Loving My Children, Completely

Yesterday I created an energy habitat for my ‘food mojo’. I was presented with a simple image of a meal of wholesome and fresh food over a family lunch with my parents. I was touched by how good this had felt. I felt looked after, loved, and cared for.

From this simple habitat I had a significant realisation, however. Those familiar with the concept of the Five Love Languages might recognise that my Quality Time and Acts of Service ‘love tanks’ were given attention by the event of this meal. I thought about my own children and how sometimes I am not even sitting with them for their meals. I am savouring their distraction and the subsequent silence and cleaning the kitchen or preparing things for their bath, or reading an email. And with my ‘food mojo’ issue and disinterest in cooking, I am neglecting both of these love languages. And the other languages are not getting a significant look-in either. I love my children, but do they feel it? Am I giving it in ways that they can feel? Are their love tanks filling from their interactions with me? Sadly, I don’t think so. I thought about other relationships too and felt a heavy sadness as well as my stress levels rising. I was failing my kids, failing as a mother and as a person going through the world where love is essentially all there is and the best part about being alive and feeling.

This was a heavy realisation, yet something I’d been aware of (to some degree) for awhile. I had brushed it aside as me ‘just not being a nurturing kind of person’. As I have recently shifted some significant stressors with EFT, I had the capacity to give this attention, where before it was just one of many things I had intended to look at more closely in the future. This is also most likely a period of PMS for me which may be why this is so clearly in my face. (I have posted my thoughts on my Facebook page here) I feel virtually forced to give this attention. Ah the joys of being an energetically sensitive woman!

Some of this may well be ‘mother’s guilt’ but decided that giving the issue attention wasn’t going to hurt anyone and may do positive things in the meantime.

So after the food mojo habitat, I made my children a meal for dinner and was conscious of putting some love and care into it (versus slapping together ingredients) and both of them rejected it and refused to eat it. And it was something they’d eaten before. I was so angry. I instantly regretted putting ‘myself’ into this meal and being so open, feeling a hurt in my heart. Which I tapped for.

I decided to use a method of EFT where you treat several somethings as an energetic entity. You can use this method for a business or any group of people, such as “the clients” or “my students” or “the train company”. The aim being to improve the energetic relationship. I visualised an entity and where this was located. I saw myself holding my two children at arm’s length, to the right hand side of my body, and knew they were trying to get to my heart. My heart was protected by a layer of bubble wrap. I tapped for the bubble wrap.

The bubble wrap is off and what remains is thick layer of cling wrap over my heart and I see that instead of being held firmly at arm’s length, my arm had relaxed and bended, allowing them closer. I tap for “A safety net” because that’s what the cling wrap feels like. A layer between them and me and keeping myself ‘safe’. While tapping for this, I feel that I am preparing myself to be more vulnerable with them. But I’m not quite there yet.

I decide to tap for “This safety net” again. The entity is in my arms now. My two children, one on either side. There is a resistance there. An awkward and stiff hug. I’m not relaxing into it. To clarify, I don’t have problems in reality hugging my children, but as an energetic representation of our connection, I have problems ‘letting them in’ and this is how it is presented in the vicinity of my energy.

Considering what I feel I am on the verge of here, I began to feel my stress levels rising. I tapped for “stress” and “calm”, and reminded myself that it’s ONLY ENERGY.

I tapped for “I let go of fear”. When I consider the entity I see that I am melting into the hug a little more now. There is still some resistance. I tap for “I allow myself to trust”. I am feeling lighter and warmth at the heart. I tap for “I love openly and without hesitation or condition”, which triggers an emotional release, but there is still *something* there, still something in the way. I feel frustrated with myself!

I tap again for “stress”. And then “Love”. There is energetic improvement here but I’m still waiting for the ‘hit’; the moment where I recognise/feel that I have touched on the right issue which will unlock everything. This is where an EFT practitioner helps, because I am too close to the issue here and can’t see the forest for the trees. A practitioner is on the outside and could make suggestions that I may not willingly come up with on my own (for a number of reasons, fear being a big one).

Saying and feeling “I am too close to the issue” reminds me of another protocol I could use here, which is the Aspect Model. Treating parts of me contributing to things as a separate person, rather than something that I had done or felt or experienced. Perfect for situations like this where I might be preventing a healing event. The aspect symbol (a triangle – as per The Genius Symbols) has been coming up frequently in habitats for me if you haven’t noticed! I feel silly for not using it already for this.

  • There is an aspect of me that feels vulnerable when she lets someone into her heart.
  • There is an aspect of me that equates vulnerability with pain.
  • There is an aspect that feels like she will lose herself if she gives herself in love.
  • There is an aspect of me that is scared of being hurt.

So I tap for these women. I tap for them and give them love and acknowledgement. I give attention to what they believe to be true without judgement or analysis. And of course it’s emotional. Of course it makes me cry. And of course it feels like a weight has been lifted from me when I am finished.

I think about loving my children and letting them in, completely and without reservation, and there doesn’t feel like there is anything in the way anymore. It doesn’t feel like it was ever something I struggled with. I go back to the entity situation and I see her embracing them so closely and so completely that they become her, absorbed within her energy. I see her energy rise and fill, a glow emanating from her heart, and pink energy flutters outward and upward from her crown, much like butterflies. That version of me has her arms open outward, a pink glow around her whole body and a golden glow from her heart.

This feels like a relief to me. I tap for “Love” again for good measure. This feels light and bubbly and tickly.

I don’t know if other aspects will present themselves but I welcome them and allow them forward and feel positive about a future where I’m not afraid to love completely.

The Golden Jellybean

I asked my energy mind to help get me to bed earlier because it’s just not happening. And I’m tired!

The first thing I see is a table with jellybeans on it. They are much bigger jellybeans than usual size (like a small biscuit size), placed at various points on the table. The table seems to be backlit and is bright white.

I see me there and I am looking at these jellybeans, I am trying to choose one. The backlit table shows my face lit up and glowing. I’m overwhelmed by choice but excited at all of the possibilities! My energy mind doesn’t care that I don’t eat sugar apparently. 🙂

As far as my surroundings go I am actually in the same room I was when the public speaking was happening in my last habitat. But no one else is with me and it’s really quiet. The sun is shining in this space and it’s mild temperatures. I have been to this place before in The Hard and it is in Warranwood in Victoria, Australia.

I look back to the table and I am drawn to the right upper side of the table and there is a gold jellybean which is sitting there and appears to be glowing. I don’t even notice any other jellybeans anymore.

I reach for this jellybean, pick it up, and eat it. It is thick, quite chewy, and tougher than I expected. It doesn’t have much of a taste but the texture is like thick licorice, which is fine with me! As I am eating it I notice how my body begins to share the same glow. Again I am radiating with gold. Shining and feeling warm and energised.

I’m no longer interested in any of the other jellybeans on the table and am satisfied.

Gold is SO prominent for me across my habitats. I understand it as an enlightenment of sorts. Being in a state where I am free from many encumberments like doubt, fear, worries, stress. When I’m gold I’m still human and interacting with the human world, however I am radiating love and peace to an extent that those things don’t affect me as much.

It feels like something to strive for in a sense, however if I look at this blog entry (and habitats) I can see that I am already gold, it is just a matter of removing the obstacles in my way, letting go of what I don’t need. This other blog entry reminds me to let go also on the way to goldenness.

This current habitat reminds me to focus specifically on what I want and not to get distracted along the way. And once I get what it is that I want, I won’t be distracted or left searching and looking for more.  And that is what it feels like each evening, and WHY I’m not getting to bed at an hour that would give me enough rest overnight. I am searching in all the wrong places (usually all over the internet) for answers that are already within me.

Saying The Right Words

I asked my energy mind for some help with a future public speaking opportunity and some support for that future aspect. Here is the outcome:

I see a lady with flowing robes. Well her sleeves are flowing and made of a see-through gauzy material. The rest of her outfit looks like a velvet material. It is dark green. The sleeves are green too. She is up in front of people and is speaking. I’m not sure about what but I don’t feel it’s important here. She is standing up and talking and as she’s talking she is using her arms and moving them around. Her hair is neat and almost unnoticeable. Her presence is strong.


It’s daytime and out the window I can see the bush, Australian native trees. I can hear magpies warbling too, the window is slightly open. A soft breeze is blowing in. I am starting to see and hear the group now too. Occasional movements in chairs as they shift.

The speaker sounds confident in what she is saying. She is gentle of tone but matter of fact. I am seeing the audience and they are listening quietly. Looking at her intently. Some of their eyes and expressions look a little serious and it’s a little unnerving as an observer.

(I tap for this feeling, and then tap for what presented itself during that round of tapping which was a sense that the seriousness was a precursor to an attack or judgement.)

I look again at the audience after the tapping. Their eyes have softened and they seem to be smiling slightly. The expression is one of supportive interest. However the speaker isn’t concerned by their expressions at all. It is as if she is there but connected strongly to a source that is elsewhere.

Her information flows out in a very natural, easy way and I feel it is much like a song, like music. The words are rolling off her tongue, from her lips and spreading through the room like a feeling of joy. Her words have power and intention and they come from her heart. I see gold. Gold at her heart. It is as if her skin is transparent and through the green velvet a heart shape is glowing and radiating. It is getting stronger and brighter until it is so bright that the audience can’t see her face or anything else but this golden heart.

They are entranced, mesmerised, as if they were drunk on love. The speaker embraces the moment and all is silent, connected, bonded.


Being Shiny – Parts 1 and 2

Two different experiences today of the energy kind that I’d like to share with you. Both relate to gold and freedom and lightness of being. Hope you like. 🙂

#1 – The Stone Wall

The first experience came about after I was writing an email to a friend and I was making plans about my future and while typing these things, I ‘saw’ myself piling packages and boxes and trinkets up against a big stone wall. It felt like my plans and ideas were pointless because I wasn’t actually able to get anywhere with this mother of a stone wall up against me. I felt like I was kidding myself.

So later, when I had the opportunity, I took myself back to this wall and expanded upon it with my energy mind to explore it.  So.. stone wall. It’s taller than me and one big solid chunk of grey stone. It is blocking my path. I can’t see around it. I can’t move it or shift it. I am pushing against it with as much force as I can muster. I’m feeling frustrated that it’s not moving.

Where am I? I feel hot. The air is humid and sticky. I am sweating and I feel like I can’t breathe. It’s a stifling environment. My face feels so hot. I want to escape at that moment! And I realise that I am in a tunnel and this stone wall is blocking my exit forward, and behind me is another stone. I am trapped here. (literally between a rock and a hard place.. hardy har har! hehehehehehe)

I recognise that I could fall into a heap here. I could just flail and fall into a heap and cry and moan about not knowing what to do, that I can’t win. But I don’t. I know full well that I have the power to affect change here.

I notice on the ground near me is a ball which is solid glass but it is also radiating gold light from within. The glow from this ball is what is lighting up this tunnel and allowing me to see. It is bright and beautiful. I pick it up and am holding it in my fingers, the shine reflecting on the stone surface.

I touch the gold ball onto the stone wall. Just to see what happens. The joy of energy worlds! It IS only energy, so you can do anything, try anything.

With a metallic clang and a rippling noise, the point where the ball connected turns to gold. The gold quickly spreads outward from this point until the stone wall is no longer stone, but completely gold.

It looks shiny and cold. I decide to touch it with my hand. It is cool to touch. In doing so my palm sinks into the surface slightly. I pull my hand away and look at my palm. It is gold now too. At this point I notice that the air feels less stifling and cooler. My hand leaves a print on the wall. I look from my palm and back to the wall and I decide to lean into the wall.

I am slowly leaning into it and I am absorbed into it. It is hard going, I am pushing forward, slowly and steadily moving forward. I fall through to the other side of the thick wall. I am free! I am golden too!

There is a flower garden here and the air is so fresh and light. I see butterflies, the sun is shining brightly and I can hear and see birds around too. There are garden beds of daisies and other pretty flowers and tall trees with green leaves providing shade. A cool breeze is blowing.

I breathe in the freshness and I relax. It feels so good to be free! I am dancing and twirling! Gold sparks are flying off me as I turn. I feel magical and special. 🙂

[Editing this after the event showed me how that same day was a significant one for me in the sense of moving forward with career plans!]

#2 – The Goddess

The second experience was later in the day, in an evening meditation class as part of a guided meditation which was created/channeled by Margaret of Mystic Enchanted Insights.

Margaret guided us gently down a wooded path, through trees and nature, to a chapel to meet someone special… We may have all heard the same words through the meditation but with our individual experiences through our lives, I’m sure we created very different places in our energy minds!

My path had very tall and skinny trees, with very floppy greenery on top, for example. I wonder if someone else in the class had a forest. And maybe a thicker forest would have made for a darker world for them.

So I reached the chapel. My version of the chapel was a building in ruins. A place where no one had been for a long time. Made of stone, yet with some walls having crumbled down and without a roof. Much like this.

Although more shaded and secluded. And in here amongst the rubble was a gold statue. Sitting as though it had been spared by what time had done to the rest of the building.

The gold statue was of a Goddess. It was sculpted and had some ruby detailing, but not very clearly defined. It reminded me of a Buddha statue but also fertility goddess kind of smooth pear shape.

Then we were guided to see that the statue had come to life. My Goddess became a caucasian woman, in her 50s, who was wearing an orange and yellow sari. She was motherly towards me and loving. She was very patient, calm and peaceful.

I asked her what I needed to know right now and she came up to me and pulled a piece of fabric away that I had over the crook of my left arm with a little tearing noise. Lovingly of course. Everything she did was graceful. I reached my hand out to bring it back to me. I told her I needed that and wanted it back! I felt slight desperation about this and wanting to keep it.

She said “But look”, with a smile on her face, and showed me a rag which was dirty and grey and limp. She told me I didn’t need it anymore. I assured her that I did. She pulled further fabric strips away from me. I protested some more. Again she told me to look but this time she gestured to me and told me to look at myself. I looked down and saw that my skin was gold and shining underneath where the fabric strips had been taken. I still wasn’t sure about this, so I told her no, that I didn’t want to let go of these things yet.

She nodded and backed away from me slowly. Telling me that she knew that I would do so when the time was right.

Her backing away had me concerned and wishing she was back beside me again and giving me that ‘push’ to try something different. I felt regret but comfort all at once.

With her having moved away and this space to myself I removed some grey fabric rags that were over my feet. I marvelled at my gold toes and danced around. This was exciting!

When I contemplated removing more of the rags I felt resistance and due to where I was and the meditation soon coming to a close, I decided to just go with this feeling. (I may have used EFT and tapped for the resistance if I was at home) I felt torn between shedding more layers or not, and ended up doing nothing.

I farewelled the Goddess and the chapel and the trees and the path as the meditation came to a close, but my head was very curious about this all. This meditation as well as the common themes I can’t help but notice.

To me, I am on the verge of being (what I call) shiny. Which is probably why gold is everywhere I look! There is a fear of ‘shininess’ though, and some protective layers come in handy. It also takes some work to get myself feeling shiny. And I see that a gradual effort, on a path of least resistance, is going to get me there. And wow, when I’m there….? I can’t wait! It may not only be my energy that dances, twirls and radiates!

The Street of Grey

I’m on a street, it’s raining a misty rain. It feels like early evening. I am in a city setting and there are many people walking past me (‘trudging’ or ‘marching’ even) in all different directions. Everything feels grey coloured. Dark colours, grey clothing, pasty coloured skin. The peoples’ faces are looking down towards the ground where they’re headed.

I am trying to catch someone’s eye. Someone, anyone. To get someone to look me in the face, to maybe smile, acknowledge my existence, say hello, have a conversation. Do they see me? Why aren’t they looking at me? I feel invisible, frustrated and anxious.

I’m not grey like them. I am rainbow coloured and radiating gold light. I can see myself, my arms legs and torso, and I can see the presence I am creating in this world. I know I am real and I know I’m visible.

I wonder how I can have them notice me as I am? It should be easy for someone like me to catch their eye, I wonder if I’m doing something wrong? (Here I tap for these things.)

I stand still in this city street, amid all the bustling foot traffic. I close my eyes and look upward. I get jostled, pushed, grumbled about, complained about, hated, raged at but still I remain still and stand strong. I won’t lose myself in this crowd.

I am glowing and radiant and my glow shows as a golden aura around me. This expands outwards from me more and more as I breathe deeply. As the gold expands outward I feel my heart expand and fill with a blissful feeling of love. I radiate love and happiness, regardless of anything else.

If I could look down on myself standing there I would see one person amongst the crowd who walks by, head down. They move through my aura. They stop in their tracks, look up and wonder what just happened. They feel different. They look down at themselves and their grey is being covered over with colour and warmth. The grey is slipping away. They feel lighter and with head held high they remain still and soak up their space.

One by one the same thing is happening. The grey is erased and light and gold spreads exponentially, person-by-person, who then affects the people around them and so on, until the entire street is one glowing mass, so bright to look at, so strong in feeling.

We’re not looking at each other or anyone but we are radiating together, looking upward and feeling secure in where we stand. We recognise our connectedness and we make one body of light. We are beautiful! Amazing! Complete!

This habitat was created with the intention of boosting self-approval, self-acknowledgement and self-love. May we all shine in ourselves and ‘infect’ others with love!

The Angel From The City

I began in a city space. It was late morning here. So in this city there were a lot of tall buildings, car noises – engine and car horns, exhaust smells, a thickness in the air. There weren’t specific people or cars here but their presence was felt. The energy felt busy and pressured. This feeling of pressure is making it hard for her to take in her surroundings.

She looks up and in the small spaces between skyscrapers and where the streets are, she can see pieces of sky. Blue, fluffy clouds, inviting and promising. She decides to fly. She has feathered white and grey wings that unfold and flap as she moves upward. She didn’t realise she had wings but they work naturally as though she has been doing this her whole life. Upward she goes past the highest roofline of the city. Up here the air feels fresher already and she feels like she has space to breathe. She looks around and can see a small island area which is just East from the city. She sets her sights on this and flies to this.

As she gets closer she sees the island is thick with trees and grass. Not much else is visible from high. She is happy to leave the city behind her. She comes to land on a grassy shore. Her bare feet feel soft on landing and the grass is slightly damp.

Her wings fold in and she heads into the thick forest. It gets cooler quickly due to the thickness of the trees overhead, and darker too. The air smells damp and she feels goosebumps on her skin.

She hears a crunch of twigs and turns towards her right. Standing there is a figure with a pale skeletal face and dark clothes. It is hard to tell their intentions due to an unexpressive face but she assumes that as they stand there holding a staff that they aren’t going to be positive. But she is unafraid and says “You don’t scare me”. Once those words have left her mouth, this figure’s dark clothes fall to the ground as though they were full of air, the skeletal face smashing as it hits the ground.

She continues forward and soon finds a clearing. Here there is a black iron cauldron containing a gold liquid and a lit fire underneath it. The warmth is comforting and soothing to her. Using a wooden implement left beside the cauldron, she stirs it, her intention focused squarely on this gold liquid. She is expecting to see something yet nothing is appearing to her.

I use EFT and tap for her not being able to see what she needs to.

She stirs and looks again and within the cauldron, created with the ripples and shadows of the gold paint she sees that it is an image of her smiling face. The image lifts her left hand, looks at it and opens it. Sparks glitter from her open hand. She repeats the same with her other hand and again sparks are released. This image of her is letting go. The image with her hands down now begins to twirl and spin with her arms stretched outward, with a blissful expression on her face.

The aspect feels a warmth and excitement in her heart. She stands back from the cauldron and focuses her energy on it and the gold liquid. After a short time there is a rumbling and vibrating and the contents of the cauldron shoot upward to the sky, looking like a radiating column of gold light. It goes upward to the sky and then filters outwards until the surrounding area as well as the city are coated in this gold liquid.

Content and elated, with peace in her heart, the aspect finds a comfortable place in the forest, curls up and falls asleep.

Agony by the Ocean

Last month I was curious about my lower back pain and whether there was anything energetic or emotional there to give attention to.

I asked “If this lower back pain was a place in time and space where would it be?”. I instantly saw the aspect of myself doubled over in pain, on a rock platform by a rough ocean. The platform was hard, solid, wet, uncomfortable. It felt very windy and cold, and the ocean seemed unwelcoming and rough and intimidating. The aspect was in agony and crying in pain.


I used several rounds of EFT here (I wish I could remember what for but I didn’t write it down) and the aspect recovered from the pain and was no longer overwhelmed with it. She had also found a thick blanket and wrapped herself in it. She was feeling far more comfortable. The wind had died down also. The waves were still crashing but it wasn’t an angry surf.

The aspect also found a necklace with a triangle symbol on it which she knew intuitively would help her heart to be open. She put it on and it radiated with gold light from the necklace but also from her heart area. A friend presented in this habitat also and she had the same necklace on. (I felt it was important for her too and shared this information with her in ‘The Hard’.  I later discovered that it was the Aspect symbol that I saw – part of the Genius Symbols by Silvia Hartmann. I took the presence of this symbol to look at the various aspects/facets of the issue – so literally, all the parts contributing to my lower back pain.)

I noticed that I was looking at her necklace and feeling as though it was better than mine or there was something not good enough with mine even though they were identical. I tapped for this.

It was after that that I noticed there were dolphins in the ocean. The aspect shedded the blanket and stripped off and went for a swim. At this time the sun was shining, warm yet not burning hot, and the wind was still and the water so beautifully clear. We swam with the dolphins until they swam off and then had fun looking for shells and gold coins and things on the sandy ocean floor.

On the left of me there was a shark that had me concerned. I wasn’t sure whether it was interested in making a meal of me but I also felt strongly protected by my symbol necklace and recognised that it kept its distance.

I ended up soaking up the sun and watching the waves crash and listening to the noises of the ocean. It was very relaxing and the aspect was very happy.

I hope this gave my back some space to be able to sort itself out. I’ve since also seen my chiropractor and taken myself swimming at the local pool. I do intend to look at other aspects that might be contributing to my lower back being sore fairly regularly, such as my delightful slouchy posture. 😉

The Golden Girl

This was also part of an assignment but was done as part of a self-healing also. Things felt “messy” and I needed guidance for myself. I got more than I bargained for!

If my problem was a place in time and space, it would be a desert. Hot, windy, nothing to see for miles but wind blowing sand in the aspect’s face anyway so she couldn’t see anything if she wanted to. Sun burning down on her skin. She is completely lost in the desert. I tapped for “Lost”.

After this round the wind has died down completely and in the distance she can see a shape of a stone building. She heads towards it, happy that she is on the right path. Tapped for “On the right path”.

She gets to the front of the building and the door is sealed shut. For some reason she knows that it will be open soon, that there’s nothing she can do but wait as the feeling is “I guess I just have to wait”. I tap for this.

The door slides open and her face is hit with the bright shining light of gold reflecting on her. To me it seemed like a movie scene. Cue the choir, the excited expression the aspect saying “Wow!” and then show the jewellery and goblets and chests all made of gold and red rubies. I am drawn to tap for “The gift is inside!”. It feels like I am setting this up consciously rather than energy doing the talking, but I go with it anyway. I feel a buzz after this and am very excited and explain the concept and the exercise to my husband. The gift really is inside! I get it!

Back to the habitat, the aspect packs a canvas backpack full of what she can carry of gold or rubies. Somehow via this building she is then returned to civilisation, as I see her on the street in a town. I am led to believe it is London for some reason even though I’ve never been there. She is showing people on the street the jewellery. Some are interested and some are not. Some people think the jewellery is fake, which she is hurt by. Tapping for “Some are not interested” and “Some think it’s fake”.

She isn’t sure what to do. She is just watching people go by on the street and they all seem very grey and drab and so does the scenery. She sees stone foot paths. She thinks the jewellery would brighten everyone’s day. Brighten a person, brighten the street, brighten the town, brighten the world. She thinks it would help them but they’re either not stopping or if they are, most people are saying no or dismissing the value. There are some people taking necklaces (the aspect isn’t telling me if she charges people or if she is just giving the necklaces away, she says it doesn’t matter) but they are few and far between and everything still looks grey. Tapping for “Thinks it would help them”.

She feels very sad at this point and sits. She has the canvas bag beside her which is full of jewellery.

One by one she applies necklaces, earrings, and bracelets and crowns to herself and also experiments with the chains and crafts anklets, belts, shoe decorations, hair decorations. She is holding a ruby studded goblet in one hand and the other hand is free. The weight is a little heavy but she doesn’t feel it. She dances in this drab town. Twists and turns and dances and jingles. She is radiating with gold light, shining, sparkling. She is drawing bemused glances at first and then curious attention. Before long she has a crowd around her and they are all entranced by her dancing, her joy, her colour, and her jewellery. Many of them begin dancing and laughing too. [I’ve no idea what to tap for her, I am already feeling an energetic shift like my heart could burst with excitement. I’ll tap for “Radiating with gold light” anyway.]

The gold light coming from her radiates outward and before long the crowd too are radiating with the same gold light. Her joy is contagious and they have caught it. They are no longer grey, they are sparkling too.

The sky opens and it begins to rain down on all of them. One by one the crowd disperses and head home. Many take with them an item of gold that the aspect is offering. The aspect watches them leave with a spring in their step instead of their former shuffle. Alone in the rain she looks up, arms out, and smiles (she might have even “yippeeeee”d). She is no longer lost, she is 100% feeling fine!