Facebook As Therapy

If you are an active member of Facebook or any other online community, you are exposed to lots of other peoples’ “stuff”. Some of those things might trigger what seems like an irrational response in you. You might get irritated, frustrated, confused, angry, offended, upset..

This triggering of feelings is actually a really easy way to be shown what to give attention to in terms of self-healing. They are just words (or pictures), or someone elses opinion. Why should they ruin your day? So they touched a nerve and got your attention and you’re feeling something you don’t want to – use it and let it go! And the cause of the trigger will be none the wiser!

So here’s how, in 8 easy steps:

0. Before doing anything else, do a round of Emotional Freedom Technique for the word “Calm”, saying the word out loud once on each tapping point shown in the video linked above. This separates the trigger from an energy stress response to a real annoyance. If you’re hardly bothered by the issue after this, it was most likely just energy stress and you can carry on with your day if you so choose, or continue below!

1. Notice when you think about or look at the trigger on Facebook, what are you feeling? Do you feel it somewhere in your body? A particular emotion? How strong is the feeling, from -10 to +10 (where -10 is strongly negative feeling and +10 is strongly positive and 0 is neutral)? Rate it.

2. Give it a label or a phrase (eg. “Joe Bloggs is giving me the shits“, “I feel a white hot rage for Jane Doe and her pathetic check-ins with our mutual friends!“, “I’m so annoyed with these thinly veiled homophobic posts“). Shorten it if you need to (eg. “annoyed!“).

3. Take that phrase and use it in a round of Emotional Freedom Technique while thinking about, or looking at the trigger. Awesome!

4. Look back at the trigger. How do you feel now? How would you rate it from -10 to +10? Has the original emotion changed at all? That’s what we’re aiming for, any evolution, even if it’s small. Maybe the rage has lessened, or the rage has changed to annoyance. It might be giving you a clue as to what the roots are to the trigger. Put what the feeling is now into words.

5. Take those words and use them in another round of Emotional Freedom Technique.

6. Look at the thing that triggered you again. What is the rating now? What is the feeling? If you’re feeling more apathetic than insulted, go for a positive statement along the lines of what the trigger (eg. “Peace”, “It’s okay for us to disagree”, “I’m happy to be me”, “We are all on our own journey”, “I believe in myself”). If you are still feeling quite negative, return to step 4 to do at least another round of tapping.

7. Take the positive words/phrase that you’ve decided on and use them in another round of Emotional Freedom Technique.

8. How do you feel when you look or think about the trigger? Does the energy or feeling of that post just flow right through you? No noticeable tension or stuckness? How’s the rating? Up the + end of the scale? At least the inverse of where you began? That’s what we’re aiming for. Congratulations for getting here!  Feels good, doesn’t it!