You know the answers, so will you ask yourself the questions?

Two weeks ago, my husband and I found ourselves with both children asleep, through the day, while we were in the car and at the start of an hour drive. Firstly, they NEVER sleep at the same time, and secondly time with each other while they sleep through the day is unheard of! We had been talking about going with the flow and I made a jokey comment as to there being some sort of meaningful purpose to us having this time to ourselves.

So we got talking. My husband talked about a creative project he has been working on and how it was taking some time to get stuck into it because he needed to have some details on the story/plot before he could do some other technical work. So he said something like “Maybe in a few weeks we can get together with A <a friend also invested in the project> to brainstorm some more ideas”.

I said, “Why do you want to wait a few weeks? Just use your energy mind for the information”, and he scoffed a little, but humoured me, as he does. 😉

So while I was driving, I prompted him with questions and targeted visualisation, creating an energy habitat where his perfect and successful project existed, and suddenly my husband said “Quick I need a pen and paper!” and we found one pen and the back of a print-out. He scribbled down a page of notes about the information he had gleaned. He deliberately stopped the flow of ideas and information because he now had plenty of information to start with, and didn’t want to get overwhelmed. He knew he could come back to it at any time.

Did you get that? He got TOO much information. He was creatively stumped just moments before.

I thought this was pretty cool (as did my husband). Getting this creative inspiration from ‘thin air’. I wasn’t exactly surprised as I had used energy habitats/Project Sanctuary for my own inspiration, self-healing and assistance many times before, but was thrilled for him to have been able to apply it and make use of it. Project Sanctuary is the precious brainchild of Dr Silvia Hartmann, who uses it for her own purposes of fun, creativity, inspiration, knowledge and learning. Needless to say, Silvia is never creatively stuck!

I had this experience with my husband on my mind as I met with a woman who runs a website but was stuck on the colour scheme to use. She said she was “over it” because she had been thinking and looking at colours for days and was no closer to deciding on what to do, and simply didn’t want to think about it anymore.

I shared with her the story about my husband, and also about my own experiences with using the energy mind for self-healing and direction. I posed some pointed questions to her about her website and what her vision was for it, and could she see purple on her website, could she see red? I reminded her that there is a part of her that has these answers, that would give her a response to the questions. That it could help her. She said that she just couldn’t see it. The topic changed and I forgot about it.

The next day I received an email from her, explaining how she had been laying down in her daughter’s room, trying to get her to sleep beyond 6am, when suddenly she got a vision of her website in her mind’s eye. She now was starting to visualise it. She said: “I just wanted to thank you for your help yesterday as I’m sure that is what helped the image come to me today.”

I was so happy for her to have that clarity come to her, and touched that I was able to help. And while I have experience and learned how to do this, it isn’t hard by any means.

Begin with questions. Saying “I’m stuck”, “I don’t know what to do”, “I can’t work it out” gives no room for anything new. A well worded question can be a magical device! A question allows answers to come. Do we want to be stuck or do we want answers?

So turn it into a question or an open statement. “I would like to know how to..” “Should I <suggest an approach> ?” “What should I do next here?” And include details! “I am open to receiving what I need to know in order to create a website with a visual appearance which attracts more business, makes visitors feel comfortable, improves my financial situation, attracts more success!”. Why not!? And if you aren’t experienced with visualisation, use your feeling in your body, your physical reactions or your intuition to tell you what’s right. Trust that what comes to you is significant in some way.

Then ask specific questions as though you are seeing your project, including the senses to make it feel more real: “It is a sunny day, I’m inside my house and I can smell coffee and hear my children playing and cars going by. I am sitting in front of my computer and I have typed in the URL of my highly successful website that I love and adore. The page loads and now I can see my website main page. What colours am I seeing? What is the feeling of the site overall? Is there a logo? What does it look like? What fonts am I using and how do they make me feel?”

And that is just ONE tiny example.

What answers or inspiration do YOU need? When will you allow yourself to receive it?

Einstein’s Thought Experiments

Yesterday I read about something that happened to Albert Einstein as a 16 year old. He had a vision where he saw himself riding a bike on a beam of light.

“In 1905, nearly a decade after this first “thought experiment,” Einstein answered these questions with his Special Theory of Relativity. The theory, which revolutionized our understanding of time and space, is based on Einstein’s astonishing recognition that light always travels at a constant speed, regardless of how fast you’re moving when you measure it. Einstein’s explorations into the fundamental properties of light also laid the groundwork for his most impressive achievement, the General Theory of Relativity.”


I was struck by how similar a Thought Experiment seemed to be to what we call energy habitats, autogenic habitats, and what Silvia Hartmann has created as Project Sanctuary. I was delighted to see that science had embraced something which clearly involves giving attention to some part of ourselves that is outside our logic brain.

However in reading more about what happened with Einstein, I found many websites where scientific researchers couldn’t understand or prove how he could have made the leap between his daydream and his theory, even though he attributes the daydream directly to it.

I have one suggestion as to what they might be missing… ENERGY.

They have forgotten about the energy component. The link from the bike riding vision to development theories is unclear from a scientific point of view because perhaps it was more of a feeling or a knowing. If science can’t acknowledge the energy body playing a part, then there are bound to be gaps in thinking and other inexplicable leaps of genius all over the place.

Another famous Thought Experimenter is Charles Darwin:

“He recognized that his own thinking about various aspects of his theory abounded in imaginative con-structions; they were actually doing work. He came to regard such “castles in the air” as a propaedeutic to real scientific discovery.”

Darwin regarded these imaginings as productive and educational. He learned from them.

The discoveries and understandings were gained in energy habitats. If we also can drop in and out of these habitats and have these experiences at will, what are the limits for our potential for discovery, genius and creation? There simply are none.

Does this excite anyone else, thinking what an awesome tool we have within our bodies? These men are famous for their discoveries but ultimately are human just like us.

All we have to do is tap into that source that is right there within us and use it!