EFT Case Story – Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Tonight I had the pleasure of conducting an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) session over Skype with a new client. In just over one hour, she was able to learn how to do EFT and together we resolved two specific issues for her. Here are the details:

My client described that she had been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. She had been experiencing them for awhile but they had become more frequent for her. She was working to expand her business in beauty and massage therapy, and had noticed that before a new client came (and sometimes during a treatment) that she would experience: shakes, her heart rate would go up, she’d breathe shallowly and have to consciously try to calm herself down.

She described a feeling of intimidation, that she was wanting to be at a certain level with her business and therapies and feeling that she may not be there. She is wanting to impress new clients in particular, to improve her business and have return clients, and putting pressure on herself to do things right so they would come back. She understood that there was somewhat of a struggle within her as she knows that a person’s thoughts on a business as well as their decisions to return or not are something out of her hands, yet the panic attacks still happen.

I began by teaching her the Heart & Soul protocol (belonging to Energy EFT, by Silvia Hartmann) and using the phrase “Calm” to de-stress.

Thinking about her issue, she rated it as -10 on the SUE scale (where -10 is strong negative feeling and +10 is strong positive feeling and 0 is neutral). It is a severe issue for her.

We then tapped together for “Intimidated“. My client said she felt the anxiety sensation while we were tapping. She felt it rising and then it dissipated. She felt it through her heart and chest before it shifted. She said through this round she was thinking about an upcoming event with four new clients and how this might be, that it was a source of anxiety for her before but now she felt good about it.

She rated her issue now as +1 or +2 and was a little surprised by how she no longer felt concerned about these things when she thought about them. How quick it had worked.

With my client now at a neutral point on the scale, I let her know that we now could focus on tapping for the positives. She said she felt now that good things can come. She pictured herself doing her massages in a future event where there would be a lot of people and a lot of potential for new business. From this visualisation she said she would like more confidence and to tap for that.

We decided to tap for “Brave“. I was feeling great through this round (a feeling of not being able to not stop smiling, and wanting to laugh) and my client described that when she got to the hand that she felt overwhelmingly happy, really comfortable. She said “This is insane!” – very surprised and amused at how quickly and how well EFT can work.

She felt +8 at this point and we decided that we could do another round and push for +10.

She considered events where she was speaking in front of others and how this would be something that would also contribute to feeling panicked and having a rapid heart rate. When she visualises herself there now it is a sense of being ill-prepared and she feels that more confidence would help the situation.

We tap for “Confidence“. During this round the feeling in her body, that she would get at the public speaking events, presented itself before subsiding. My client said “I feel confident!”.

It had been pretty quick up to this point so I suggested that my client consider any other situations relating to public speaking and what they feel like, to see if there was anything else needing attention. It was seeming as though public speaking anxiety may be something slightly different to the panic attacks when dealing with new clients, but that there may be some crossover.

She was able to recall a situation and even while talking about it she described a feeling in her stomach as “yuck” and “whirry”, like a drop in the stomach when on a rollercoaster or similar. When she is taken to that specific scenario and is describing it, she says it feels like -10. She describes how she’d always been the type to shy away from the limelight and now she was challenging herself in ways which put her more in the spotlight and that the anxiety was building as she was doing this.

We tapped for “Being in the limelight“. We both noticed a very different energy in this round compared to the last. The energy felt very dense and heavy and slow, where the previous round’s energy felt light and floaty. When I asked her how she felt after this round she said “So different! It’s like ‘What was I worried about?'”. She described the feeling now as being -1.

She said that the feeling in the stomach was no longer there, it was more in the ribs. And the issue was less about her being the focal point and more about her opinions and their importance. Being able to express opinions without worrying about them. She recognised that her truth was important but it was hard to express.

We tapped for “Speaking my truth, no worrying“.  Tapping for this round was a gradual build up of light energy again, a sense of not being able to stop smiling, a sense of being proud of who we are – feeling proud and confident. Overwhelming bliss. My client rated this feeling as +10.

As we disconnected she said that she was feeling good, calm and excited about what the future holds for her. 🙂

Saying The Right Words

I asked my energy mind for some help with a future public speaking opportunity and some support for that future aspect. Here is the outcome:

I see a lady with flowing robes. Well her sleeves are flowing and made of a see-through gauzy material. The rest of her outfit looks like a velvet material. It is dark green. The sleeves are green too. She is up in front of people and is speaking. I’m not sure about what but I don’t feel it’s important here. She is standing up and talking and as she’s talking she is using her arms and moving them around. Her hair is neat and almost unnoticeable. Her presence is strong.


It’s daytime and out the window I can see the bush, Australian native trees. I can hear magpies warbling too, the window is slightly open. A soft breeze is blowing in. I am starting to see and hear the group now too. Occasional movements in chairs as they shift.

The speaker sounds confident in what she is saying. She is gentle of tone but matter of fact. I am seeing the audience and they are listening quietly. Looking at her intently. Some of their eyes and expressions look a little serious and it’s a little unnerving as an observer.

(I tap for this feeling, and then tap for what presented itself during that round of tapping which was a sense that the seriousness was a precursor to an attack or judgement.)

I look again at the audience after the tapping. Their eyes have softened and they seem to be smiling slightly. The expression is one of supportive interest. However the speaker isn’t concerned by their expressions at all. It is as if she is there but connected strongly to a source that is elsewhere.

Her information flows out in a very natural, easy way and I feel it is much like a song, like music. The words are rolling off her tongue, from her lips and spreading through the room like a feeling of joy. Her words have power and intention and they come from her heart. I see gold. Gold at her heart. It is as if her skin is transparent and through the green velvet a heart shape is glowing and radiating. It is getting stronger and brighter until it is so bright that the audience can’t see her face or anything else but this golden heart.

They are entranced, mesmerised, as if they were drunk on love. The speaker embraces the moment and all is silent, connected, bonded.