Facebook As Therapy

If you are an active member of Facebook or any other online community, you are exposed to lots of other peoples’ “stuff”. Some of those things might trigger what seems like an irrational response in you. You might get irritated, frustrated, confused, angry, offended, upset..

This triggering of feelings is actually a really easy way to be shown what to give attention to in terms of self-healing. They are just words (or pictures), or someone elses opinion. Why should they ruin your day? So they touched a nerve and got your attention and you’re feeling something you don’t want to – use it and let it go! And the cause of the trigger will be none the wiser!

So here’s how, in 8 easy steps:

0. Before doing anything else, do a round of Emotional Freedom Technique for the word “Calm”, saying the word out loud once on each tapping point shown in the video linked above. This separates the trigger from an energy stress response to a real annoyance. If you’re hardly bothered by the issue after this, it was most likely just energy stress and you can carry on with your day if you so choose, or continue below!

1. Notice when you think about or look at the trigger on Facebook, what are you feeling? Do you feel it somewhere in your body? A particular emotion? How strong is the feeling, from -10 to +10 (where -10 is strongly negative feeling and +10 is strongly positive and 0 is neutral)? Rate it.

2. Give it a label or a phrase (eg. “Joe Bloggs is giving me the shits“, “I feel a white hot rage for Jane Doe and her pathetic check-ins with our mutual friends!“, “I’m so annoyed with these thinly veiled homophobic posts“). Shorten it if you need to (eg. “annoyed!“).

3. Take that phrase and use it in a round of Emotional Freedom Technique while thinking about, or looking at the trigger. Awesome!

4. Look back at the trigger. How do you feel now? How would you rate it from -10 to +10? Has the original emotion changed at all? That’s what we’re aiming for, any evolution, even if it’s small. Maybe the rage has lessened, or the rage has changed to annoyance. It might be giving you a clue as to what the roots are to the trigger. Put what the feeling is now into words.

5. Take those words and use them in another round of Emotional Freedom Technique.

6. Look at the thing that triggered you again. What is the rating now? What is the feeling? If you’re feeling more apathetic than insulted, go for a positive statement along the lines of what the trigger (eg. “Peace”, “It’s okay for us to disagree”, “I’m happy to be me”, “We are all on our own journey”, “I believe in myself”). If you are still feeling quite negative, return to step 4 to do at least another round of tapping.

7. Take the positive words/phrase that you’ve decided on and use them in another round of Emotional Freedom Technique.

8. How do you feel when you look or think about the trigger? Does the energy or feeling of that post just flow right through you? No noticeable tension or stuckness? How’s the rating? Up the + end of the scale? At least the inverse of where you began? That’s what we’re aiming for. Congratulations for getting here!  Feels good, doesn’t it!

Tap Ranting – Let the frustration run freeee!

When you’re filled with frustration or fury or anger and you need to do *something* with the feelings before you spontaneously combust, try this technique. Tap Ranting is what I call it. Like tap dancing but way more effective on a sour mood. 😉 All you need is the capacity to think a thought and focus upon it and extended use of your pointer finger.

So if you’re ready to boil over, you’re probably already thinking things associated with those feelings. Don’t squish them, tap for them. I’ve kindly offered example thoughts below with the instructions. You may find that your own feelings will evolve as you go. Here we go:

  1. Tap gently on the top of your head while you think and feel a sentence. [@#*!$ this kid is doing my head in!!!]
  2. Tap gently on the centre-middle of your forehead while you think and feel another sentence. [He’s been driving me nuts all afternoon!]
  3. Tap gently on the inner point of one eyebrow (at the top of the nose) while you think and feel another sentence. [He’s out of control! I can’t do this anymore!]
  4. Tap gently on the outer side of one eye while you think and feel another sentence. [What am I going to do with him?! I have no idea!]
  5. Tap gently under one eye while you think and feel another sentence. [I don’t know what to do, I’m so lost.]
  6. Tap gently underneath your nose while you think and feel another sentence. [I hate that I don’t know what to do. I hate that I’m failing.]
  7. Tap gently underneath your mouth while you think and feel another sentence. [I hate that I can’t help him.]
  8. Tap gently on your collarbone while you think and feel another sentence. [I’m sad that I can’t help him.]
  9. Tap gently on the side of your thumb’s nailbed while you think and feel another sentence. [I wish I could help him.]
  10. Tap gently on the side of your pointer finger’s nailbed while you think and feel another sentence. [He needs me to help him.]
  11. Tap gently on the side of your middle finger’s nailbed while you think and feel another sentence. [He needs my support and acceptance.]
  12. Tap gently on the side of your ring finger’s nailbed while you think and feel another sentence. [I do support and accept him. I love him.]
  13. Tap gently on the side of your pinky finger’s nailbed while you think and feel another sentence. [I love this little man.]
  14. Tap on the karate chop point (fleshy side of the hand) while thinking and feeling another sentence. [I love my son.]

You can see how feelings can evolve as you go. If you need to do additional venting, by all means go back to the top of the head point and keep going through additional rounds of tapping. You can spend as much time as you want tapping on each point, there are no hard and fast rules.

Once you feel significantly better about the issue, place your hands on the centre of your chest and take three deep breaths and soak up how good that feels! Have a drink of water and resume your day – with one less frustration!

Being Scared Of The Dark

I’ll admit it, I have long been afraid of the dark.

I have a memory of my Dad taking me outside late one night when I was a child, and by the street lights he stood there on the driveway with me and said “See, everything is the same as during the day, there’s just no light.”  Which is completely true and there’s no logical reason to be scared of the change from light to darkness, yet it persisted. I liked to hide my head under the blankets for ‘safety’.

Even in my 30s I liked to have my bedside lamp on before I could turn the lounge room light off. Heaven forbid something eat me alive on that treacherous 5 metre walk of darkness to the bed. That axe murderer or rapist having patiently waited for hours in my walk-in-robe or ducked down behind the couch, waiting for the cover of darkness to leap out at me.

Silly yes, but the fear was real, irrational or not.

I managed to work around this fear throughout my life, using light from my phone or laptop as a ‘torch’ or protective beam, sticking closely by others in darkness-related social events (not vampirism, night clubbing!), until the ripe old age of 33…

I had worked a long day at work and had an hour train commute ahead of me to get home, and I still had to get to the train station to begin that commute. And I was very keen to get home!

Daylight savings had just finished and without thinking I headed to the train station from the office on my 20 minute walk. But HOLY SHIT, as I stepped out of the office, I noticed that it was pitch black and and really really dark and I really didn’t want to do this! I practically whimpered. I had no one that lived nearby that I could pester for a lift and no other way to get home. My co-worker finished hours later than me. I was stuck. It was so dark that my mobile phone torch/’laser beam’ was useless. And anyway would that not draw attention to me from the cockroach-like crims that come out at night? I just had to walk it. One step at a time!

That 20 minute walk took FOREVER. I was breathing shallowly and frantically calling my husband so I would be speaking to someone before I got stabbed in a freak gang attack or pushed into the river by a druglord. He didn’t answer! I gasped inwardly every time I saw a shadow on the path with me, breathing sighs of relief when it was just a fellow commuter going about their business or someone walking their dog or jogging (YES, SAME AS DAYTIME, YOU IDIOT!). I could have kissed the train station attendant when I finally got there! It was good to be alive!

SO after this ordeal I decided it was time for me to own this and resolve it.

The next shift that I worked, I was ready for home time and the trek in the dark! I took some deep breaths before stepping out into the darkness.

I recognised that I could really use the darkness to my advantage and tap (using Emotional Freedom Technique of course) pretty much constantly on the walk.

I began tapping for “Calm” and just tried to relax myself because my imagination would run riot the more I got stressed! I then tapped for whatever came to mind, or rather, came to feeling. Things like “Scared shitless!”, “Worried I’ll get hurt”, “Vulnerable”, “Unsafe”. And I was doing it, I was walking that walk in the dark. I wasn’t feeling completely fearless, but I was doing it and breathing easier and not fearing for my safety quite so much.

And then a massive freight train went by on my right with its many many carriages holding shipping containers. KER CHUNCK KER CHUNK KER CHUNK KER CHUNK! was the noise it made.  “Wow that was loud.. so loud that it might muffle noises of someone yelling.. No one would hear them if they were being attacked..”. And as I was thinking this and looking at this freight train while walking, a generator rumbled loudly to life on my left. I practically jumped. “What the f*ck was that!!!!”. If you can imagine what it feels like to scream on the inside, that’s what I was doing!

It was pure heightened emotion that I could absolutely use with EFT! (the stronger the emotion the better!) So I kept tapping away while freaking out. And a block later I was laughing. 🙂

You’ll be pleased to know that I still do that walk to the train station in the dark and I am no longer afraid. There is a peacefulness and settledness I’ve noticed in the darkness that the daytime doesn’t seem to have. I do still keep myself aware of what’s going on around me while I’m walking, as one should do on a city street in the darkness, but there is no longer an all consuming fear. I don’t think twice about needing a light to get to the bedroom and the ‘phone torch’ is only to stop me tripping over things.

Any other scaredy cats out there? Try EFT!

Using EFT For Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

What’s PMDD?

According to the Wikipedia entry for PMDD, it is defined as severe PMS leading up to the menstrual cycle as well as a few days after menstruation has begun.

The main emotional symptoms are listed as:

  • feelings of deep sadness or despair, and suicide ideation
  • feelings of intense tension or anxiety
  • increased intense sensitivity to rejection or criticism
  • panic attacks
  • rapid and severe mood swings, bouts of uncontrollable crying
  • lasting irritability or anger, increased interpersonal conflicts; typically sufferers are unaware of the impact they have on those close to them
  • apathy or disinterest in daily activities and relationships
  • difficulty concentrating
  • chronic fatigue
  • food cravings or binge eating
  • insomnia or hypersomnia; sleeping more than usual, or (in a smaller group of sufferers) being unable to sleep
  • feeling overwhelmed or feelings of being out of control
  • increase or decrease in sex drive
  • increased need for emotional closeness

Sufferers may have many of these symptoms or one. This is an issue close to my heart as once a month my world would turn upside down. I felt like I was possessed by something I had no control of. It impacted on my husband and children and friends and family and relationships. It impacted on how I saw the world around me. It was a thick emotional filter that existed between myself and the rest of the world.

How Can PMDD Be Managed?

I had tried herbs and vitamins and breathing and journalling and was still plagued by this ‘demon’. I took the flower essence She Oak for many months, and although my cycle regulated and became much shorter (from ~45 days to ~30, an 11 day period to 7 days), I still had the severe PMS which I came to understand as PMDD.

I asked a wise woman for her advice on how to handle it emotionally/energetically. Her first suggestion was to de-stress energetically, step one for any emotional issue! However I was using EFT and de-stressing constantly through this emotional storm and feeling as though I was using a bucket with holes in it to bail out a sinking boat. I wasn’t getting anywhere fast!

Her second suggestion was to treat this PMDD part of me as a separate part of me. A part of me who is needing much support and assistance and exploding in rage and emotion once a month, perhaps because of unmet needs. If I gave attention to this aspect throughout the cycle, would ‘she’ no longer need to release fury once a month? It is called the Aspect Model in Energy EFT.

Using The Aspect Model for PMDD

So I decided to track my progress through one menstrual cycle to see what presented and what the PMDD Aspect was going through. (CD = Cycle Day)

CD 6
The PMDD aspect just wants a break, and is frantic to get all of the unfinished things done around the house so she doesn’t have to see them (and be overwhelmed at PMS time). I decided to paint my laundry, and gave objects a permanent ‘home’ that needed them. I also gave things we had no use for to my local op shop to declutter.

CD 9
The PMDD aspect wants to cry and has a heavy heart. I had noticed a tension and sensitivity in general on this day. My husband was frustrating me. I tapped for “needs to cry”. I reassessed the PMDD aspect and felt anger and tapped for “the aspect is angry”. Once the anger had been cleared I felt the PMDD aspect was confused and overwhelmed and tapped for this. When I asked her what it was that she needed, I felt that she was needing: a friend, love, support, and feels like she has none of it. My husband was distant emotionally and criticising things and it was hitting a nerve in the sense of not meeting any of the PMDD aspect’s needs. It made it more obvious to me that I needed to seek out what I needed in a positive way – for example, ask for a hug and initiating a conversation instead of getting annoyed and feeling unloved.

CD 17
The PMDD aspect is happy, just needs sleep.

CD 18
The PMDD aspect needs reassurance. I tapped for “the aspect is okay”. I was then given the impression (mental image) that the aspect could march in and take control of everything and get things tackled very quickly. As though it was an issue if things weren’t under control. I tapped for “the aspect doesn’t need to be in control to be safe”.

CD 20
The PMDD aspect is frustrated about mess with her childrens’ toys, so I decided to sit down with my children (and husband) to work out how to manage the toys and what would happen if they weren’t tidied, rather than the mess being my responsibility all the time and causing emotional stress. The PMDD aspect is relieved that there are now rules in place. The PMDD aspect is worried about the period being on its way in the next week or so. I tapped for “the aspect thinks she will lose her cool”.

CD 28
The PMDD aspect needs to have a cry, and focus her attention inward. I tapped for “The aspect wants to cry” and “the aspect wants to focus within”. I also had a bath and took time for myself and gave myself permission to focus on me and me alone.

CD 31
The PMDD aspect is highly annoyed at her husband. I tapped for “The aspect thinks her husband is useless”. (sorry honey – this process was well before we had worked through our issues with intimacy)

My period started the following day. I expected to feel far more out of control than I did at this stage. It was significant progress. I recognised each feeling as it arose and gave it the attention that it needed.

Life After PMDD?

It has been several cycles for me since then. I don’t consider myself to have PMDD anymore. There are emotions that surface prior to a period (which I still call PMS due to the timing of when they appear). However they are MUCH more subtle and I no longer feel out of control or possessed by them. I am aware of the emotions, not driven by them. These emotions are healing opportunities that I welcome – each cycle revealing different issues to give attention to and shift beyond. I use EFT for these issues as arise and still occasionally ask the PMS aspect what she needs. She is quietly content most of the time these days. 🙂

Giving ourselves (our aspects!) the opportunity to express what we need and want for balance and happiness is so important. The answers are there within us and just need to be given permission to come forward and be heard.

Filling In The Gaps

I’ve had some questions asked about energy habitats. Some are finding it difficult to see or experience them, or make the leap from a question to a habitat.

We’re all different in the way that we experience the world. Some of us are more visual and we can easily visualise things. When someone tells us a name or a word that we want to remember we might see the letters in our mind’s eye. For some of us our hearing is our primary way of absorbing the world and we notice details in tone and pitch that others might not. Then some of us feel responses in our bodies and when we remember something we remember a feeling, more than what we saw or heard. There is also sense of smell and touch of course. You may be a combination of these things or very strong in one area. Regardless, you can still create energy habitats!

When we set out with our intention to create a world, we don’t need to be able to see or visualise the entire picture from the outset. We just start with a basic sense of what is there and then expand upon it. It is as if we see one thing through a telescope and then absorb the rest of the area as we go.

Let’s do it step by step:

0. Relax. Before anything, this is an important step. You’re not going to get very far if you are stressed and scattered. It is hard to notice subtleties in this state or be able to focus on one thing clearly. Find a space where you know you’re unlikely to be disturbed, have a drink of water, get comfortable, relax your body and take several deep breaths. You may also want to do a 2 minute de-stress: Do a round of EFT using a word such as ‘Calm’ or ‘Peace’ on each tapping point.

1. Begin with a question or an intention you have of your energy mind and state clearly what you need help with. Such as: “Dear Energy Mind, please give me something to help me with my marriage”, or “Dear Energy Mind, can you show me something that will help me understand how to relate to the children that I teach?”. Speak this aloud or even write it on paper for increased focus if you’re starting out. If your request is vague, your response is likely to be vague too. So relax, state your intention, close your eyes, breathe and wait for what comes. The response is coming from your energy mind and nothing to be afraid of. You are safe, it’s only energy. ❤

2. See what comes. Is there a feeling, a vision of an object, something you can see that is happening, a thought in your mind, or are you reminded of a scent? If it’s unclear, ask for it to be shown or felt more clearly. What comes to you is your way into your habitat. The key, so to speak. The first step of a process of unfolding.

3. Fill in the gaps. With this beginning feeling/image/scent/sound, hold onto that and ask some questions. For example: “What time of day is it?” Intuitively you are going to know the answers. Even if you know what it is not more than what it is. Asking questions to narrow down the ‘nots’ is fine. Is it night time? Is it midday? Is it morning? One of those options will feel right for this intention and question you gave your energy mind. These questions and understandings make the habitat more visible and you are fully engaging the energy mind for use. The common questions I ask:

  • What time of day is it?
  • What is the weather like? (temperature, light levels, wind, precipitation)
  • Is there any vegetation here?
  • Are there any buildings here?
  • Are there any people here?
  • Are there any objects here?

4. Put yourself in the picture. With step 3 having expanded a feeling or thing into a place, you can place yourself there. Maybe you are just how you are right now or maybe you are different (older, younger, bigger, smaller, animal, alien life form, magical creature), it’s all good! What’s happening with this person who is an aspect of you? Watch how they interact with the environment and what they are drawn to. What do they want to do?

Photo by Sarah Jean

5. Rescue them if needed. Your person may find themselves in a situation that they aren’t sure how to deal with. As this world is an energetic world, the possibilities and solutions are not as they are in the physical world. You can use magic, call in guides, angels, friends, creatures, dragons. You can fly and move through objects. In more ‘real world’ terms, you can use EFT. Your person might lose the plot along the way and need emotional support. At any given moment you can stop, tap for whatever that aspect of you needs (ie. ‘fear’, ‘lost’, ‘alone’), and then jump back in from where you were. What helps your aspect is going to help you too.

6. Keep going. Keep exploring and allow the habitat to unfold. In terms of creating habitats for myself for self-healing purposes, I aim to go until I reach a point where I experience a Healing Event. Whereby my original issue has faded, and I can feel improved energy flow on the positive end of the scale (from -10 to +10). You could go until your aspect has reached a point where they are free and happy and peaceful. Keep going in the sense of trying habitats for exploring anything and everything too. Create them for the serious stuff like self-help, but also create some just for pleasure and relaxation and fun. Whatever you are feeling you need most. You can return to the same habitat again and again or you can create a new one each time.  Your same habitat could go on for months or years. There are very little limits.

Outside of habitat creation, you can practice awareness in your day to day life which will enhance your ability within habitat creation. In any situation as you move through the day, try to notice your senses. What can I smell right now? What do I hear? What do I feel in my body?

I’d love to hear from you and your experiences in learning how to create energy habitats. ❤ Which way do you experience the world primarily? Are you able to create a habitat? Let’s talk about it.

Affirmations, Words… and Energy System Reversals

How do affirmations work? What about vision boards? Do they really shape our lives? How do they do this? Do the words and the pictures affect change on an energetic level?


I have been doing a lot of thinking about these things lately. The concept being that if we affirm something to ourselves that it will come true, manifest, eventuate, appear. Vision boards are a method of outlining our vision for the year or for a project or our lives in general. It can also be inspirational words or images collected on a board together.

I recently read about a study whereby 83 participants were split into three groups and stress levels (cortisol – aka the stress hormone – levels) were tested before and after one hour-long session of: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or talk therapy. The third group were the control and received no treatment.

The EFT group had a 24% drop in cortisol levels while the other two groups showed no real change. The EFT group also showed reduced psychological symptoms, including anxiety, depression, as measured by a standard psychological assessment tool.

So it seems that the experience had an impact when the energy system was involved (the EFT group), yet talking about the problems had no impact. And doing nothing had the same impact as talk therapy.

As an energist, this is no surprise to me and I was very excited that this study may help clearly present the benefits of EFT and other energy work over (and in conjunction with) standard therapies for stress and other issues.

Since reading this, I’ve got to thinking about affirmations and how they are on par with ‘talk therapy’ unless they engage the energy mind while being used. They are just words. And they are words which carry their own meanings, which may complicate the message of the affirmation.

Take the word ‘change’ and consider what that word means to you. Some might say: scary, different, hard, challenging, while others may say: exciting, new, thrilling. Some might feel something caught in their throats or hearts while others feel buzzing and alive with enthusiasm.

To read an affirmation and expect the same response by all who read it is unrealistic.

And what happens if we read something like: I am open to change in my life!  If we are Person A who finds ‘change’ to mean something difficult, I believe saying this affirmation would present us with an inner conflict. In saying this, we would be stating that we open themselves to something difficult.

Person B could say the same thing and the energy of the words would flow right through them.

Person A has a reversal relating to change and affirming it is going to jam the communication lines in their energy system.

So my suggestion is to use EFT with affirmations, vision boards, and anything relating to your goals and projects. There are other ways to engage the energy system, but EFT is simple and easy!

If you ever feel like you’re fooling yourself when you use an affirmation.. or feel slight tension, or annoyance – use that feeling! Where is it? What does it feel like? What does it remind you of? Whatever you notice, do a round or two of EFT for it (examples might be ‘tension in my chest’, ‘anger’, ‘feeling not good enough’). Use my video here if you wish, to tap along to, using your own phrase that your body has offered you – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zm722I255Lc%2F

Try the affirmation again. How does it feel now? Is there still a resistance? Where is it and what does it feel like or remind you of? How strong is it? Again use EFT to help you through the feeling.

You may need to do this many times, but noticing how it shifts and what presents to you is a significant step forward compared to trying to jam a square peg (affirmation) into a round hole (an energy body which has a reversal relating to it).

Once you have feeling free flowing energy relating to that affirmation, continuing to use EFT for it is going to further enhance the feeling of it beyond your expectations. Your energy body will be imprinted with this affirmation on a deeper level than just reading the words.

Love, light and courage as you look within. ♥

Where Do I Feel This Problem In My Body?

I recently did an exercise for something that I was hesitant about due to fear. I knew the fear was there but of course telling myself to not be afraid was doing ab-so-lute-ly NOTHING. (surprised? I’m not! My energy body says “I need more information please! Why should I stop being scared!? Nope, not gonna stop until I believe it’s okay!”). I will honestly explain that the fear related to sex with my husband and fearing being vulnerable, which I had recognised as a problem in general, not specifically to him. I feared being vulnerable around others also. So I asked my (very very patient, caring and open-minded) husband to play a bit of a game with me and come up with scenarios relating to the fears and then I would gauge my responses on those scenarios as information to use in conjunction with energy work. Energy work is somewhat of a heart to heart connection with the energy body to shift the underlying issue.

I don’t need to tell you what the scenarios were (I’m sure you can imagine.. things like “So I have my <insert body part> and it is <insert location of body part>” and “What if you were <insert position> and I was <insert position/action>” – Hmm lots of inserting there…. ;)), but my husband posed many of them. This was pretty funny at times and confronting at others, but it’s only energy of course! For each of the scenarios I asked myself:

Where do I feel this in my body?

I was looking for any resistance, any tension, anything blocking energy flow. And for almost every single one, I felt it in my stomach. A ball that felt like a knot just sitting there quite heavily. I hadn’t noticed this before and was glad to be giving it attention now. It is never too late, you see. We are never stuck with our fears, burdens, issues, discomforts. I don’t believe in “That’s just how I am” when it comes to negative stuff, such as inability to relax and enjoy sex, but also in things like attitude, beliefs and behaviours. Anyway – as the exercise went on, I did notice that the ball got smaller in size and lessened in weight, but it still made its presence known.


I gave some focused attention to that ball and used EFT for it (Energy EFT to be precise, this is an application of the Body Protocol which you can learn more about in Dr Silvia Hartmann’s amazing book ‘Energy EFT’ – http://dragonrising.com/store/energy_eft/).

I had my partner propose scenarios to me again. Again I asked:

Where do I feel this in my body?

and I noticed that a response in my body had moved down and felt like it was now in my ovaries. Shining and pulsing. Interesting feeling! I should explain that you could do this exercise solo but having a partner is helpful in situations which relate to unexpected or unplanned things and investigating your natural response. I could create scenarios in my mind but I might choose ‘safer’ scenarios inadvertently. You could also help your partner in return for something they are fearing (or dreading, or worrying about) and both benefit. I did this for my husband, also related to sex.

So I tapped for the feeling in the ovaries next. Aiming to improve energy flow and allowing for the energy in response to the situation to just flow through me instead of getting stuck along the way.

My husband retried the scenarios. I listened with my conscious mind (which made me laugh and giggle) as well as my energy mind:

Where do I feel this in my body?

My energy felt stuck again and I felt as though my energy wanted to flow down and come out between my legs but was stuck there and not releasing. So I tapped for this feeling at my vagina and could feel energy flow improve significantly while I did the tapping! Amazing feeling! I was excited for this to shift so obviously.

I asked my husband to test the scenarios again and there was no stuck feeling at all, just good energy flow. Woo hoo!

So later I decided to test this situation in reality. 😉 And I felt no fear. Nothing holding me back or occupying my thoughts or keeping me from enjoying the moment. I felt freedom and it was as if I had never had this problem. Although in reality I knew that this problem had been plaguing me for some time. After the event I am feeling even more freedom now – I faced the situation and clearly survived and I feel great! I’m so up for more testing! 🙂

So aside from sex, you can try this exercise on anything. Some examples:

* I am about to take a plane trip and the thought fills me with dread – Where? In your stomach? In your chest? Tap for “This feeling in my stomach” or “This heaviness in my chest”.

* It is late evening and I am heading to the pantry with the intention of eating a block of chocolate/heading to the fridge for a second bottle of wine that I know I don’t really want. Stop and feel what is going on in your body. Where’s the feeling? What does it feel like? Now tap for it “This ache in my _____”, “This _____ I feel in my hands”.

* I dream of being a physiotherapist/astronaut/accountant/hairdresser/world famous cyclist but when I consider how I might begin to get to that point I start to feel panicky. Where’s the feeling? Is it pressure in your head? Tingling in your feet? Tap for it. “These prickles on my ____ “, “This pain in my ____”.

And if it’s something you feel in your entire body, then use it too. Just craft your statement to match your feeling. Shift the heaviness, tension, discomfort. Then look again and see where it is. Maybe it’s more specific now, maybe it’s smaller. If it’s still there, use it.

Your body is giving you these clues with love. Listen, feel and take positive action. ❤