The Roast Lunch

I asked my energy mind to help me restore my ‘food mojo’, so I might feel more like cooking and enjoy making meals for my family. This is what it came up with for me.


I see a leg of lamb about to be sliced for eating. It’s piping hot, with steam coming off it, meat juices running down. It looks to have rosemary on top. It is around lunchtime, an autumn day. I feel warm and cosy inside my parents’ house. It is my dad who is slicing the meat. He doesn’t want me to do anything, he tells me to sit down and relax until it’s ready.

I am enjoying being looked after. I sit down on the couch and I am talking with my dad. I feel good.

My mum is making a gravy on the stove with mushrooms and it all smells delicious. She is talking with us too.

I am pulled towards the TV cabinet and the framed photos have caught my eye. I pick one up and it is a photo of my mum and she is holding me up in the air. I am a toddler and I see chubby legs and my mum’s face is showing she was laughing at the time the photo was taken. Because this is an energy habitat, the photo angle shifts while I am looking at it and being curious about it, and I am now looking from behind my mum and I can see my delighted little toddler face beaming down at my mum. It is a moment of pure joy. We are having fun and I know that I am loved. I put the frame back on the TV unit.

I’m pulled towards the kitchen and I walk there and see that the lunch items and plates and cutlery are being taken to the table and my mum tells me to take a seat and start serving up for myself. I reach for warm crusty garlic bread which is a little hot but I manage to get it onto my plate anyway. There is a fresh crisp salad there that gets my attention. The iceberg lettuce showing little droplets of water on it and slices of tomato sitting with it, also looking very fresh. There are raddish slices, cucumber pieces and alfalfa. I’ve never seen a salad so delicious looking before. I use the salad servers and place some of this salad on my plate. I add a little dressing but it doesn’t really need it.

I notice my parents have sat down with me at this time and are doing the same as me. I see a dish with steam coming from it and notice it is cauliflower with cheese on top. I love cauliflower done like this and take a good portion of it with a spoon and place it on my plate too. I then help myself to some of the sliced lamb and some baked vegetables: crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Mmm.

Strangely I see what looks like a silvery white fairy peek out from behind one of the dishes and then suddenly fly from one side of the table to another. Leaving glittery fairy dust in her wake which drops down onto the food. We laugh and she flies away from the table leaving more fairy dust. She flies around the corner leading down the hallway and is gone.

My mum picks up a piece of garlic bread and as she picks it up there are silver sparkles falling off it, which makes me laugh again.

When we’ve finished serving ourselves and are eating I feel a really warm feeling within. I am sharing this magical moment with my parents and enjoying this beautiful food. I am feeling very content about my place in the family as well as content in my tummy.


I really feel like a roast dinner now! And I noticed how simple food, a family connection (and a little magic) can go a long way.

Stress And The Energy Body

What’s The Big Deal About Energy Body Stress?

What does stress mean to you? Some examples that come to my mind:

Clenched fists, tense jaw, tight shoulders, pacing the room, screaming, wanting to tear hair out/punch something or someone, crying, wanting to hurt oneself, panic attack, temper tantrums, making mistakes trying to do something too quickly, finding it hard to sit and pay attention, having to re-read things several times before they absorb, not being able to sit still, breathing shallowly, faster pulse.

All of those things are symptoms of stress, and I’m sure there are many more. As well as those isolated symptoms, some mental/emotional disorders can have stress as a contributor. With heightened stress, the physical body is under strain and the energy body is also under strain.

As an energist, I’m here to talk about the energy body only. In energy terms we feel the world through a layer of stress and we may respond to this stress layer rather than be able to see the genuine issues. We act irrationally as far as the outside world is concerned, but very rationally indeed if the stress layer was our true reality. And at those points in time, the stress to our energy bodies is so BIG and surmounting that it may as well be real.

Stress doesn’t only affect ourselves. It has flow-on effects to all of our relationships and experiences. Our parent-child relationships, client-professional relationships, how we drive, how we work, how we live, how we sleep and how we learn.

The potential for energy body stress to fuck up our lives is HUGE. This is why it is so important to be aware of it and give it attention and energy. I cannot express enough how much reducing energy stress alone (even with no other changes) could make a positive difference to our lives.

So What Can We Do?

We are not trapped in this state however, and heightened stress isn’t essential for a full life. De-stressing the energy body (with flow-on to the physical one) is as easy as using Emotional Freedom Technique and tapping for phrases such as ‘Stress’ itself, or ‘Calm’, ‘Peace’, ‘Relax’.. any word that has the impact of relaxing you. The simpler the better. Tap along to my video using the word or phrase of your choice at each point. You can tap to de-stress at any time and any occasion: In the car at the side of the road after a near-miss, in the toilet at a dinner party with someone you clash with, prior to a job interview. You can even tap silently with that pressing feeling of stress doing all the ‘talking’ for you, you don’t necessarily need to use words for EFT to work. Your thoughts and intentions speak volumes. Using words out loud is recommended for focusing if you are new to EFT however.

What Can I Do To Reduce Stress Levels In My (Family) Life More Permanently?
So what if you are tapping to de-stress multiple times a day and yet you’re still under the weight of stress and struggling in general? You might recognise for a moment that you feel better, but due to things that arise in your environment, or ongoing issues, you are back to feeling stressed soon after. The de-stressing absolutely assists in the heat of the moment, but it pays to look further into things rather than just keep skimming the top off the stress pile.

Consider these top 7 stressors in family life:

1. Sex life of alpha couple
2. General alignment of alpha couple on common goals and values
3. Money
4. Health/mental health concerns in the nuclear family
5. Social status/societal expectation/work
6. Family/social relationships (excluding nuclear family)
7. Long term worries (of any kind)

These things impacting us are likely to mean that when additional unpredictable stresses occur (the car breaks down, we’re running late for an appointment, we have a broken night’s sleep) that our coping ability is severely impacted and we are more likely to display one or more of the symptoms of stress above.

We are all different and are going to have our own histories and beliefs, however tools such as EFT cater for our differences and allow an individual path forward through these issues.

So look at each entry there in the list. How does the topic name itself make you feel? What does it remind you of? If you read it and feel positive and flowing energy, that’s fantastic! Go onto the next list item. BUT – if you read it and you think “Hmm maybe there’s something there..”, or feel any kind of tension, then go with that feeling and look at it further. What’s the ‘something’? Whatever resistance is there is going to benefit from attention and energy work.

Some of you may look at the list and instantly recognise what is probably impacting on your family, but may feel that the stressors in are unchangeable and therefore the ‘somethings’ and resistances are there to stay. You may feel defeated in terms of your lot in life and a little like “Why bother?”. To those people, I ask you this: What have you got to lose by focusing attention on these things and letting them evolve as they will? Anything that is true, real and permanent is not something that EFT or any other energy work can shift. In fact energy work is to help you to be your true self, without layers of energy disruptions in the way. So you literally have nothing to lose in the sense of who you are, your identity and your inner self. And what you gain is up to you! The process of tapping takes 2 minutes approximately and you may notice improvement in as little as one or two rounds of that.

Care to give yourself 2 minutes of loving attention that might just make your whole life easier?

It’s a very interesting experience and well worth the time. I would love to hear from you! I’ll be continuing to blog the journey of looking at my own stressors as part of improving my son’s behaviour and the feel of my household.

Life is Not All Sunshine and Roses

As part of an assignment I was to choose a phrase or a saying and unfold it by using energy habitats. I had used improvised energy habitats before (visualisations) but this was my first official experience of deliberately engaging the energy body and the conscious body. I began tentatively, wanting to remain open to the experience and not wanting to sway things in any way with my conscious thoughts.

“Life isn’t all sunshine and roses” was the saying that I chose.

It is a sunny day, there are white fluffy clouds and a big rainbow across the sky. The aspect is in their back yard. The grass is greener than green, each blade of grass is perfect. As well as the green grass there are trees lining the back of the yard. There are a line of rose bushes and screening trees along the back of the yard as well as the sides. So the aspect can’t see fences or neighbouring houses. All the aspect can see is greenery in their yard.

Everything feels very perfect. The sun is just past the point of being overhead but the clouds are in such a way that it’s sunny but they’re able to see without glare or feeling their skin get burnt. A gentle breeze is keeping them cool. It feels like Spring.

There are white roses on one of the rose bushes. The aspect looks to another bush and can see additional roses. Pink and yellow too. The bushes blend into one mass so they look like one big pretty multicoloured rose bush.

The aspect lays down in the grass and relaxes. The aspect starts to feel a sadness build up. A surging feeling in their heart which feels like an ache. Tears roll from their eyes and they begin to cry. They are getting edgy also. They stand up and are pacing in this perfect environment, crying and feeling stressed. The aspect feels completely alone, isolated and empty. I use EFT and tap for “The aspect is lonely”.

The aspect is drawn to the apple tree in the yard. Was it there before? It’s there now. It is as if there is something in or on the tree but she can’t see it. This feeling is making her a bit nervous. The something that’s there, is it good or bad? I tap for “The aspect is nervous”.

There is something there, she feels like she’s ignoring it. She puts her hand out towards the branches of the tree under the cover of leaves and she finds a dead bird. Her heart breaks for it. She cries for it. It is cold and solid even though it’s feathery. The bird died alone. Tapping for the aspect’s feeling: “The bird died alone”.

After tapping for this the aspect feels a surge of strength and empowerment. She knows what she needs to do. She wants someone to enjoy this space with her. Behind her is her house. She calls out and the door opens and her husband and children come out of the house and come towards her. The children run at her and hug her legs and her husband gives her a kiss. She shows them the green of the grass and the multicoloured roses, the rainbow, the blue sky and the shining sun. They say “Wow” and take it all in. And then they want to play.

The aspect is grateful for their presence and while she has soaked up the beauty of the environment she is finding even more beauty in her children running and shrieking and laughing, and in her husband watching them lovingly and holding her hand. I’m tapping for “Even more beauty”.

She is feeling complete and happy and peaceful and smiling. Life is not all sunshine and roses, because there are better and more precious things in her world. I tapped for “More precious things in her world” as the last round.

I finished with a very warm feeling in my heart and an excitement to do this kind of thing again.