Hard things are hard. Heart things aren’t.

I notice that I have an endless, exciting amount of ideas for projects, creations, focuses, directions… SO MANY IDEAS… yet when I actually begin to pursue one of them, I have a short burst of inspiration and then give up.. until yet again I have a flood of ideas and repeat the pattern again of getting started… aaaand giving up.

A pattern, hey? Maybe there’s something in that.

What could be going on here? Maybe an aspect knows??

Hey Giving Up Aspect, what’s going on?


What does that mean, you got me excited about a new project and then you just give up? I don’t understand it. Let’s create something!

What’s to tell? It’s not worth trying. It’s too hard. It won’t work out as well as I see it in my head. I won’t get it right.

How do you know without giving it a go. A REAL go?

I don’t know if I could handle putting in a ton of effort and seeing it wasted if it didn’t turn out.

But maybe the process could be enjoyable, not just the outcome.

Yeah but the outcome is the fun bit.


Because you get to show people what you did and they can see how awesome you are and give glowing praise. Hmm but even then.. what if they don’t?

So what if they don’t! Who is the project for? If you really aren’t doing it for you, then don’t bother. It won’t feel real. Some people deny energy but they still know what they feel, what they like and what feels good. And if you’re doing something just for praise, then yeah maybe it won’t turn out so good either. I think it would be better for it to come from in… here.

<I gently touch the aspect’s heart centre. She smiles and touches mine back. There is a pink glow from both of us that gets gradually brighter. We are face to face, and we are connected. And on the same page.>

Let’s do it. 🙂