Who is in the driver’s seat of your life?

I was at the Body & Soul Expo on the weekend. It was great to experience my first expo and understand how it works, what happens with them, what kinds of questions people have. I have some further ideas and inspiration for myself and my business and how to share my services and information at future expos.

What was very curious to me was the amount of people who waited in line for psychic readings. I received very little interest in my EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions. If you’ve followed my Facebook page or case stories in this blog, you will see that I have been a part of some very significant emotional transformations. This is significant stuff, life-changing, and very worthwhile. Not only for that moment of transformation and that specific issue, but as an ongoing skill and tool for LIFE. Once you learn EFT, your life is no longer the same! Emotional freedom indeed!

Unfortunately (for me!) it seems that every (wo)man and his dog just wants to have their future predicted and to make contact with those that have crossed over. No one wants to look at the here and now of their own emotions/energy. Of course I’m going to be biased here due to my own experiences and knowledge, and the fact that I have chosen to discontinue my own spiritual predictions and focus more on energy evolutions, but this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Think about it:

One could ask to be told information about their future career.


One could release any blocks of fear or doubt they have in going out and making their career of their dreams come true. One could set their intentions on their dream career and evolve anything within them that believes the possibility to be untrue.

One could ask to be told about their future lover(s).


One could release any barriers or fears or energetic reversals relating to love, sex, relationships, marriage, sharing their space, sharing their wardrobe, sharing their life (and so on!). One could improve their confidence or anxiety with approaching prospective mates, improve their assertiveness with getting what they seek from a partner, gain confidence and strength enough to leave their abusive partner. The list is endless.

One could ask for contact with passed love ones.


One could release any guilt, grief, disconnectedness from spirit, fear, and embrace the fact that they are in contact with them whenever they choose, allowing them to be open to signs or messages and love from beyond. One could consult with an energist (like me!) and be taught techniques such as Project Sanctuary which allows us to create spaces for interaction with energies of those that have passed. We are never alone, and can do these things with our own abilities. We are ALL blessed with an energy mind. We are driving the vehicle that is our lives!

This is me driving my life! (well, a car, but my life too) Look how satisfied I am!

My problem at this expo was this: HOW do I put on a quick and snappy A4 sign all of this potential and possibility within each and every one of us? How do I put it into words the power that resides in simple techniques and choices?

We get to choose what we want here and the only thing that is holding us back is ourselves, what we believe, what we understand to be true. Beliefs, understandings and feelings are ALL ENERGY AND ALL ABLE TO BE EVOLVED!!

AIM HIGHER! Don’t let anyone else tell you what YOU want in your life. Use your imagination, focus and energy, and create the life that you dream of! It doesn’t have to be complicated, mystical or out of reach for ‘normal’ people.

[My apologies for an odd blog post email that went out on Saturday night. It wasn’t meant to be published.]

Call your problem into the room with you to evolve it

Using energetic entities are a fantastic method of tackling a problem which seems too big, or has a life of its own, especially with relationships. And given that between a person and their beliefs, lovers, friends, foods, concepts, belongings, goals, money, etc is always an energetic relationship – we have a very powerful tool on our hands!

Using EFT in conjunction tackles the problem to the ground… or rather, draws them into our spirit and makes peace with them, resolving the issue.

It might sound a little ‘out there’, but it’s super easy, will you do it with me?

Step-by-step to using an entity for self-healing:

  1. Consider a problem you currently have. Hopefully you can think of something. Whether it’s an interpersonal tension or just something you’re struggling with. Got it in mind?
  2. Now ask yourself: If that problem was in your space, where would it be? Point to it. Maybe it’s a few metres away. Maybe it’s quite close. That’s your entity and that’s what we’re working with.
  3. What does that entity look like. How does it make you feel? I had a woman who had communication difficulties in her marriage describe her husband entity as a green alien-like creature. I had another woman describe her inability to orgasm as a ball of light trapped in an iron cage. I’ve seen difficult relationships as spiky balls, grey mists, pink mists. Maybe they look like a person, maybe energy, maybe an object. There’s no right or wrong. Just go with what presents for you.

    An example of an entity (from Dr. Silvia Hartmann)

  4. So then we use EFT to evolve that feeling and that entity, we want to improve the issue and improve our energy flow about this entity and problem. Tap along with my silent video now (it takes 3 minutes! I hope you have 3 spare minutes to help yourself feel good) and on each point say a phrase or word relevant to your entity. eg. “Trapped in a cage”, “Alien that creeps me out”, “Cold spiky ball”.
  5. Now that you’ve tapped (I hope you did!), look at the entity again. Is it closer to you? Has it changed? What does it look like? How do you feel about it?
  6. Tap another round about it. Tap along with my video again, using what presents to you now. Maybe the spiky ball has softened. Maybe the alien is more human-like and is being affectionate. Maybe the cage has unlocked or the bars have melted. Maybe the changes are making you feel scared, anxious, nervous. Tap for these things. eg. “Scared and excited”, “Softer spiky ball”.
  7. Consider the entity again. It might be closer and it might be more welcome. How do you feel about it? Tap along with my video again for how you’re feeling now. The entity might be seeming lighter, nicer, more loveable. Go with that.
  8. You may need to do additional rounds of tapping based on the issue, but ultimately the entity comes closer and closer until it is absorbed into your energy. I have done this many many times myself and with other people and each one ended in this way. I see it as a reconnection of what was a displaced part of the energy system before. And it is a positive and beautiful feeling!
  9. How did you go? Comment below and share with me your experiences! Did you evolve your relationship with something? How do you feel now?

Resolving the Inner Fight

When Wanting Something Isn’t Enough

A friend confided that she wanted to give herself more of her time and energy. She said she wished she could put as much effort into loving herself as she does in caring for other people (such as friends and family). She said she tried to tell herself to give herself 30 minutes a day of time just for her: time on her own, doing nice things for her such as making nice foods, spending time doing hair or makeup, but she said she couldn’t even manage that.

What’s Going On Here?

My feeling is that this woman is battling with an aspect that is refusing to treat herself kindly. The phrase “tried to tell myself” is a clue that there is an aspect issue at play here. One part of her is telling another part of her what to do – and it isn’t working.

What’s An Aspect?

An aspect is a version of one’s self that is not who that person is in this present moment in time; so a version of a person that existed (even for a millisecond) in the past or is even yet to exist. Person X might be sitting comfortably on a couch, yet there is an aspect of that person who is still on a plane trip taken 10 years before, which hit turbulence and contributed to them thinking that they were about to die. As much as Person X wants to travel the world and see the sights, the “OMG I’m going to die!” aspect says “No. freaking. way. am I ever getting on a plane again”. The here and now Person X knows that they survived and that chances of dying in a plane crash are slim, but try as they might, the aspect won’t be convinced.

My friend is doing something similar. There is an aspect of her that really dislikes the idea of pampering herself and giving herself the luxury of time and attention. I can assume that it may go back to an event or belief that has my friend thinking she is undeserving, perhaps that she’s unworthy of good things, perhaps that something bad happened when she was focused upon herself once (or twice or three times), and ever since then she has vowed to never put herself first again.

ANYTHING where you feel that you are fighting with yourself and throwing willpower/motivations/rewards/logical reasons at it is getting you nowhere, you probably really are: You’re probably fighting with an aspect of yourself. Time to sort out the argument once and for all and have things flow much easier and peacefully. And wow, you might literally achieve inner peace by negotiating a fight within yourself to a place of resolution. Want to know how?

Tapping To Rescue The Aspect

The experiences and beliefs that lead to these resistances are very different for each of us, which is why EFT is best tailored to the individual.. BUT! Below are some tap-along scripts for anyone struggling through the same issues and wanting relief. You may notice an energetic shift with only one or a few of these and are welcome to adapt them to suit what you’re needing. If you don’t know how to tap, my video will show you and you can tap for the below phrases along with the video. Ponder your issue, and the aspect that’s struggling, and tap:

  • “The aspect believes she/he/I is undeserving of this”
  • “The aspect hates me”
  • “The aspect believes they will come to harm if I do this”
  • “The aspect believes I am better off remaining as I am”
  • “The aspect is really scared and nervous”
  • “The aspect worries what other people will think of them or say about them”
  • “The aspect really doesn’t want to change”

Once you feel beyond these negative issues (when the aspect’s compulsion feels less severe) you could also tap for the aspect in a positive manner, considering the issue that the aspect has and what they might need:

  • “The aspect needs courage”
  • “The aspect is well/healthy/okay/fine/happy/alive/loved/safe” (a little ‘choose your own tapping adventure’ here.. 😉 )
  • “The aspect is ready to feel better”
  • “The aspect is open to change”
  • “The aspect is letting go of hurts of the past”
  • “The aspect is AWESOME!”

The concept of treating the aspect is much easier to understand and put into practice with a real life example, so GO FOR IT and see what aspects you can help today. If these suggestions for tapping aren’t helping, then contact me (or another EFT practitioner) to help you!

Where Do I Feel This Problem In My Body?

I recently did an exercise for something that I was hesitant about due to fear. I knew the fear was there but of course telling myself to not be afraid was doing ab-so-lute-ly NOTHING. (surprised? I’m not! My energy body says “I need more information please! Why should I stop being scared!? Nope, not gonna stop until I believe it’s okay!”). I will honestly explain that the fear related to sex with my husband and fearing being vulnerable, which I had recognised as a problem in general, not specifically to him. I feared being vulnerable around others also. So I asked my (very very patient, caring and open-minded) husband to play a bit of a game with me and come up with scenarios relating to the fears and then I would gauge my responses on those scenarios as information to use in conjunction with energy work. Energy work is somewhat of a heart to heart connection with the energy body to shift the underlying issue.

I don’t need to tell you what the scenarios were (I’m sure you can imagine.. things like “So I have my <insert body part> and it is <insert location of body part>” and “What if you were <insert position> and I was <insert position/action>” – Hmm lots of inserting there…. ;)), but my husband posed many of them. This was pretty funny at times and confronting at others, but it’s only energy of course! For each of the scenarios I asked myself:

Where do I feel this in my body?

I was looking for any resistance, any tension, anything blocking energy flow. And for almost every single one, I felt it in my stomach. A ball that felt like a knot just sitting there quite heavily. I hadn’t noticed this before and was glad to be giving it attention now. It is never too late, you see. We are never stuck with our fears, burdens, issues, discomforts. I don’t believe in “That’s just how I am” when it comes to negative stuff, such as inability to relax and enjoy sex, but also in things like attitude, beliefs and behaviours. Anyway – as the exercise went on, I did notice that the ball got smaller in size and lessened in weight, but it still made its presence known.


I gave some focused attention to that ball and used EFT for it (Energy EFT to be precise, this is an application of the Body Protocol which you can learn more about in Dr Silvia Hartmann’s amazing book ‘Energy EFT’ – http://dragonrising.com/store/energy_eft/).

I had my partner propose scenarios to me again. Again I asked:

Where do I feel this in my body?

and I noticed that a response in my body had moved down and felt like it was now in my ovaries. Shining and pulsing. Interesting feeling! I should explain that you could do this exercise solo but having a partner is helpful in situations which relate to unexpected or unplanned things and investigating your natural response. I could create scenarios in my mind but I might choose ‘safer’ scenarios inadvertently. You could also help your partner in return for something they are fearing (or dreading, or worrying about) and both benefit. I did this for my husband, also related to sex.

So I tapped for the feeling in the ovaries next. Aiming to improve energy flow and allowing for the energy in response to the situation to just flow through me instead of getting stuck along the way.

My husband retried the scenarios. I listened with my conscious mind (which made me laugh and giggle) as well as my energy mind:

Where do I feel this in my body?

My energy felt stuck again and I felt as though my energy wanted to flow down and come out between my legs but was stuck there and not releasing. So I tapped for this feeling at my vagina and could feel energy flow improve significantly while I did the tapping! Amazing feeling! I was excited for this to shift so obviously.

I asked my husband to test the scenarios again and there was no stuck feeling at all, just good energy flow. Woo hoo!

So later I decided to test this situation in reality. 😉 And I felt no fear. Nothing holding me back or occupying my thoughts or keeping me from enjoying the moment. I felt freedom and it was as if I had never had this problem. Although in reality I knew that this problem had been plaguing me for some time. After the event I am feeling even more freedom now – I faced the situation and clearly survived and I feel great! I’m so up for more testing! 🙂

So aside from sex, you can try this exercise on anything. Some examples:

* I am about to take a plane trip and the thought fills me with dread – Where? In your stomach? In your chest? Tap for “This feeling in my stomach” or “This heaviness in my chest”.

* It is late evening and I am heading to the pantry with the intention of eating a block of chocolate/heading to the fridge for a second bottle of wine that I know I don’t really want. Stop and feel what is going on in your body. Where’s the feeling? What does it feel like? Now tap for it “This ache in my _____”, “This _____ I feel in my hands”.

* I dream of being a physiotherapist/astronaut/accountant/hairdresser/world famous cyclist but when I consider how I might begin to get to that point I start to feel panicky. Where’s the feeling? Is it pressure in your head? Tingling in your feet? Tap for it. “These prickles on my ____ “, “This pain in my ____”.

And if it’s something you feel in your entire body, then use it too. Just craft your statement to match your feeling. Shift the heaviness, tension, discomfort. Then look again and see where it is. Maybe it’s more specific now, maybe it’s smaller. If it’s still there, use it.

Your body is giving you these clues with love. Listen, feel and take positive action. ❤

Butting Heads in Marriage

I dedicated myself to going through a list of the top causes of stress in a family situation. I wanted to eliminate stress as a contributor of my son’s challenging behaviour as well as make things easier on all of us. Energy stress is the root of all evil! 🙂 (no, really)

One thing on the list was: General alignment of alpha couple on common goals and values

So I didn’t make a pro and con list about this, I didn’t ponder our individual goals, I didn’t talk with my partner in depth, we just made an energy habitat each! We had thought that we were pretty much on the same page with our goals and values yet my energy body disagreed. So did his. The first thing that appeared for me was us headbutting each other! He also saw an indication of conflict.

This is one situation where I don’t know if I effectively fleshed out the habitat. But the headbutt image was so clear to me that I didn’t think it was necessary. We had also done other energy work at the same time so were already pretty well connected.

So the headbutt image was there and I did agree yes, in many ways we are butting heads with each other. The sense of conflict.

My aspect stopped and rubbed her forehead. I think she laughed because it was a ridiculous image in a way, and said “What are we doing here?? This isn’t working.” Then it seemed like we were still eyeing each other off accusingly. The feeling was as if we were mid-argument and we both wanted to ‘win’. Again it felt ridiculous.

I said “We don’t need to fight. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s also okay to work together.”  (I’m not sure if I said this out loud or not) Honestly what are we doing by focusing our energies on going head to head and disagreement instead of working together? Being right and winning seems like a waste of energy when you are a team.

‘Scene by scene’ the two aspects shifted from headbutting each other to standing together, hand in hand with the feeling shifting from aggressive conflict through to a sense of teamwork. When I reconsidered the topic, there was no longer anything ‘there’ that got my energetic attention, so I considered it resolved. Having these energy places for healing opportunity means that energetic shifts can occur simply and easily. Even without using EFT in the process.