EFT Case Story: Fear of needles

My client has a chronic medical issue which requires for her to have many appointments and many injections or blood withdrawals via syringe. She had an appointment later in the day in a clinic where she knew she would be getting a needle. She woke up feeling sick about this needle and it preoccupied her thoughts.

When she thinks about it, she said she feels “Guhhh! I feel sick and like I’m going to faint”.

We tapped for “Needles“.

When thinking about needles now, she recognises that they are unavoidable. She also feels less sick, and feels some tension in her neck and shoulders.

We tapped for “Needles” again.

After this she described that the shoulder tension increased and then let go. She also got a beautiful visual of herself in warm water with purple butterflies flying around her. She described it as tranquil and calm. A rock area with a lagoon and fresh water.

We tapped for “Tranquil and calm” and then expanded upon the scene with Project Sanctuary. She described the experience of being at this lagoon very peaceful, that she was just sitting in this space silently and could take in the surroundings of forest trees and lush green grass. She had no intentions of leaving this cleansing lagoon, but would sit on a rock, soak up the warmth of the sunshine before returning to the lagoon, and repeating as needed.

She felt that she was able to see things as they are with no distractions, no confusion. We had done other tapping before this and some additional clarity may have been due to the shifting of other energy reversals also. She was enjoying this space and decided to bring her husband and children into it also.

While talking about the surroundings, she recalled a dream that she had kept having where she was flying very fast very close to the ground. She recognised that the trees in this sanctuary were the same as those in her dream. She realised now that this place was where she had been trying to get to in her dream.

When she thought about needles that she would be soon to have, she had no negative feeling at all, she felt quite relaxed and calm. She decided that she could take this tranquil space and revisit it as needed through her treatments as well as in her every day, and was considering sketching the scene to have a tangible reminder of it.

It was a little goosebump worthy to have this Project Sanctuary experience as well as the dream connection present itself in the process of resolving an issue. Just beautiful!

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You know the answers, so will you ask yourself the questions?

Two weeks ago, my husband and I found ourselves with both children asleep, through the day, while we were in the car and at the start of an hour drive. Firstly, they NEVER sleep at the same time, and secondly time with each other while they sleep through the day is unheard of! We had been talking about going with the flow and I made a jokey comment as to there being some sort of meaningful purpose to us having this time to ourselves.

So we got talking. My husband talked about a creative project he has been working on and how it was taking some time to get stuck into it because he needed to have some details on the story/plot before he could do some other technical work. So he said something like “Maybe in a few weeks we can get together with A <a friend also invested in the project> to brainstorm some more ideas”.

I said, “Why do you want to wait a few weeks? Just use your energy mind for the information”, and he scoffed a little, but humoured me, as he does. 😉

So while I was driving, I prompted him with questions and targeted visualisation, creating an energy habitat where his perfect and successful project existed, and suddenly my husband said “Quick I need a pen and paper!” and we found one pen and the back of a print-out. He scribbled down a page of notes about the information he had gleaned. He deliberately stopped the flow of ideas and information because he now had plenty of information to start with, and didn’t want to get overwhelmed. He knew he could come back to it at any time.

Did you get that? He got TOO much information. He was creatively stumped just moments before.

I thought this was pretty cool (as did my husband). Getting this creative inspiration from ‘thin air’. I wasn’t exactly surprised as I had used energy habitats/Project Sanctuary for my own inspiration, self-healing and assistance many times before, but was thrilled for him to have been able to apply it and make use of it. Project Sanctuary is the precious brainchild of Dr Silvia Hartmann, who uses it for her own purposes of fun, creativity, inspiration, knowledge and learning. Needless to say, Silvia is never creatively stuck!

I had this experience with my husband on my mind as I met with a woman who runs a website but was stuck on the colour scheme to use. She said she was “over it” because she had been thinking and looking at colours for days and was no closer to deciding on what to do, and simply didn’t want to think about it anymore.

I shared with her the story about my husband, and also about my own experiences with using the energy mind for self-healing and direction. I posed some pointed questions to her about her website and what her vision was for it, and could she see purple on her website, could she see red? I reminded her that there is a part of her that has these answers, that would give her a response to the questions. That it could help her. She said that she just couldn’t see it. The topic changed and I forgot about it.

The next day I received an email from her, explaining how she had been laying down in her daughter’s room, trying to get her to sleep beyond 6am, when suddenly she got a vision of her website in her mind’s eye. She now was starting to visualise it. She said: “I just wanted to thank you for your help yesterday as I’m sure that is what helped the image come to me today.”

I was so happy for her to have that clarity come to her, and touched that I was able to help. And while I have experience and learned how to do this, it isn’t hard by any means.

Begin with questions. Saying “I’m stuck”, “I don’t know what to do”, “I can’t work it out” gives no room for anything new. A well worded question can be a magical device! A question allows answers to come. Do we want to be stuck or do we want answers?

So turn it into a question or an open statement. “I would like to know how to..” “Should I <suggest an approach> ?” “What should I do next here?” And include details! “I am open to receiving what I need to know in order to create a website with a visual appearance which attracts more business, makes visitors feel comfortable, improves my financial situation, attracts more success!”. Why not!? And if you aren’t experienced with visualisation, use your feeling in your body, your physical reactions or your intuition to tell you what’s right. Trust that what comes to you is significant in some way.

Then ask specific questions as though you are seeing your project, including the senses to make it feel more real: “It is a sunny day, I’m inside my house and I can smell coffee and hear my children playing and cars going by. I am sitting in front of my computer and I have typed in the URL of my highly successful website that I love and adore. The page loads and now I can see my website main page. What colours am I seeing? What is the feeling of the site overall? Is there a logo? What does it look like? What fonts am I using and how do they make me feel?”

And that is just ONE tiny example.

What answers or inspiration do YOU need? When will you allow yourself to receive it?

“It was real and I was really there!”

A friend of mine has had her own ‘world’ available to her as for as long as she can remember. It is only that I started talking about energy habitats that she realised that other people don’t have this as constant as she does. It is a place that she can drop in and out of, and feels safe and peaceful and relaxed. It seems she has passed on this trait to her child who brought up the subject out of the blue. They had this gorgeous conversation during a car trip and she shared it with me:

Mummy, sometimes when I go to bed I have adventures!

Do you? That sounds exciting!

It is! Do you know where I went in my adventure last night?

No, where did you go?

I went up into space! And I was floating. And there were wavy things that felt tickly. It was hard to see though because it was very dark.

Oh wow! What else did you see?

Um, I had a rocket ship that took me there. And I could see the wavy things that were soft, they looked funny.

What an awesome adventure.

It was! Is it a dream, Mum?

It could be. What do you think?

No, I think it was real and I was really there!

That’s great. How did it feel to be in space?

It felt good and happy and like a big hug.

Drifting in Space

I talked a client/friend through creating a habitat to represent their life. I knew that they were at a crossroads of sorts and hoped that this might help them to decide what to do. This is an example of how you can’t plan how these things will go, and also how things that seem to not be going anywhere are actually unfolding gently.

Their habitat was darkness. Just dark space. Not scary, just dark. No particular time just dark and quiet. There are no stars, just dark space. The aspect is just sitting on a comfortable chair. They have ‘no feelings at all’. The aspect does not feel any need to do anything at all but sit.

I will admit that I felt a little stuck here as the practitioner and guide. I said: “Okay so a day passes in space and it’s a new day. More days pass. What is our aspect up to?”

Still the aspect is still floating through space. More days pass. One hundred days pass and I wonder whether the aspect wants light, wants to move, anything?

No, the aspect is happy to sit in peace. It’s a comfortable place.

Is there anything in that place they can see or are they feeling any sensations on their body?

Nothing. Totally alone. Comfortable drifting along where they are being taken.

Another 100 days pass. Our aspect is still cosy, calm, comfortable, not in a hurry to go anywhere, just drifting.

So I suggested that we tap for ‘drifting’. The aspect is still happy to sit and enjoy the peace. She looks around and she can see some stars now. It is a beautiful dark sky with stars and peaceful to look up at the stars from the comfy chair. The aspect feels relaxed. She is happy to take in their beauty.

I wonder if there are any blocks to feeling emotions at all or feeling with regards to rapport with myself, as the habitat wasn’t matching the situation. We tap for ‘feeling’. After this the aspect is feeling at peace and happy within.

I admitted that this was not turning out as I had expected and that I was curious what was happening. I asked the client if they understood a correlation of what their aspect was going through in relation to their real life situation.

The client talked about how when she sees stars at night that she is struck by their beauty but also by the fact that due to how light travels that they may be twinkling as far as we can see but may have burnt out (died) and we wouldn’t know it for some time. She supposed that perhaps she had been looking at something for a long time that hadn’t been there and she hasn’t seen it.

She admitted that this was the most challenging thing she was going through in her life: Believing something had existed and was real, yet had it be proven to be false all along.

So while it seemed  that nothing was happening, a small unfolding revealed something quite significant to her.

It wasn’t long after this habitat session that this client began a gentle process of moving forward in her situation.

Her Guide Said Wait

A habitat created by a client that was too beautiful and interesting not to share:

Its a windy desolate place. A small hut made of rocks.. A sandy gravel floor. Warm, not cold. On top of a mountain looking across a valley. Mountains decorated with trees, but sparsely decorated. On the outskirts of my world.

Go there and she is there (the old woman). She gestures for me to come into the hut and I aks if I can bring william or angus with me and she shakes her head “no”.

Go into the hut. There’s an old man with a really long beard that he’s knotted in several places. A fire burning. The fire is loud. The sandy gravel crunches under my feet.

The woman gestures at me to sit down next to the fire so I do. She puts big furs around my shoulders and gestures at me to look at the man “watch” she says.

He smiles a toothless smile at me and dips his ladle into a big pot that is next to the fire, and then drops whatever is in the ladel into a big pot of water that is bubbling on top of the fire. He stirs it. I look away and instantly the old woman says “watch”. “Watch.”. Very calmly and quietly.

He looks at me again “guardare” he says “guardare” (this is italian for watch)

He puts both hands in the pot of bubbling water and swirls the water. The steam from the water turns pale blue. He tips his head and mutters something and then lifts his hands out of the pot. In his hands he has a big flat gold thing (rock maybe?) in the shape of an egg. It radiates and pulses golden light. He hands it to the woman “guardare” and she rubs/polishes it with her old skirt.

“Wait” she says and points at the gold thing “wait.”

The old man repeats the same process but this time after the woman has polished it she says “watch”. “Watch”.

And a third time, this time a smaller rock and this time she says “see.”. “See. Patience. Reward.”

The old man grasps my hands and shakes them. The wind outside dies down. The woman puts the rocks on a shelf where they continue to radiate and glow and pulse. She takes the furs off my shoulders and strokes my hair.

I know it’s time for me to go. I get up and take one last look at the rocks on the shelf, pulsating gold in the darkness of the stone hut.

I step outside and a big gust of cleansing wind comes from beind and rushes over me. The sun comes out. The rocks crunch underfoot. I start to walk away. I look back at the old man and woman and they smile. She says “I’m here for you, I’m always here, you know where I am”. He says “vie vie” (he seems to be italian – this basically means go).

I turn around and I’m on the edge of the mountain and I lift my arms up, the strong wind comes again and I swoop off the mountain.

I’m floating across the tree tops heading back to my house in my world.

The Girl in the Country

This was my first experience using energy habitats with a partner.

She described the habitat as: hot, sticky, dry dirt, a smell of ‘burnt dirt’. It is Summer, midday. The aspect sees dried trees, dirt, old houses, old cars rusting out the front of houses.

She described that the aspect felt angry and we tapped for this. After this she described that she felt ‘better’. There’s no change in the environment, still dirt roads and dry dirt. The aspect feels less angry, but feels as though she is unsupported. We tapped for “the aspect feels unsupported”. She said the aspect feels ‘good’. I felt hungry for some more emotive words but carried on.

She said in terms of the environment that the sun felt hotter to the aspect, and was burning her skin. The aspect wanted to go somewhere to cool down. She decides to go to the pool in the caravan park nearby. She goes for a swim. She feels lighter, better, happy to be away from the heat and the dirt.

The aspect is then thinking about the future and what it holds. She’s thinking about herself ageing, and ageing with family. The aspect is feeling “a new feeling of abandonment when the kids leave the nest”. She decides to tap for “The aspect won’t be abandoned”. I am thrilled by this choice of words.

The aspect is sitting outside the cabin she’s staying at at the caravan park. She’s feeling “better”. She’s now looking for a job that makes her feel happy. The aspect is thinking about her strengths and wants to use them in a job. Her strengths: helping to support others, looking after children. The aspect feels like this job will help “fill in the missing pieces”. I asked the aspect what’s missing? The aspect is missing family support, comfort, to be listened to, acknowledged.

We tap for “The aspect is comforted, heard and acknowledged”. I felt this may have been too many issues for one round but the practice partner had chosen this, so I went with it. Part of her may have had enough and the prospect of tapping for three different things (my suggestion) may have seemed like too much. We are tapping to give the aspect the missing pieces, to help her feel complete.

Afterwards the aspect feels better. There is acceptance according to the aspect. She is accepting her situation. The aspect is now sitting and daydreaming and there is nothing else bothering her. This is where we ended it.

I am happy with this given it was my first experience talking another person through energy habitat work. Even though I had hoped for a more significant healing event, considering how the aspect was at the beginning and how she ended, I felt it was a positive experience.