EFT Case Story: Fear of needles

My client has a chronic medical issue which requires for her to have many appointments and many injections or blood withdrawals via syringe. She had an appointment later in the day in a clinic where she knew she would be getting a needle. She woke up feeling sick about this needle and it preoccupied her thoughts.

When she thinks about it, she said she feels “Guhhh! I feel sick and like I’m going to faint”.

We tapped for “Needles“.

When thinking about needles now, she recognises that they are unavoidable. She also feels less sick, and feels some tension in her neck and shoulders.

We tapped for “Needles” again.

After this she described that the shoulder tension increased and then let go. She also got a beautiful visual of herself in warm water with purple butterflies flying around her. She described it as tranquil and calm. A rock area with a lagoon and fresh water.

We tapped for “Tranquil and calm” and then expanded upon the scene with Project Sanctuary. She described the experience of being at this lagoon very peaceful, that she was just sitting in this space silently and could take in the surroundings of forest trees and lush green grass. She had no intentions of leaving this cleansing lagoon, but would sit on a rock, soak up the warmth of the sunshine before returning to the lagoon, and repeating as needed.

She felt that she was able to see things as they are with no distractions, no confusion. We had done other tapping before this and some additional clarity may have been due to the shifting of other energy reversals also. She was enjoying this space and decided to bring her husband and children into it also.

While talking about the surroundings, she recalled a dream that she had kept having where she was flying very fast very close to the ground. She recognised that the trees in this sanctuary were the same as those in her dream. She realised now that this place was where she had been trying to get to in her dream.

When she thought about needles that she would be soon to have, she had no negative feeling at all, she felt quite relaxed and calm. She decided that she could take this tranquil space and revisit it as needed through her treatments as well as in her every day, and was considering sketching the scene to have a tangible reminder of it.

It was a little goosebump worthy to have this Project Sanctuary experience as well as the dream connection present itself in the process of resolving an issue. Just beautiful!

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“It was real and I was really there!”

A friend of mine has had her own ‘world’ available to her as for as long as she can remember. It is only that I started talking about energy habitats that she realised that other people don’t have this as constant as she does. It is a place that she can drop in and out of, and feels safe and peaceful and relaxed. It seems she has passed on this trait to her child who brought up the subject out of the blue. They had this gorgeous conversation during a car trip and she shared it with me:

Mummy, sometimes when I go to bed I have adventures!

Do you? That sounds exciting!

It is! Do you know where I went in my adventure last night?

No, where did you go?

I went up into space! And I was floating. And there were wavy things that felt tickly. It was hard to see though because it was very dark.

Oh wow! What else did you see?

Um, I had a rocket ship that took me there. And I could see the wavy things that were soft, they looked funny.

What an awesome adventure.

It was! Is it a dream, Mum?

It could be. What do you think?

No, I think it was real and I was really there!

That’s great. How did it feel to be in space?

It felt good and happy and like a big hug.