Agony by the Ocean

Last month I was curious about my lower back pain and whether there was anything energetic or emotional there to give attention to.

I asked “If this lower back pain was a place in time and space where would it be?”. I instantly saw the aspect of myself doubled over in pain, on a rock platform by a rough ocean. The platform was hard, solid, wet, uncomfortable. It felt very windy and cold, and the ocean seemed unwelcoming and rough and intimidating. The aspect was in agony and crying in pain.


I used several rounds of EFT here (I wish I could remember what for but I didn’t write it down) and the aspect recovered from the pain and was no longer overwhelmed with it. She had also found a thick blanket and wrapped herself in it. She was feeling far more comfortable. The wind had died down also. The waves were still crashing but it wasn’t an angry surf.

The aspect also found a necklace with a triangle symbol on it which she knew intuitively would help her heart to be open. She put it on and it radiated with gold light from the necklace but also from her heart area. A friend presented in this habitat also and she had the same necklace on. (I felt it was important for her too and shared this information with her in ‘The Hard’.  I later discovered that it was the Aspect symbol that I saw – part of the Genius Symbols by Silvia Hartmann. I took the presence of this symbol to look at the various aspects/facets of the issue – so literally, all the parts contributing to my lower back pain.)

I noticed that I was looking at her necklace and feeling as though it was better than mine or there was something not good enough with mine even though they were identical. I tapped for this.

It was after that that I noticed there were dolphins in the ocean. The aspect shedded the blanket and stripped off and went for a swim. At this time the sun was shining, warm yet not burning hot, and the wind was still and the water so beautifully clear. We swam with the dolphins until they swam off and then had fun looking for shells and gold coins and things on the sandy ocean floor.

On the left of me there was a shark that had me concerned. I wasn’t sure whether it was interested in making a meal of me but I also felt strongly protected by my symbol necklace and recognised that it kept its distance.

I ended up soaking up the sun and watching the waves crash and listening to the noises of the ocean. It was very relaxing and the aspect was very happy.

I hope this gave my back some space to be able to sort itself out. I’ve since also seen my chiropractor and taken myself swimming at the local pool. I do intend to look at other aspects that might be contributing to my lower back being sore fairly regularly, such as my delightful slouchy posture. 😉