Are you your illness or are you a wellness work-in-progress?

I’m extremely passionate about helping people help themselves.. to evolve the state that they are at beyond stagnancy and forward to something brighter and easier and more positive!

Being this passionate comes at a price sometimes though, and that is one of frustration. I see people as being far above and beyond their labels of illnesses or syndromes, and feel that each symptom (in particular the emotional ones, but also the physical) is a message of something seeking attention, or something out of balance.

Unfortunately, quite often (not always of course, but quite often), people focus on the label and this focus translates into acceptance of the symptom as a permanent part of who they are, not something that they can do anything about. “It is this disease that has control of me, there’s nothing I can do about it”.

This in turn can result in inaction. The symptom is then no longer a message; it becomes “just how it is”. And that is frustrating as an observer. It sets the sufferer up for being stuck with that symptom indefinitely.

I see the potential for lives to be made easier and metaphorical weights to be lifted. I see that each of us have the keys to use the messages to improve our lives for the better!

Step #1 is to give attention to the symptoms.

See every symptom as a message.

For example, I saw my chiropractor yesterday and she found my mid to lower back was out. I hadn’t fallen or bumped it physically. She used kinesiology and the associated muscle testing to find the connection between that misalignment and my view of myself as a parent; being hard/judgemental upon myself. This was no surprise to me at all. I literally need to ‘get off my own back’ here. And I expect to see her again and have something similar present itself until I soften my view on myself as a mum and acknowledge the positive gifts I share with my children.

There are many people and groups in history who have made strong connections with the physical to the emotional. Traditional Chinese Medicine has mapped organs to emotions, metaphysical beliefs map chakras to emotions. Then there are energy psychology methods such as Emotional Freedom Technique, clearing the emotional and resulting in changes in the physical. They are all just different versions and interpretations of the same constant:

Our bodies are talking to us!

Our state of physical wellness is inextricably linked to our emotional wellness!

You cannot (completely) treat an issue without addressing the emotional contributors. You cannot continue to ignore the emotional parts of you without there being side-effects.

By all means, accept your diagnosis, your illness, your disease (‘dis-ease’), your imbalance, but please USE it. Use it as a guide, a messenger, a helper to support you on your journey towards wellness and balance – balance of yourself as an evolvable being, created with mind, body and spirit.

The Cleansing Waterfall

Hi Energy Mind,

What have you got for me today?

Love, Me


I am standing under a waterfall. I can’t see anything about my surroundings because I am completely under the water. I can breathe easily though. It’s rushing down over my body, this cool clear water. It feels fresh and cleansing and invigorating. The air is warm, it feels like I am in a place which is relatively humid.

I look down at my feet and I’m standing on a rock surface, the water is splashing down onto my feet and beyond. I don’t feel like moving from here. I close my eyes. I relax into the water and feel it washing away my worries and fears and concerns. The water is firm and strong, yet it is not rough or hard on my skin, it is soothing in its pressure. I am enjoying this experience and the sensation of letting go, whether I intended to or not. I feel safe here.

My hair and scalp is being massaged by the waterfall. Anything I was thinking or worrying about has been released. I move my head gently to each side and my neck is then massaged and relaxed by the water. Any rigidity that was there has gone now. My entire head feels relaxed and I feel as though I can think more clearly. I tilt my head back and the water splashes down on my face and down my neck to my chest. My face muscles are relaxed. I lean forward and the water is now cascading down my shoulders and my back. Any weight I was carrying has rolled down, hit the stone floor and washed away. I hold my arms out one at a time and each receives a cleansing shower from the waterfall, releasing any tension held within them.

I feel lighter and brighter and happier. Unencumbered. Free.

I look around me now. Behind the waterfall is a stone area where I decide to sit and relax and breathe deeply and enjoy this feeling. I have no need or desire for anything else right now.

Where Do I Feel This Problem In My Body?

I recently did an exercise for something that I was hesitant about due to fear. I knew the fear was there but of course telling myself to not be afraid was doing ab-so-lute-ly NOTHING. (surprised? I’m not! My energy body says “I need more information please! Why should I stop being scared!? Nope, not gonna stop until I believe it’s okay!”). I will honestly explain that the fear related to sex with my husband and fearing being vulnerable, which I had recognised as a problem in general, not specifically to him. I feared being vulnerable around others also. So I asked my (very very patient, caring and open-minded) husband to play a bit of a game with me and come up with scenarios relating to the fears and then I would gauge my responses on those scenarios as information to use in conjunction with energy work. Energy work is somewhat of a heart to heart connection with the energy body to shift the underlying issue.

I don’t need to tell you what the scenarios were (I’m sure you can imagine.. things like “So I have my <insert body part> and it is <insert location of body part>” and “What if you were <insert position> and I was <insert position/action>” – Hmm lots of inserting there…. ;)), but my husband posed many of them. This was pretty funny at times and confronting at others, but it’s only energy of course! For each of the scenarios I asked myself:

Where do I feel this in my body?

I was looking for any resistance, any tension, anything blocking energy flow. And for almost every single one, I felt it in my stomach. A ball that felt like a knot just sitting there quite heavily. I hadn’t noticed this before and was glad to be giving it attention now. It is never too late, you see. We are never stuck with our fears, burdens, issues, discomforts. I don’t believe in “That’s just how I am” when it comes to negative stuff, such as inability to relax and enjoy sex, but also in things like attitude, beliefs and behaviours. Anyway – as the exercise went on, I did notice that the ball got smaller in size and lessened in weight, but it still made its presence known.


I gave some focused attention to that ball and used EFT for it (Energy EFT to be precise, this is an application of the Body Protocol which you can learn more about in Dr Silvia Hartmann’s amazing book ‘Energy EFT’ –

I had my partner propose scenarios to me again. Again I asked:

Where do I feel this in my body?

and I noticed that a response in my body had moved down and felt like it was now in my ovaries. Shining and pulsing. Interesting feeling! I should explain that you could do this exercise solo but having a partner is helpful in situations which relate to unexpected or unplanned things and investigating your natural response. I could create scenarios in my mind but I might choose ‘safer’ scenarios inadvertently. You could also help your partner in return for something they are fearing (or dreading, or worrying about) and both benefit. I did this for my husband, also related to sex.

So I tapped for the feeling in the ovaries next. Aiming to improve energy flow and allowing for the energy in response to the situation to just flow through me instead of getting stuck along the way.

My husband retried the scenarios. I listened with my conscious mind (which made me laugh and giggle) as well as my energy mind:

Where do I feel this in my body?

My energy felt stuck again and I felt as though my energy wanted to flow down and come out between my legs but was stuck there and not releasing. So I tapped for this feeling at my vagina and could feel energy flow improve significantly while I did the tapping! Amazing feeling! I was excited for this to shift so obviously.

I asked my husband to test the scenarios again and there was no stuck feeling at all, just good energy flow. Woo hoo!

So later I decided to test this situation in reality. 😉 And I felt no fear. Nothing holding me back or occupying my thoughts or keeping me from enjoying the moment. I felt freedom and it was as if I had never had this problem. Although in reality I knew that this problem had been plaguing me for some time. After the event I am feeling even more freedom now – I faced the situation and clearly survived and I feel great! I’m so up for more testing! 🙂

So aside from sex, you can try this exercise on anything. Some examples:

* I am about to take a plane trip and the thought fills me with dread – Where? In your stomach? In your chest? Tap for “This feeling in my stomach” or “This heaviness in my chest”.

* It is late evening and I am heading to the pantry with the intention of eating a block of chocolate/heading to the fridge for a second bottle of wine that I know I don’t really want. Stop and feel what is going on in your body. Where’s the feeling? What does it feel like? Now tap for it “This ache in my _____”, “This _____ I feel in my hands”.

* I dream of being a physiotherapist/astronaut/accountant/hairdresser/world famous cyclist but when I consider how I might begin to get to that point I start to feel panicky. Where’s the feeling? Is it pressure in your head? Tingling in your feet? Tap for it. “These prickles on my ____ “, “This pain in my ____”.

And if it’s something you feel in your entire body, then use it too. Just craft your statement to match your feeling. Shift the heaviness, tension, discomfort. Then look again and see where it is. Maybe it’s more specific now, maybe it’s smaller. If it’s still there, use it.

Your body is giving you these clues with love. Listen, feel and take positive action. ❤