Manifesting gold medals.. or not?

So I’ll let you in on a secret.. I’m not interested in the Olympic Games. I haven’t watched more than 5 minutes of it and I’m not setting alarms and waking early for the events that I’m interested in. Because I’m just not interested in it.

My interest WAS captured however, by a news article about an Australian swimmer, Emily Seebohm, and her quest for a gold medal. The article wrote how she was drawn into Twitter and Facebook comments about her upcoming success and felt that it detracted from her performance.

So my understanding about manifesting and achieving goals is that when you get to a point where you believe that you already have what you’re aiming for, then it manifests.

I read this: “I guess when you swim that fast in the heat, then people put pressure and more pressure on you, saying, ‘Oh, you’re going to get the gold.’. Maybe I just started believing that and just thought I’d already won by the time I had swum and I hadn’t even swum yet.” …and I wondered how that fit into the theory of manifesting.

She believed she’d won, before she’d swum, yet didn’t win. Hmmmm.

What also drew my attention was: “I had never been this nervous but at the Olympics you’re going to be as nervous as you are ever going to be.

Okay, I’m not in her shoes (and probably never will be!), but I don’t think that someone who truly  believes they have won a gold medal would be nervous. Maybe nervous excitement? But if they really truly felt that it was ‘in the bag’, what’s to be nervous about?

And if you go back to that first paragraph, read the words “pressure and more pressure”.

She didn’t believe she had already won. She believed that other people believed she’d already won. She felt their pressure of expectations upon her and perhaps that she couldn’t match up. It is understandable.

Another quote: “I have no idea [what went wrong]. I know that I was super nervous today, so nervous I couldn’t even eat, so I’m sure that had something to do with it. That’s no excuse. I went in there and raced it and didn’t come out on top.

She was so nervous, paralysed with nerves. More nervous than usual. She couldn’t even eat. That sounds like fear. Fear of not being able to do it. Of letting down her country and supporters. Of not performing.

So what did she manifest? A silver medal. Which is admirable and an amazing accomplishment, but from an energy perspective, I do have to wonder if the Olympic team used EFT and tapped for “fear” and reversals associated with meeting the expectations of the public and their selves, how things might change?


The Extra Terrestrial Self-Love Weight-Loss Plan

OK this is a bit of a vent so bear with me. Sometimes I feel like I am on another planet and I’ve just had yet another other-planetary moment and my mind has been blown.

I stumbled across a blog entry whereby the author admitted that maybe… just maybe… that people who were thin may actually be unhappy too.

What followed this post was many many comments congratulating the admission and the honesty and bravery and “WOW that made me think!”.

Wait. Really?!

Do people REALLY presume that body size, shape, attributes have a bearing on how we feel within ourselves? That everyone who fits in a particular tiny clothing size has a glowing attitude to match? When people lose weight do they think that when they are just short of their weight goal that the Emo Fairies will come in through the night and take the sadness and hurts away? How would this possibly work? How does it possibly make sense?!

Would the women trying to lose weight look in the mirror every day.. feel “meh”, then suddenly one day look in the mirror and a choir of angels sings and light beams down from the ceiling, allowing them to recognise that they have FINALLY attained TRUE beauty and they were free to live life with only positive feelings?

OK I’m being a little cheeky, but I just don’t get it. I don’t get how any of that makes sense at all. It’s so obvious to me how things such as emotions and energy work that I assume that other people understand it how I do.

Sadness is sadness whether it’s in a fat suit or a thin one. Experiences happen, no matter our outer physical ‘shell’, and those experiences alter our energy and evoke emotion, good or bad. And sad feelings remain until we process them, or evolve them, or reverse them. Altering the physical doesn’t necessarily alter the emotional. Putting on a pink hat doesn’t make me filled with feelings of love unless I already have the capacity. And if I already had the capacity, then the hat is redundant, isn’t it. I could pretend I put the hat on. I could visualise I constantly had that hat on. In the end I wouldn’t even think about the hat, it would be all me. Just as it was from the beginning.

Which is it in a nutshell, I guess. Some people think they don’t have permission to be happy in their skin unless they have a ‘pink hat’ telling them what they can feel, or an outfit with a magic number on the label which says to them: “NOW. Now, you are definitely a beautiful woman. Enjoy!”

Why wait for the permission from something on the outside to tell us it’s okay to be happy? Why wait to feel good? Wouldn’t feeling good about ourselves FIRST make it easier to prepare ourselves lovely healthy meals, move our gorgeous bodies and get active in a way that is fun to us, take care of ourselves with incredible tender loving care? In that way, wouldn’t feeling GOOD about ourselves make things like weight loss, dieting, strict regimes etc redundant?

But hey.. what would I know, I’m clearly from another planet. 😉

Finding My Truth In The Field

It is a Spring day, around 4pm. I am standing in a large field of grass. The grass is waist height and has soft cotton tops on reeds throughout. A gentle breeze is blowing the reeds and grass and making a hush noise.

I am walking slowly through this grass. Knowing that I am safe and free. I have nowhere else that I need to be. No one is needing me to do anything for them. The world apart from this field might as well be frozen in place. I have ll the time in the world and there is no one waiting or watching. I am completely free to be me, and I feel a strength that is beginning to grow and get larger: My strength in knowing and believing that all that I am is enough, is amazing, is unique, and is special. I know that my truth is waiting for me to express it, and that I am able to let go of any fears, restrictions or hesitations.

I know that any reactions to the truth of my being belong to someone else and not me. That my job as a loving, feeling, and sensing human being is to be ME and nothing less!

I give myself permission to be the best possible me that I can be, and I allow that to shine through with peaceful radiance.

I take three deep breaths in this field. The hush of the grass soothing and supporting me through any difficulties.

A few metres away I see someone approaching. I recognise that they are a guide and they have only pure and the highest positive intentions for me. They are here just for me and offer their utmost support in my expression of truth, allowing the tattered rags that I had been hiding under to fall away. Just their presence is enough to keep me feeling energised and fearless. They share with me their thoughts and encouragement and a moment of connection. They smile and I know that I am ready.

I look up to the sky. I take in a deep, nourishing breath. I look down and I realise that I am above the field and I have wings that are keeping me in the air. My guide waves to me and I look to the horizon, and off I fly. Glistening in the afternoon sun as I head unwaveringly forward to a new life of my own.


PMS is Proclaiming Our Many Secrets

 I’ve got a definition of the acronym PMS to share with you. Instead of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, it is: Proclaiming Many Secrets!

To “proclaim” means to declare publicly, typically insistently, proudly or defiantly and in either speech or writing. At this unique time of the menstrual cycle, we women can be most definitely insistent in our declarations! (whether we like it or not)

Feelings and annoyances float to our emotional surfaces where these gentle bubbles make pops loud enough to make us want to punch someone. Things that don’t ordinarily bother us become very noticeable.

What you need to know is that we are not irrational or weak or crazy to be noticing or feeling these things. In fact I would go as far as to say that we are truly BLESSED! Bear with me on this..

Every cycle during PMS time, women become more sensitive. We notice more, we smell more, we see more, intuit more, we FEEL more. It may be overwhelming at times, but in this way we are presented with a magnificent healing opportunity. Those gentle bubbles of emotional disruption float to the surface of our consciouses without any deep meditation or therapy sessions. They sit there, much to our annoyance sometimes, and make themselves known. Before fading away (or are able to be ignored again) to try again next cycle. They may seem to be irrational things that we are raging or sobbing about, but what if there was some truth to them and what we’re feeling? What if they were actually secrets that our energy systems were presenting to us? Giving us a precious gift of potential freedom from these things. Giving us insight into how we can help ourselves to be free of the PMS mouse-wheel and feeling ping-ponged from one emotion to another.

Every cycle, give your feelings (and body) attention and notice what is really going on. Your energy body knows what your conscious body may not be admitting to.

Consider if there a pattern in the thing(s) that are bothering you. What is it saying to you? What is the feeling? Does it remind you of something in particular? Does it relate to an event in your life or an experience you had? It’s okay to feel these things, acknowledge these things, and most definitely okay to use techniques such as EFT to shift these things!

Some examples of behaviour/feelings and the secret your energy body may be trying to tell you:

  • If you are frustrated when others are around you, perhaps you are not able to give yourself the focus you are needing and your energy body is craving solitude.
  • If you feel overwhelmed by noise and information, perhaps you would benefit from disconnecting yourself to find a peaceful place within yourself which will guide you to the right path. Similarly being overwhelmed by belongings could be your energy body telling you to shift some clutter to feel more peaceful, finish those unfinished tasks that draw your attention. Try making a list during PMS that you can work through in a calmer time.
  • If you feel inexplicably angry, perhaps you genuinely are angry at someone or something in your life or in your past or even yourself. Is there a pattern within the anger. If someone hurt you with his words, is there any truth to the underlying message? Does it match with a belief of your own that you wish to shift?
  • If you feel like every piece of communication is a veiled attack, perhaps you are needing more self-approval and self-love to find the stability that your energy body knows you need.

Once you have seen very clearly what is happening and resolved a particular emotional disruption (message me if you would like help), chances are that something different may present itself the following cycle. This isn’t a failing – this is okay, it is addressing yet another bubble of emotional disruption, gradually reducing the impact on your behaviour and mood. Making PMS less of a life sentence, uneventful, and smooth sailing as you are in touch with what needs attention and take heed of it. And if the same issue presents itself, then there may be other aspects to it that are needing attention. I am always available to assist. 🙂

We have the opportunity for more easily healing and improving our energy flow every month. Without paying a cent. I for one am grateful to be a woman!

Einstein’s Thought Experiments

Yesterday I read about something that happened to Albert Einstein as a 16 year old. He had a vision where he saw himself riding a bike on a beam of light.

“In 1905, nearly a decade after this first “thought experiment,” Einstein answered these questions with his Special Theory of Relativity. The theory, which revolutionized our understanding of time and space, is based on Einstein’s astonishing recognition that light always travels at a constant speed, regardless of how fast you’re moving when you measure it. Einstein’s explorations into the fundamental properties of light also laid the groundwork for his most impressive achievement, the General Theory of Relativity.”


I was struck by how similar a Thought Experiment seemed to be to what we call energy habitats, autogenic habitats, and what Silvia Hartmann has created as Project Sanctuary. I was delighted to see that science had embraced something which clearly involves giving attention to some part of ourselves that is outside our logic brain.

However in reading more about what happened with Einstein, I found many websites where scientific researchers couldn’t understand or prove how he could have made the leap between his daydream and his theory, even though he attributes the daydream directly to it.

I have one suggestion as to what they might be missing… ENERGY.

They have forgotten about the energy component. The link from the bike riding vision to development theories is unclear from a scientific point of view because perhaps it was more of a feeling or a knowing. If science can’t acknowledge the energy body playing a part, then there are bound to be gaps in thinking and other inexplicable leaps of genius all over the place.

Another famous Thought Experimenter is Charles Darwin:

“He recognized that his own thinking about various aspects of his theory abounded in imaginative con-structions; they were actually doing work. He came to regard such “castles in the air” as a propaedeutic to real scientific discovery.”

Darwin regarded these imaginings as productive and educational. He learned from them.

The discoveries and understandings were gained in energy habitats. If we also can drop in and out of these habitats and have these experiences at will, what are the limits for our potential for discovery, genius and creation? There simply are none.

Does this excite anyone else, thinking what an awesome tool we have within our bodies? These men are famous for their discoveries but ultimately are human just like us.

All we have to do is tap into that source that is right there within us and use it!

Energy worlds at our fingertips

Recently I completed the Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner course with The Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies. For me a very significant part of the course was the unit of the course centred on autogenic habitats – energy worlds created with the purpose of helping to heal.

I fell in love with the concept and have since used it many times. My experiences with using these habitats is why I created this blog in the first place – I want to share.


To begin with, we consider an issue we have or a situation we’re in or just our life in general.

From there we ask ourselves if this issue/situation/life was a PLACE in time and space, where would it be? And a picture begins to unfold. We might see a beach, a desert, snow, darkness,a room, a hill, a field. We place an aspect of ourself there, a person who exists in this world we are creating.

Consider this place and ask yourself what time of day it is and what time of year it is. We can also explore and find out if there are any scents here, any sensations on our skin, any feelings in the aspect’s body. And consider anything else that exists here and what we are seeing around us. Is there vegetation or buildings or other people or animals.

We then consider our aspect and what they are doing or what they are feeling. We go where they lead us and we help them along the way as needed by using Emotional Freedom Technique if needed or creating objects to place in this world for them to use.

With this world, an aspect, and the abilities of ourselves to help them when needed – we have an amazing tool for insight and healing. One could say that it is magical. 🙂