Art from Sanctuary

Well.. it’s a *picture* anyway. Art is a strong word for someone just playing with putting down vision to paper. 🙂

This is from a habitat that I haven’t yet blogged about. The experience/habitat is incomplete which might be why it’s playing on my mind a little. My children were doing some artwork at the table with me, hence the glitter and Crayola markers that I added in.

This aspect finds herself in a city. Stifled in a city. And just by looking up at the sky and seeing its’ blueness she is inspired to take flight, with wings she didn’t even know she had. Where does she go and what does she find? More on that later!

This habitat is reminding me not to analyse things as I’m going, that it’s okay not to know where things are headed, and it’s okay not to have already known the answers to the questions I’m asking.