Affirmations, Words… and Energy System Reversals

How do affirmations work? What about vision boards? Do they really shape our lives? How do they do this? Do the words and the pictures affect change on an energetic level?


I have been doing a lot of thinking about these things lately. The concept being that if we affirm something to ourselves that it will come true, manifest, eventuate, appear. Vision boards are a method of outlining our vision for the year or for a project or our lives in general. It can also be inspirational words or images collected on a board together.

I recently read about a study whereby 83 participants were split into three groups and stress levels (cortisol – aka the stress hormone – levels) were tested before and after one hour-long session of: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or talk therapy. The third group were the control and received no treatment.

The EFT group had a 24% drop in cortisol levels while the other two groups showed no real change. The EFT group also showed reduced psychological symptoms, including anxiety, depression, as measured by a standard psychological assessment tool.

So it seems that the experience had an impact when the energy system was involved (the EFT group), yet talking about the problems had no impact. And doing nothing had the same impact as talk therapy.

As an energist, this is no surprise to me and I was very excited that this study may help clearly present the benefits of EFT and other energy work over (and in conjunction with) standard therapies for stress and other issues.

Since reading this, I’ve got to thinking about affirmations and how they are on par with ‘talk therapy’ unless they engage the energy mind while being used. They are just words. And they are words which carry their own meanings, which may complicate the message of the affirmation.

Take the word ‘change’ and consider what that word means to you. Some might say: scary, different, hard, challenging, while others may say: exciting, new, thrilling. Some might feel something caught in their throats or hearts while others feel buzzing and alive with enthusiasm.

To read an affirmation and expect the same response by all who read it is unrealistic.

And what happens if we read something like: I am open to change in my life!  If we are Person A who finds ‘change’ to mean something difficult, I believe saying this affirmation would present us with an inner conflict. In saying this, we would be stating that we open themselves to something difficult.

Person B could say the same thing and the energy of the words would flow right through them.

Person A has a reversal relating to change and affirming it is going to jam the communication lines in their energy system.

So my suggestion is to use EFT with affirmations, vision boards, and anything relating to your goals and projects. There are other ways to engage the energy system, but EFT is simple and easy!

If you ever feel like you’re fooling yourself when you use an affirmation.. or feel slight tension, or annoyance – use that feeling! Where is it? What does it feel like? What does it remind you of? Whatever you notice, do a round or two of EFT for it (examples might be ‘tension in my chest’, ‘anger’, ‘feeling not good enough’). Use my video here if you wish, to tap along to, using your own phrase that your body has offered you –

Try the affirmation again. How does it feel now? Is there still a resistance? Where is it and what does it feel like or remind you of? How strong is it? Again use EFT to help you through the feeling.

You may need to do this many times, but noticing how it shifts and what presents to you is a significant step forward compared to trying to jam a square peg (affirmation) into a round hole (an energy body which has a reversal relating to it).

Once you have feeling free flowing energy relating to that affirmation, continuing to use EFT for it is going to further enhance the feeling of it beyond your expectations. Your energy body will be imprinted with this affirmation on a deeper level than just reading the words.

Love, light and courage as you look within. ♥