EFT Case Story – Recognising Support From Her Mum

My client has had ongoing tension in relation to her Mother. The most common frustration being that when they speak on the phone that her Mother dismisses her sadness or current problems and highlights her OWN frustrations and difficulties in life. There is always someone else that has it worse, and her problems are therefore dismissed. My client is also my friend and it has been hard to watch her go through this and be the better person and just listen to her Mum, but simultaneously feel as though she is unsupported and unheard and unvalued.

I explained how all relationships are a reflection of the energy between us and something else, and that tools such as EFT are highly effective to evolve them beyond their current state.

We tapped for “Calm” to de-stress her energy system first before considering the issue with her Mum and talking about that.

She considered her strength of feeling to be -6 on the SUE scale┬áto begin with, from -10 to +10. The most noticeable emotion that she was feeling was “Frustrated” and this is what she tapped for. The feeling of frustration was reduced and the strength of feeling now was at -3.

She was reminded of situations, aside from the phone calls, where her Mother had put her feelings aside for favour of her own. She had felt that from quite a young age. So she tapped for “Selfish”, which brought her to -1, and then “Not listening”.

At this point my client started thinking about an issue with her son instead! She said that she wasn’t worried about this anymore. Which is a great indication that we are at a neutral state and can begin energising with positive statements. I asked her how she wanted to feel in the relationship with her Mum. She said she wanted to feel “Comforted”. She tapped for this and was then at +2. Then “Supported” which brought her to +4.

She was reminded of a situation years before where someone had been demanding of her time and had pushed her to hurry up when she knew it wasn’t possible or practical. Her Mum was a witness to this and had taken her aside and told her not to worry, that “I will stand up for you, it’s okay”. Which was a significant moment in demonstrating just how supportive and comforting that her Mum could be.

Finally she tapped for “Loved”. She then felt that the strength of feeling about her relationship with her Mum was +9!

As her friend and half of her ‘EFTeam’, I am delighted to have been part of this transformation and cannot wait to see how things progress and improve between her and her Mum.