Virtually teaching EFT to increase energy awareness

I asked my energy mind for a story for the World Energy Awareness Event which would enhance energy awareness. The following is what it came back with.

I am standing on a podium on a stage, in front of an audience of at least several hundred people. It feels like night time. I’m wearing short sleeves so I’m thinking it’s Spring or Summer. I feel warm. And electric actually! Really buzzing. I smell scents of wood and floor polish and mustiness of the heavy curtains of this stage that I am on.

The audience is watching me expectantly and I have goosebumps with excitement.

“ENERGY”, I say. A little too close to the mic perhaps, and it booms loudly out to the audience. “Energy”, I try again, “is everything. It’s who we are, how we feel, why we act, why we choose, why we do. It creates our dreams, our goals and fantasies, but also our fears and nightmares. When we feel scared or nervous, we might feel a churn in our tummies, a sense of butterflies, or upset as though we are being rolled around in ocean waves. Our response is us physically feeling how our energy is responding. If we look at that trigger, the thing that made us nervous or scared, and make changes on an energetic level, we evolve our response to the trigger in future. Maybe the butterflies are less active, maybe the rolling waves become calmer. Whatever happens is unique to us and our own energy, but the act of giving attention to a trigger on an energetic level has a predictable outcome. Something will change.”

I look around and see interested faces. I ask “Would you like to try it with me? Would you like to give some energy attention to something and see what happens?”

I see nods and murmurs and hear shifting in seats. There are some nervous giggles and embarrassed looks exchanged. Like “What will she make us do??”

I say “I will teach you how to do something called EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. It is simple, an easy tapping on points of the face and hand. We’re going to use the word “Calm” as we learn.”

I demonstrate this round, watching them as I do. [like this if you are playing along at home – it’s silent, say the word “Calm”] Their tapping action awkward and stiff. Some aren’t participating but they see most everyone else doing it and eventually follow along. We finish with our three deep breaths and I smile in encouragement before moving on with the exercise.

“We’re all just going to think of something that has caused you stress this week. It could be an event, a situation, a person. Hopefully you can think of something.”

I see nods, so I go on. We tap again and tap for “This stress” [like this if you are playing along at home – say “This stress” while thinking about your stress as you tap]. I am feeling really positively as I go. I see smiles after this round.

I say “If you think about that thing that stressed you, do you notice any change? Think about how it feels now.” Some people look bewildered, confused, stunned, so I say “Let’s repeat this! Let’s tap for “This stress” again, thinking about that thing that stressed you through the week.”

We tap. [like this if you are playing along at home – again tap for “This stress”] I am feeling a bond growing between all of us. After this I am seeing more positive faces and smile. Some are rolling their shoulders and I can tell that the tension that was there has shifted at least enough to be noticed by them. I tell them that once the stress has subsided that we can then treat ourselves to some delicious energy, an antidote to the problem they had.

I find myself suggesting “Paradise” because it just rolls off my tongue for this group. A peaceful paradise where they are radiant, positive beings, full of joy and calm, with positive relationships and experiences.

Together we tap. [like this if you are playing along at home – tap for “Paradise”] The energy is amazing. Paradise indeed in this auditorium and in all of us. They are smiling and I cheer their enthusiasm, “Yes!”.

I hear some call out for one more round. I suggest LOVE and get many nods in agreement. I am seeing people on their feet now. We tap for “Love” [like this if you are playing along at home – use the word “Love”] which softens the room and I feel intense connection between us all. If they were skeptical, they no longer COULD be. Energy is real and alive and well in all of us. It is up to us whether we choose to welcome it into our lives.

I thank them for their time and leave the stage, beaming with happiness and energy, hearing their applause and cheering as I go.

This energy habitat reminded me of my upcoming webinar (register here!) and the potential of that medium to share energy therapies with the world. To help several hundred people to feel good about their selves and their lives in a short time is magic! (and so doable!) We live in a very exciting time!!

10 Ways To Care For Your Spirit

So there seems to be a consensus that a healthy person is healthy of mind, body and spirit. Great! So how do we look after our spirit? We can eat healthy food and move our physical bodies, but what assists with the wellbeing of our spirit?

The answer is: Awareness

Awareness is the key and the answer and the solution all in one. Here are some easy ways to apply this, without necessarily going too ‘hippy trippy’.

  1. Have regular moments of focused awareness of the senses: Stop and sit, ask yourself what you can hear, smell, see, taste, sense, feel.
  2. In anger, frustration or other challenging emotions, take the time to pay attention to where you feel it in your body and what it feels like. Try to soften the feeling if you can, melt it and allow that feeling to move where it wants to go. This is based on Silvia Hartmann’s EmoTrance.
  3. Regularly stop and ask yourself “What do I need right now?”, and listen to the answer. Be aware of what you need and take heed. Eat if you are hungry, sleep if you are tired, ask for a hug or a hand if you need one, jump around like a loon if that’s what you need. If this seems unrealistic based on your situation, try it for a week or two and see what happens.
  4. It is important to find a safe space to allow what you feel. Things such as “putting a wall up around my heart so it doesn’t hurt”, “putting myself in a bubble of nothingness”, “drinking to numb the pain”, “getting high so I don’t have to care” are denying what the feelings are. The feelings being messages/clues to help. The denial doesn’t do anything long term to evolve the feeling. Find a trusted friend, or journal or both and release with tears and crying, raging, shouting. Using EFT and tapping just for “Calm” alone, works wonders, as well as further tapping on the issues themselves to evolve them. Make contact with an energist who is trained in handling tricky emotions in a safe way.
  5. Meditate. Sitting and breathing and just being is a way to enhance awareness and nurture your spirit. Sitting or laying and listening to relaxing music or nature sounds is an alternative.
  6. Stop and smell the flowers. Literally. Go outdoors and just find a spot and see what you notice. The stopping is hard, but well worth it! Being in nature reminds us of the bigger picture and the cycle of things as well as the beauty in the details that we often skip over. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…
  7. Write a gratitude list. Being aware of the things we have to be grateful for is a great tool to get us out of a loop of stress and worry and mundane. It gets us into recognising and appreciating things, whether they are small or big, such as “I’m grateful I am alive and breathing today!”.
  8. Increase the magic. Magic is synonymous with energy in how it enlivens and nourishes the spirit. Magic and fantasy take us from just existing to something special, where the potential for something great to happen is limitless. Use your imagination to create something incredible (what would you do, be, say if there were no rules, no laws of gravity or time?), use tools like Project Sanctuary to live in a magical world of your own, or immerse yourself in magical creations of others. A world that loves fantasy novels, science fiction, vampires, werewolves, zombies and Harry Potter is a world that craves energy.
  9. Use energy techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Okay, I’m sure for some that this is considered ‘hippy trippy’, but you have an energy system, and we therefore need tools that caters for it and its disruptions as well as enhancing it as far as we want to go. EFT is one of those tools. It requires your awareness of your feelings or emotions or even sensations in your body that present with situations in order to work. If you can’t feel something, or don’t want to, it is going to be much harder to evolve it.
  10. Laugh. Find something that makes you laugh and do it often! Make someone else laugh! Take the task of having a fun and funny life very seriously! Laughter is an emotional release much like crying is, but is far more pleasurable and you might even get to have company alongside you enjoying the process. In the same sense, (good) sex does amazing things to the energy system. Enjoy and let go any tensions or fears in an act that feels good.