was telling herself that her husband was going and she wouldn’t have time to go if he was, the other part was insisting that she was allowed to go and that there would be time, even just for 20 minutes. I suggested that she tap for the ‘don’t go’ aspect and also for allowing time for herself.

For the next little while she happily went to the gym (and personal trainer) when time allowed, with no resistance. Things went smoothly until one morning when the person who opened the gym for the day ran late, so her husband arrived to hand over their child so he could start his own gym session – and she missed out.

She was very angry and annoyed at him because of this and stewed on it for several days. Over that time she recognised a few things that had also bothered her. Her husband came home from the gym and she had been waiting for him to get home so she could hand over the baby to him and shower herself to get ready for the day. But he jumped into the shower before her and when she told him she had needed a shower, he just said “That’s nice”.

She also was trying to work out who would pick up their son from a sitter on a specific day and time when she returns to work and he said “Well it won’t be me. Won’t happen. Won’t be possible”.

She got angry, and he got angry in response and they stopped speaking to each other.

She felt as though she wasn’t allowed to be angry at him, but was not willing to back down or give up like she might have previously. She was seeing more clearly how much she had let go, changed, and lost, when they had a baby and nothing had changed for him. She was feeling unappreciated and that he expected her needs to come after his in a way. I suggested she tap for all of these feelings, specifically the anger and him coming before her.

Later when I contacted her she said that she was feeling depressed and hadn’t tapped yet. In her book “You Can Heal Your Life”, Louise Hay describes depressed feelings as “Anger you feel you do not have a right to have“. This is what I was thinking about when I told her that she was allowed to be angry and was allowed to feel her feelings. I reminded her that she was changing and putting herself as a priority more than she had in the past, and that her husband was used to that version of herself and responding as he normally did. Yet she was not the same and was as such seeing it differently, and as such seeing her husband differently.

She acknowledged that and she also had a sore throat which wasn’t helping her emotional state. I let her know that sore throats often have emotional roots in issues of expression or communication, and to express what she was feeling, even if it was just to journal it.

The next day she tapped for “Time for me” in the morning and felt that she was more able to face the world.

16th August, she went to personal training and found that she had lots of energy and lifted heavier weights and did more reps and felt GOOD. She had a shower and then tapped for “Empowered” in relation to how she was feeling and how much she was loving it.

Which had several realisations associated with it:

She said “I am not going to ask for ‘permission’ to go to the gym, it’s for me and that’s fine. Not asking is being true to who I am and that’s who my husband fell in love with. Someone who doesn’t give a “flying F” what others think, especially when it comes to ME!”.

She felt that it has evolved from “I want to go to the gym but I don’t have time” to “I’m going to the gym rain, hail or shine!”

She acknowledged that she loved “that girl” that she was when she met her husband, the one who did things for her and stood up for herself, and that she missed her.

She had a realisation about her boss at work. How her boss doesn’t understand her or what she is about. That she’d been trying to mould my client into herself, yet she was fighting a losing battle trying to fit into a mold that she never could.

She felt empowered across the board. Relating to work, standing up for herself and also in terms of sex. In my client’s words: “FFS why have I let people start walking all over me!! Well it stops NOW!!!!!!!” 🙂


In 2.5 weeks she has lost 2 kilos and is loving her new lifestyle and looking forward to achieving her goals for her body and her shape. Also embracing her personal power and asserting her needs in what she wants. I’m so thrilled for her!

Afterword: This is another example of how we don’t have to force and push and battle with ourselves in order to do things that we want to do, and how simply changing the inner makes changing the outer a natural progression.

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EFT Case Story: Coping with lack of support

My client’s mother had moved overseas and she was feeling stuck on the issue. When she had moved away it was a very bad time for my client, a time when she very much needed support. It bothered her and upset her, yet she couldn’t just get over it or let it go. She also had had a friend recently move away which also impacted on her feeling unsupported.

We tapped for “Loneliness” first, as this was the most obvious feeling that she was experiencing.

What presented next was “Distance” as she was feeling a world away.

She then felt that she was being silly about it all. She talked about wanting to be more positive and patient instead of yelling and being hard on her kids. We tapped for “Silly“.

The feeling then was a sense of emptiness, which we tapped for. During this round she found that she was focused on the windchimes outside instead, that it had allowed her to take in more of the bigger picture and things going on around her. She felt that she was more accepting of her mother and her life and her happiness.

We tapped for “Accepting” and she saw a visual image of herself smiling, from ear to ear. She saw herself as confident and happy and it was empowering as she was happy and on her own.

We tapped for “Content and happy” and after this she described a feeling of bliss, allowing herself to be happy and accepting of life around her.

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EFT Case Story: Fear of needles

My client has a chronic medical issue which requires for her to have many appointments and many injections or blood withdrawals via syringe. She had an appointment later in the day in a clinic where she knew she would be getting a needle. She woke up feeling sick about this needle and it preoccupied her thoughts.

When she thinks about it, she said she feels “Guhhh! I feel sick and like I’m going to faint”.

We tapped for “Needles“.

When thinking about needles now, she recognises that they are unavoidable. She also feels less sick, and feels some tension in her neck and shoulders.

We tapped for “Needles” again.

After this she described that the shoulder tension increased and then let go. She also got a beautiful visual of herself in warm water with purple butterflies flying around her. She described it as tranquil and calm. A rock area with a lagoon and fresh water.

We tapped for “Tranquil and calm” and then expanded upon the scene with Project Sanctuary. She described the experience of being at this lagoon very peaceful, that she was just sitting in this space silently and could take in the surroundings of forest trees and lush green grass. She had no intentions of leaving this cleansing lagoon, but would sit on a rock, soak up the warmth of the sunshine before returning to the lagoon, and repeating as needed.

She felt that she was able to see things as they are with no distractions, no confusion. We had done other tapping before this and some additional clarity may have been due to the shifting of other energy reversals also. She was enjoying this space and decided to bring her husband and children into it also.

While talking about the surroundings, she recalled a dream that she had kept having where she was flying very fast very close to the ground. She recognised that the trees in this sanctuary were the same as those in her dream. She realised now that this place was where she had been trying to get to in her dream.

When she thought about needles that she would be soon to have, she had no negative feeling at all, she felt quite relaxed and calm. She decided that she could take this tranquil space and revisit it as needed through her treatments as well as in her every day, and was considering sketching the scene to have a tangible reminder of it.

It was a little goosebump worthy to have this Project Sanctuary experience as well as the dream connection present itself in the process of resolving an issue. Just beautiful!

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EFT Case Story: Not interested in having sex and being intimate

My client explained that she was having issues with sex and intimacy with her husband. She found the thought of being intimate with him off-putting, it made her feel sick. She felt “creeped out” by it. She said it had been this way for a long time. They had children very quickly into the relationship (their first child was conceived several weeks after having first met), and she suffered with morning sickness through both of her pregnancies and also was not wanting to be intimate while she was still breastfeeding.

As her children have got older, she has realised that sex was an issue for her. She used to have a high sex drive, but now doesn’t want to do it at all. She feels like she doesn’t want to “give it to him, as he’s not earnt it”. She just wants him to go away and describes how she feels that she has a shield up. A heavy, thick, solid shield from her stomach area. She said that he had been hurtful with his words in the past and she has had a barrier up since then.

We firstly tapped for “Calm” to de-stress and also to teach her how to do a round of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). She felt quite relaxed after this.

When she thought about the issue of intimacy, she felt she would rate it as -1 on the SUE scale. The way she would describe it is that she is trapped, cornered, and has not many choices. That either he will get frustrated and seek sex elsewhere or leave her, or she had to make herself do it. But she didn’t want to force things for herself either. We tapped for “Trapped“.

While tapping for “Trapped”, she was reminded of all the things that he does for the family that are positive and that he is a good guy, a good dad, a good person. He cooks and cleans regularly and spends time with the kids.

From seeing him more in this light, she was able to relate her feelings about sex back to an incident where they had tried to have sex soon after childbirth and she knew that she wasn’t completely ready. It was awkward and uncomfortable and she described that she felt violated as a result. At around the same time, her brother-in-law had died and her husband was very unsupportive of her through this and had very little empathy.

She said she was able to see now that they are “in this together”, that it’s a problem for the both of them to work on together, rather than just an issue for her. That she has his support now and he is not who he used to be.

When she thought about being intimate now she rated the strength of feeling as +1. Together we tapped for “Violated” when she thought back to the sexual encounter soon after childbirth. She felt that this shifted while we tapped, she struggled to think of it towards the end of the tapping round.

She recognised that they needed to engage and talk about this situation. She felt that she was freeer and that there was no barrier anymore! She rated her feeling as +2 or +3.

We decided to tap for how she wanted to feel about sex with her husband and we chose “Free and excited“, which evolved into “Free and excited, and CAN’T WAIT!” and was lots of fun. My own husband may or may not receive ‘borrowed benefits’ from this session.. 😉  While tapping for this, she recognised that there was a fear of falling pregnant again that was putting her off also, and that she needed to make some more permanent choices for contraception.

My client is now able to visualise the two of them together intimately. She can see how she has been closing him out and that he has been trying to be mature and work together with her to improve things. She can see that he has a fun side and maybe she has been too serious, that they make a good team to balance each other out. She could also recognise that she may have been using sex as part of a power play – one part of her life where she was able to control the situation. She rates the issue at +5 now, which is fantastic!

We decide to tap on that sense of fun and having that with her husband: “Fun with John“. She found herself thinking about a family dinner tonight and how they can just have fun together and not worry about any drama.

She now rates the feeling about being intimate with him as +8 or +9! She said she could visualise going home and giving him a big passionate kiss. Where usually she struggles to just give him a peck on the cheek. A passionate kiss is not what she would normally do at all, and she can see that it’s something they’ve both been missing. A void in their lives.

My client felt as though the issue had lifted and was no longer a problem for her, which I am delighted to hear and be a part of!


It is easy to see from this case story where someone could easily try to push themselves to do something they don’t want to do, without resolving the reasons as to why they aren’t wanting to do it in the first place.

A much easier and gentler way is to evolve the “I don’t want to” into “Hmm I might want to” and then keep evolving into maybe “I do want to” and then “Wow I really really want to, can I please??”. No forcing necessary when you release the energetic reversals! It becomes easy and natural and you live the truth of yourself rather than fight against those instincts that are trying to tell you something.

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EFT Case Story – Relationship struggle: Hating her husband.

My client today explained a number of situations where she felt scattered, disorganised, exhausted and unable to focus. She was finding herself emotional all the time and procrastinated with things that she really wanted to do.

We began by tapping for “Calm” to de-stress her energy.

From here she admitted that it related to not feeling loved and that it seemed to centre around her relationship with her husband. When I asked her how she felt about him, she said “I feel nothing, and that’s scary”. She expanded on this and how she would not want to be touched, how she wouldn’t say “I love you” back to him and that she didn’t want to be around him. She rated the situation and her feelings for him as -10 on the SUE scale, which is very strongly negative. She described it as “Hatred“, so this is what we tapped for.

After tapping for this, she described that she had a flashback during the tapping. She was thinking about a situation in the past where she had been hurt in a 2 year relationship, was coming out of that, didn’t want to be hurt again and she was ready to swear off men completely. Then she met her (future) husband and she was quite rude to him and pushing him away. He had said to her “I don’t ever want to leave you because of the love I have for you. I love you too much”.

In some ways she was reminded of her father and saw him in her husband. She remembered situations where they had made choices about money and finances and she had gone along with what he had said and it had gone badly. She had got them to a better place and he had been thankless. She also saw that her father hadn’t acknowledged the good things that she had done. She found herself avoiding admitting things, not wanting her husband to be right. She also mentioned and acknowledged illnesses that she had had that she knew were a physical manifestation of her negative feelings towards him. Recognising a need to make changes.

At this stage she rated the issue as -4 which is a significant jump! When she thought of him, the sense she got was “Disrespect“, which was a pattern in terms of how she felt about her father also. We tapped for this.

After this round she was thinking about him coming home soon. She noticed that she was mildly enthusiastic about it, but had a sense of “We’ll see, he’ll do something to ruin it”. At this stage she felt sad. She was more able to see that some of the treatment she had given him was harsh and not necessarily deserving. She had wondered if it was his expectations on her, but he really had very little. Any expectations came from her father.

She started talking about “before the tapping” and “the illusion of my husband as my father” which I was thrilled to hear. I could tell that she had separated the two men in her mind and recognised that they were different people, with different histories and stories. She was looking forward to working as a team with her husband, that they had enjoyed doing tasks together in the past and she wanted more of that. She felt +5 at this stage. A positive indicator of another amazing jump forward of emotional evolution!

As she was on the positive end of the SUE scale now, I asked her to think about how she wanted to feel about her husband or their relationship. She decided on “Happy with ____” (his name). After this round of tapping she rated the issue at +7.

We then tapped for “Love“. She was reminded of their wedding day. How it was such a wonderful day for them together and she was able to soak it all up and enjoy it. She remembered him looking at her coming down the aisle and how much he loved her. She also remembered how he had taken care of so many things on that day and had taken care of her.

When I asked her how she felt about her husband now, she said LOVE. She rated her feeling as +10!


I am absolutely thrilled for my client for being able to evolve how she was feeling in order to find a more positive place and feeling! I am blown away by how we were able to turn around at least 6 months of negative feeling toward her husband (with a crossover of a lifetime of negative feelings towards her father) into love and acknowledgement of his love – in the space of one hour! I can’t think of any other form of therapy that has results like this, can you?

So what’s the difference?


We get to the energetic core of an issue and we give it attention in order to evolve it. We don’t have to spend hundreds of sessions (and corresponding dollars!) talking strategies of loving partners more and ‘things to try’ to get the spark back, we just aim straight at those feelings – that ENERGY. And when we evolve the INNER, the OUTER follows. When you love and adore a partner, things like special date nights happen without effort, it’s easy to reach out and hold hands more. When you have pure hatred for them, it is a battle, an uphill one, trying to make positive feelings out of negative ones without actually working with the energy you’ve got.  UGH! I know the approach I’d like to take!

EFT – The gift that keeps on giving!

I am always thrilled and excited when I hear back from people who I have taught EFT to and have them describe new ways in which they have used it. EFT is really very easy to do, takes 3 minutes to do one round, and is applicable to anything and everything.

So here are some ways in which my lovely EFT-ers have gone on to use EFT on their own:

  • One of the ladies had a negative association with tapping regularly for her issues at home, relating to it being an OCD-esque kind of nervous habit. She was able to tap through that (beginning with “calm”, moving onto the negative beliefs about the OCD association, then onto “This really works and I’m feeling good” and “I am positive inspired energy”) and feel only positive associations with it.


  • Another lady (I don’t get a lot of male clients at this stage!) let me know about a challenging situation she’d faced after sending a message to her boss about a co-worker. She sent the message and immediately felt anxious, as if she’d be seen as a trouble maker and stirring the pot. She tapped to calm as well as relating to the “stirring the pot” feeling and felt great and at peace at taking action.


  • And lastly there is another lady who is in the process of quitting smoking who is using EFT to help her along the way.


I love that the act of learning how to do EFT unlocks a world of feeling good in so many ways. They may still ask me for feedback in relation to what they are tapping for if they get stuck, but going it on their own and evolving their own issues on the spot would be very empowering and satisfying!

Oh What A Night!

What an amazing night. So amazing. F*cking amazing. An amazing night needs a blog entry!

Part 1: The Goddess Circle

I was guest speaker at a Goddess Circle tonight. This was something I hadn’t done before. Something I hadn’t planned very well for (for some reason!). Something I was very nervous about but also really excited given it was something new.

We were treated to an introduction, a meditation, a dance, a card reading, a snack, a chat, and then it was my turn. I was too nervous to snack and chat and focus and I’m sure my dancing was a little wooden! (though I did like the jingly dancing skirt…)

So I explained a little about EFT and Energy EFT and then asked them all to join in with me tapping for “Calm”. In my non-planning I was a bit panicked so earlier in the afternoon I had asked my energy mind to help me out and guide me where I needed to go. My energy mind said to get them to stand up. This wasn’t something I had done before, but I did it anyway.

Well, we tapped for “Calm” and it was such amazing connected energy (which we can thank Margaret for and her meditation and other exercises with us). All of us focused into the centre of a circle. The echo of voices saying “Calm” and hearing us all breathe in harmony was calming on its own, let alone adding the tapping.

Then I asked each of them to think about something that had caused them stress during the week. We then all tapped for “This stress“. The energy was heavy, but connected, and lightened. When I asked how they went, the majority of the group said they had lost interest in the stress that they were tapping for towards the end of the round. That the thing that had stressed them before no longer did. Brilliant!

I explained the concept of the SUE scale and how we were probably all around that neutral point, so collectively put our heads together to tap for something positive to energise. We came up with “Love and peace“. Which was beautiful. A definite lighter energy was emerging. More smiles, more laughs in the process of tapping.

I was loving the group connection so suggested we do one more round on the Goddess theme. Collectively we decided on “Powerful Sexy Goddess!“. Well this was lots of fun and very energising and a great point to end my demonstration.

I spoke with a few of the women afterwards and they recognised people they knew or issues of their own that would benefit from EFT (Yay for getting the word about EFT out there!). Participants talked about how relaxed they felt physically and recognised changes in their bodies and energies.

I left feeling GREAT. FUCKING GREAT! I had made a difference, I had demonstrated the power of EFT, I had made ten women (including me!) feel empowered in 45 minutes! I ROCK! EFT ROCKS! I am Energist, here me roar!!

Part 2: Avin at the Petrol Station

So home I drove, empowered and cheering and laughing and energised. I stopped by the petrol station as the fuel gauge was on E. When I went to pay, a man named Avin was behind the counter.

Avin: Busy night? [I figured he was just making chit chat]

Me: Yep! Just came from a class. [He doesn’t need to know..]

Avin: A class?? [He’s probably wondering what kind of class happens this late at night on a Friday..]

Me: Yeah, an energy class. We did tapping. [I tapped my head as I said this.. like that would explain everything! LOL]

Avin: Oh, what’s that? [Hmm I guess he’s interested? Or just bored. No one else is around. He might want some entertaining.]

Me: It’s called EFT and is a meridian therapy to help with negative emotions like stress. [In a nutshell.. but is SO much more.]

Avin: Oh really. How does it work?

Me: It’s probably easiest if I just show you so you can feel the changes yourself, did you want to do it? [Am I crazy?!?!]

Avin: Sure.

[He takes his glasses off and I put my purse and keys down on a pile of Cherry Ripes on the counter and I proceed to teach a man I’ve never met before how to perform Energy EFT. At 10pm. In a petrol station. I felt like laughing the entire time! I asked him to think about something that had been stressing him.]

Me: So that’s it! How do you feel?

Avin: It feels like… I’ve just been running.

Me: Like an adrenaline type of buzzing feeling? Yeah that’s your energy flow.

Avin: Yeah wow. I really did feel… something.. different. In my whole body. Wow. I will look into this more.

And I picked up my purse and keys, said goodbye, and laughed all the way home.

Oh what a night!!!

Transforming anger into love, with the help of a cough

The cough

My daughter is coughing a lot in her bed tonight. I was enjoying myself and relaxing and now every time I hear her cough I feel like punching something. I’ve given up on the relaxing thing that I was doing because I just couldn’t relax while hearing it! And now I’m angry. And uncomfortable about feeling angry too because I know it’s not her fault. It’s totally one of those irrational things = energy reversals.

What on earth is contributing to this feeling? It’s just a cough.. An intermittent, unproductive, open mouthed “UH HAH HAH HAH” cough that is uncomfortable to hear. 😦

Now my son is still awake after being put to bed 2 hours ago after having been very badly behaved all day. Can’t a woman get a break?!? He keeps opening and closing his door with creak of the doorknob and a thud each time. He knows he’s meant to be in bed asleep but of course wants to know what’s going on with the rest of the world.

My husband is out at the gym. Half his luck!

So where do I begin?

This anger.. it’s pretty much equal with hearing the cough and hearing the door thuds.  I would say I’m either -7 or -8 on the SUE scale. I’m pissed off, so that’s what I’ll tap for – “Pissed off!“. I may or may not have thrown in an F word in there too at some point during that round.

So I can’t hear my son anymore, but my daughter is still coughing. I feel less affected, less angry. I’d say I’m around -3. I’m sad that she’s coughing and confused why, feeling helpless. I also don’t know what my son’s problem is and why he is still awake 2 hours after bedtime. I wonder if it’s related to us enforcing a nap today, since he was so crazy-naughty, and my anger is rising again. But it’s around -5 rather than where it was. And more of a frustration than an anger. A feeling like “I can’t win” (son) and “What am I meant to do?!” (daughter).

I tap for “Frustrated and helpless“. I’m probably around -1 or 0 now. Much more apathetic. I’m wondering why she is coughing and what I can possibly do about it. I get distracted looking at cough remedies and forget that I was even tapping.

The coughing has stopped, for now. But I’d like to keep going with the tapping for at least a few more rounds.


I’m falling asleep at my laptop, I’m tired from a restless night last night as well as a long day. The fact that I am still ‘on duty’ is what I keep being reminded of. I. Am. Exhausted.

How would I like to feel instead of angry? Well if I’m honest, I don’t know why I’m not listening to myself and going to bed much earlier. If I have anyone to be angry with or frustrated with, it’s myself.

I’ve been going to bed late for so long and have tried to break the habit but it hasn’t worked. I am not making time for my own needs, and then when someone needs me MORE (cough cough… cough.. cough.. creak… thud.. cough.. thud) and I already feel like I have nothing left, it triggers a response like the above.

So.. I want to tap for “I’m ready to listen to my needs“. This is now probably a +2. It feels nice, a subtle positive feeling.

Then “I meet my needs“, which didn’t feel like it was affecting any change until I reached the tapping points on my hand and it became a sense of empowerment of knowing what I need and acting on it and resulting in a more positive sense of balance. I would rate the feeling at +6 now.

I want to tap for something that cements that meeting my needs allows me to meet others’ needs, but nothing snappy came to mind. What does come to me intuitively while I’m wondering what to tap for is:

I love myself first so I have love to give others“.

I get a little teary at just how much this resonates. It is just perfect. I tap for this and I’m feeling at least +8 now. Blissfully sleepy. Ready to put myself to bed because I’m tired and I need to sleep.. and need to care for my babies tomorrow who might be more tired than usual themselves.

EFT Case Story – Anxiety About Getting To The Toilet On Time

My client came to me with a problem that she had had for almost 20 years, which had taken over her life in many ways. Yet similarly she felt that this was a silly problem and she was frustrated at herself for having it.

In 1995 she had a change of diet which she found had upset her stomach badly. She was in her car, part of the way through a 1.5 hour journey, and recognised that she needed to get herself to a toilet very quickly, but could not due to being stuck in traffic. She felt anxious, was feeling “I can’t get out of this”, found her breath shallow and her legs trembling. She felt trapped and didn’t know what to do. She was able to turn back and make a change of journey and got to a toilet on time and experienced diarrhea.

Since this time, whenever she was faced with a situation of similar circumstances, she has suffered similar anxiousness. Expecting that she will have an accident, soil herself and wherever she is unless there is a toilet in close and reliable proximity. It has prevented her from being able to take spontaneous trips without being aware of toilet stops along the route. It affected a family holiday whereby she needed to stop along the way to the airport, and subsequently the family had missed their flight, costing money and causing her embarrassment and upset.

She would feel physical stomach upset in conjunction with the anxiousness and was tested for coeliacs disease before being referred to a psychologist. The psychologist assisted with self-talk and improving things in this way, but my client felt that she was having to be sure to plan ahead to avoid issues, that she was at many times not able to talk herself out of worrying about not making it to a toilet on time. She would only feel comfortable when there were clear ‘escape routes’. In times where there was no options she still found herself panicked and this panic was disrupting her life.

She was distressed by her issue and was very emotional when speaking about it. She received a lot of hugs and supportive words over the process of our session, as well as Emergency Essence drops. We began by tapping for “Calm” to de-stress.

She rated her strength of feeling about her issue as -9 on the SUE scale (where -10 is strong negative emotion and +10 is strong positive emotion, and 0 is neutral). We tapped for “Trapped“, which was the emotion which presented the most strongly. During this round she had tears streaming down her cheeks and was quite overcome with emotion.

While tapping for something of strong emotion, it may show more strongly while focusing on it and allowing it attention. She was crying and asked me about how she could continue this at home, and said she felt that she needed to go. I told her that I wanted to tap with her for “Calm” to de-stress her energy system again if she was going to leave. I also recognised an emotional release in the crying, which although it can be hard to go through, is a very important thing with regards to evolving a problem.

At this point she said that she did feel better and was willing to do further tapping. She ranked her issue as -8, noticing that she did feel slightly better.

We then tapped for “Stuck“. She felt that it was less severe, and she noticed she was less teary during that round.

She felt that the strength of feeling about the issue was now -6. That she noticed that she no longer felt trapped anymore. The current feeling that she had now was a sense of silliness. She felt silly about having the problem, she also felt that the focus for her now was on how she would have to look silly if she had to stop doing something to find a toilet, or ask for details and plans about a trip or outing that other people didn’t seem to need.

We tapped for “Feeling silly“. She noticed that she struggled to retain this feeling as she went. After a few points on the face, the concern about feeling silly was already lessened and gone. Not an issue anymore. She ranked the strength of feeling about the issue as -3.

What remained about the feeling was a mild discomfort relating to affecting others with her problems. She was wanting to be in the situations again, and have the plans and outings again to see how she would feel.

We decided to think about the things that she wanted, instead of having the problem. She talked about wanting to be more spontaneous, going with the flow and doing things on the spur of the moment. She wanted to feel that it was easy to be spontaneous. We tapped for “Easy” and then “Freedom

She cried hard after the round for “Easy” and afterwards I asked what she felt the crying related to and she described it as a feeling of relief of her problem no longer controlling her. She was reminded of situations in her life that she now saw as being affected by her issue, where she hadn’t been aware at the time of how they had been impacted. She was also reminded of situations where she felt relaxed and enjoying herself, times when her issue wasn’t affecting her, times that she is likely to experience more of in the future.

We ended the session with her feeling at +1 about her issue. She was given ‘homework’ to tap for additional positives relating to her freedom and being able to do and go where she pleased without worrying.

I am so very grateful to be able to assist someone in evolving such long term issues affecting them so significantly, on a daily basis!

EFT Case Story – Anxiety about partner’s health

A client shared that she had been struggling with anxiety. She had been seeing a psychologist in the past but things had persisted. She wasn’t sure if the anxiety she was feeling was related to her personality (she considers herself a ‘worrier’) or something more that needed attention.

We began by tapping for “Calm” to de-stress before expanding more on the anxious feelings that were occurring.

She found that she was becoming more anxious in situations she wouldn’t normally be, such as considering canceling trips that involved airplane travel. She also felt untrusting about other drivers on the road when driving with her son. In terms of anxiousness, she was most concerned about her husband’s health conditions and his future.

She described that she had a sense of doom about her husband’s future. Feeling that there was not much hope for him, no cure, no successful treatment, and knowing what was likely to eventuate. She also felt a corresponding pain and tightness in the chest and neck, describing that she often felt her emotions physically in her body.

She rated the strength of feeling as -7 on the SUE scale (where -10 is very strong negative feelings and +10 is very strong positive feelings and 0 is neutral), frequently worsening at night, to -10.

We tapped for “Doom“, which was understandably emotional for my client during the tapping, and a very heavy feeling to process. I let my client know that we could stop and de-stress at any time.

The strength of feeling evolved from -7 to -4. My client felt that she was at a point where she recognised that fighting wasn’t going to change things. She could acknowledge that her husband wouldn’t be around as much as she wanted him to be for her and their son. We decided to tap for “Peaceful resignation“, which was also emotional.

After this round she felt a significant looseness and relaxing in her neck. Less tension, less weight. She described it as though the tension had been “vacuumed out”! She felt far better physically, but emotionally she described that she felt conflicted: That there was a part of her that was ready to no longer be worried or anxious, yet there was another part of her that felt that she was a bad person if she wasn’t worried for her husband.

At this point my client said that this was “Amazing”: We had come to this point of realisation about an inner conflict that had not surfaced in the sessions she had with her psychologist.

We discussed the conflict that she was feeling before deciding to tap for “I’m a bad person if I’m not worried“. However there was no evolution on the SUE scale with this round. She remained at -2. She said that she felt the conflict throughout the round of tapping – one part of her agreeing, the other part not.

I decided for us to tap directly for The Aspect in question: That part of her that felt that she could only be caring if she was worrying. We tapped for “The aspect that believes she needs to worry“.

At this time my client said that she is no longer feeling the need to worry, and is feeling quite neutral. She is also feeling completely relaxed in her neck and chest.

From here I suggested we tap for a positive feeling that she would like to feel about the situation. She immediately said “I can love and care for my husband without worrying“. She began talking about moments with her husband where there was nothing but joy, and she lit up and her energy brightened.

My client was happy to end the session at this point, feeling great and at +7.

The other issues which had also been a source of anxiety had also evolved in the process, and she described them as feeling neutral now. I gave her the instructions for her to use on her own to tap for positive phrases or affirmations on the other issues also.