Who disrespects you really?

I am a bit of a whiz at finding patterns in things. The pattern that was presenting to me was a lack of respect. There were several events with different people and parts of my life involved that were messages of disrespect that were making me feel quite angry: not respecting my wishes or requests or my value on a professional or personal level.

I went further to investigate that in an energy habitat last night.

I was alone in a wooden rowboat in the ocean. Freezing. Scared. There were holes in the side of this boat and water getting in and I couldn’t see any land at all around me. I was freaking out.

And then I got what seemed like a mental request for something (a request in my head, which sounds really strange when I put it into words but it was as if invisible people – yes in the middle of the ocean – were saying “Hey, can you help me?”), on either side of the boat. If I saw beyond the energy habitat, I could take it to represent emails or business requests or requests from my kids. And I said yes to each of them.

Sigh. Yes, okay, I’ll do it. Calming myself down, putting my issues aside. Trying to ignore the boat, ignore my own needs.

I realised in this instant that the problem is that I DON’T RESPECT ME! I don’t respect myself enough to recognise what’s going on with me and make my needs a priority.

So, I began saying no and denied these requests as they came. I focused on the boat only. I snapped off some of the crumbling wood along the top of it to make an oar and paddled and paddled, sweating and exhausted, and finally got to a beach. I got requests when I got to the beach. I still said no. I found a hammock tied to palm trees there and again said no to them before I got to lay down. I laid down, relaxed and enjoyed the sea breeze and being swayed in the hammock. And it was only THEN, after I was relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated, that I said yes.

If you’re feeling disrespected yourself, maybe make sure that YOU are not one of those who is being disrespectful to yourself. The respect has to start somewhere.


Energy Q&A: Persistent problems and patterns

Q: I have a question regarding energy and attracting things to you. Do you think it is possible to have the wrong kind of energy emitting and therefore have the same problem arise over and over. Eg. People parking so close to my car I can’t get the baby capsule in or even myself without having to climb over seats (this is now affecting my husband too) and my other gripe is ants invading and infesting my house? I have tapped for how I feel about these problems and am comfortable that I can laugh or just get on with problem solving. But can I stop it from happening at all? What do you think? ~ Kristie

A: Hi Kristie! In short, yes, I believe it’s possible to attract these sorts of things, or at the very least notice them more significantly than others might.

So here’s my long answer. 🙂 My belief is that everything is a metaphor or a message. Being realistic though, we could drive ourselves crazy looking at EVERYTHING with such scrutiny. So instead, what I personally do is look for the same message or pattern to repeat at least three times before taking action. You’ve said these things have repeated again and again, so this is clearly something worth giving attention to.

Tapping for your feelings about the problem as it has happened is fantastic! And it is a really positive step to get to a point where you can find the funny side, but maybe there’s more going on here and more to give attention to.

In terms of a metaphor, what do you think we could glean from an ant infestation and also the car park squishing? We’re looking for something that may have you believing that things like the ants or the car park are something that “just happens” to you. It is really a personal thing for you to interpret, but my thoughts on the two combined are:

  • An issue with getting the personal space you feel you deserve
  • An issue with others disrespecting you, your property, space or desires
  • An issue with others blatantly ignoring you or your wishes
  • A feeling of helplessness against something or someone

There may be more you can think of. Go with your gut and see how each of those feels!

If you recognise that one of those things is a problem, tap for it and see how it unfolds and what it evolves into. See what you are reminded of or what thoughts or situations present. Tap for the feelings and thoughts that come up.

[Alternatively, tap rant all about that subject, and all associated aspects that you can think of.]

Use the SUE scale to measure your progress, from -10 to +10 in terms of how you feel about the issue. Try and tap through to a neutral feeling about the issue. Once you are at around that neutral point, then consider how you wish to feel. Some examples being: “My personal space is respected”, “Others treat me with respect”, “I am strong and assertive and my needs are met”. Tap until you are as high up the SUE scale as you can! When you think you’re done, try another round. 🙂

The ants may not immediately scurry back where they came from, and you may still get inconsiderate car parkers beside you, but in terms of attitude, belief and manifesting, looking at any underlying issue is a positive step forward and cannot hurt to potentially reduce the occurrence of these things, due to believing and knowing with your entire being that you deserve better. Our beliefs craft our reality.