Who is in the driver’s seat of your life?

I was at the Body & Soul Expo on the weekend. It was great to experience my first expo and understand how it works, what happens with them, what kinds of questions people have. I have some further ideas and inspiration for myself and my business and how to share my services and information at future expos.

What was very curious to me was the amount of people who waited in line for psychic readings. I received very little interest in my EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions. If you’ve followed my Facebook page or case stories in this blog, you will see that I have been a part of some very significant emotional transformations. This is significant stuff, life-changing, and very worthwhile. Not only for that moment of transformation and that specific issue, but as an ongoing skill and tool for LIFE. Once you learn EFT, your life is no longer the same! Emotional freedom indeed!

Unfortunately (for me!) it seems that every (wo)man and his dog just wants to have their future predicted and to make contact with those that have crossed over. No one wants to look at the here and now of their own emotions/energy. Of course I’m going to be biased here due to my own experiences and knowledge, and the fact that I have chosen to discontinue my own spiritual predictions and focus more on energy evolutions, but this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Think about it:

One could ask to be told information about their future career.


One could release any blocks of fear or doubt they have in going out and making their career of their dreams come true. One could set their intentions on their dream career and evolve anything within them that believes the possibility to be untrue.

One could ask to be told about their future lover(s).


One could release any barriers or fears or energetic reversals relating to love, sex, relationships, marriage, sharing their space, sharing their wardrobe, sharing their life (and so on!). One could improve their confidence or anxiety with approaching prospective mates, improve their assertiveness with getting what they seek from a partner, gain confidence and strength enough to leave their abusive partner. The list is endless.

One could ask for contact with passed love ones.


One could release any guilt, grief, disconnectedness from spirit, fear, and embrace the fact that they are in contact with them whenever they choose, allowing them to be open to signs or messages and love from beyond. One could consult with an energist (like me!) and be taught techniques such as Project Sanctuary which allows us to create spaces for interaction with energies of those that have passed. We are never alone, and can do these things with our own abilities. We are ALL blessed with an energy mind. We are driving the vehicle that is our lives!

This is me driving my life! (well, a car, but my life too) Look how satisfied I am!

My problem at this expo was this: HOW do I put on a quick and snappy A4 sign all of this potential and possibility within each and every one of us? How do I put it into words the power that resides in simple techniques and choices?

We get to choose what we want here and the only thing that is holding us back is ourselves, what we believe, what we understand to be true. Beliefs, understandings and feelings are ALL ENERGY AND ALL ABLE TO BE EVOLVED!!

AIM HIGHER! Don’t let anyone else tell you what YOU want in your life. Use your imagination, focus and energy, and create the life that you dream of! It doesn’t have to be complicated, mystical or out of reach for ‘normal’ people.

[My apologies for an odd blog post email that went out on Saturday night. It wasn’t meant to be published.]

Money And The Energy Body – Tap Along

I’ve talked about energy body stress before, and mentioned the top seven stressors in family life. One of those stressors is MONEY. Your concept and feeling towards money has an impact on your energy body and therefore a flow-on effect to those that you live with.

On my Facebook page I posed the question: “When you read the word MONEY or think about the concept of money in your life, where do you feel it in your body? What does it feel like?” Consider those questions right now.

What is YOUR Feeling About Money?

Most people will have some kind of sensation in their body. If saying or reading the word MONEY doesn’t give you a positive feeling, there is room for evolution. The energy of the word should flow through you, not get stuck anywhere along the way. So if you read/say/think ‘money’ and feel a tension anywhere, let’s shift it! Emotional Freedom Technique is great for this purpose. And if you feel nothing much at all, we can improve on that too. It is a good idea for your partner or other relevant family members to do this also.

Go back to that feeling.. Where is it, how strong is it, what does it feel like?

Using myself as an example, I have a small fluttering in my solar plexus area. From that feeling, we can create a phrase to tap for. My phrase is “This fluttering in my solar plexus”. Have you got a phrase of your own? Decide on one now.

If You Feel ‘Meh’ About Money

Some may feel very ‘meh’ about money. They don’t care either way, don’t hate it, don’t love it, it just is. In Energy EFT, we consider that to be the “Zero Point of Nothing”. This used to be the goal with EFT (to get people feeling nothing vs. feeling bad), but now we aim for much more.

So for the ‘meh’ people, think about how you would like to feel about money in a positive way: Excited? Enthusiastic? A sense of freedom from any restrictions money might put upon you? Generous? Trusting? Open? Flowing? We are going to ‘inject’ a positive feeling about money with EFT.

With regards to phrasing, you could use an affirmation: “Money flows freely in my life”, “I love money”, “I am at peace with money”, “I always have enough money for what I need and more!”, whatever you choose. Or even just the word “Money!” will work. Tapping on those affirmations until you feel your energy rise and have a warm, light, positive feeling about money.

So Let’s Tap!

  • Place your hands together at in the centre of your chest and take three deep breaths, thinking about your intention to improve energy flow relating to money.
  • Using your index finger, tap the top of your head in a gentle rhythm, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap the middle of your forehead (as above), while taking a deep breath, saying your phrase on the out breath. Being aware of relaxing your body.
  • Tap the inner edge of either eyebrow, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap the outer side of one eye, at the side of your face, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap underneath one eye, on the bone, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap underneath your nose, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap underneath your mouth, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap on the under edge of your collarbone, the angle where the breastbone and the collarbone meet, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath. Relaxing your body in the meantime.
  • Now onto the finger points.. each of these is at the side of the finger in line with the nail bed. Firstly tapping at the thumb, taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Repeat on each finger, one by one: Pointer, index, ring, pinky – for each performing the tapping while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap the karate chop point now (which is the fleshy side of the hand which would strike an object if you were to do a karate chop!), taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Return your hands together and to the centre of your chest and take three deep breaths.

Take a drink of water and move your body a little.

Reassess The Feeling

So now you’ve done a round of EFT (well done!), have a think about money again. To get a stronger sensation you could visualise your online banking screen, your purse or wallet, see yourself involved in a transaction where you are needing to pay for something, or consider the situation of your income (getting paid, not getting paid, not getting paid what you think you deserve). The stronger the emotion the easier it will be to work with here and give attention to.

What do you feel now? Has that sensation that you used for the round of tapping altered? Has it moved? Is there a different feeling elsewhere in your body? What is that feeling and what does it feel like? If it is still the same as before you can use the same phrase too, or modify it, such as “This remaining fluttering”.

For me, I feel some tension in my throat now, so I would tap for “This tension in my throat”. I can relate this to frustrations in not always having a say about money, but the beauty of EFT (and using this Body Protocol method) is that you don’t need to know what it relates to or what it means to resolve it. Follow the instructions above again, or you can tap along with me by watching my video.

Reassess Again & Repeat

What is the feeling now? Money money money! 😉 Bills coming in the mail. At the checkout at the grocery store, about to pay for your trolley load of food. Where do you feel it? Tap for that feeling in whichever way it presents. Repeat the process  until thinking about money has you feeling lighter, less weighed down.

From this point of lightness and with freedom of tension when, you can now tap as per my suggestions above to the ‘meh’ feeling people: What would you LIKE to feel about money? Carefree? Easy? Secure? You can choose an affirmation to tap for. Examples being “Money serves me well”, “I am at peace with money”, “Money does great things in my life”, “I’m not afraid of money”, “I talk about money openly”, “Money works for me!”. Choose one or more of them, whichever resonate with you, or create your own and tap to move you up the positive end of the scale. 🙂 Using these positive statements should boost your energy flow about money and give you a positive, warm, glowy feeling. This is called a Healing Event and is SUCH a good feeling.

What Now?

We have tapped for the feelings about the concept of money in general, but there may be other aspects that need attention. These are different for everyone based on our individual situations and experiences. Above all, remember that it’s ONLY ENERGY, and energy can be shifted and improved upon, no matter where or whence it came from!

Are there tensions or difficulties in relation to your career or workplace? Clashes within your family relating to division of funds and decisions to do with money? Issues when it comes to planning, budgeting or organising the money you have? Limiting beliefs in relation to how money exists in your world? eg. “People like me will never be financially comfortable”, “I don’t deserve good things”, “There’s always another unexpected expense, just when you’ve got ahead”, “Only smart people get rich”, “My Dad said I’d never be a success because I failed my high school exams”, “I’m no good with numbers”, “We just can’t get ahead”, “The Universe is against me”.

All of the above are potential places needing attention so you can move forward positively financially, even if you love and adore money. You may not get the results you are after until you do so. So in the process of your day-to-day life, notice what comes up in relation to money and give it attention. Tap for “stress” or “calm” first, and then consider the situation. Notice how it feels and where the feeling is and tap to evolve it.

And if you feel that you can’t get to the bottom of it on your own and need some suggestions in pinpointing where to focus your attention, contact a an EFT practitioner (like me!) to help you. EFT is not going to suddenly make billions of dollars fall from the sky onto your head, but it will allow you to release stress about money which can result in smarter decisions, better management of the money you have and improved ideas for increasing income – these things can of course lead to financial abundance and security.