Oh What A Night!

What an amazing night. So amazing. F*cking amazing. An amazing night needs a blog entry!

Part 1: The Goddess Circle

I was guest speaker at a Goddess Circle tonight. This was something I hadn’t done before. Something I hadn’t planned very well for (for some reason!). Something I was very nervous about but also really excited given it was something new.

We were treated to an introduction, a meditation, a dance, a card reading, a snack, a chat, and then it was my turn. I was too nervous to snack and chat and focus and I’m sure my dancing was a little wooden! (though I did like the jingly dancing skirt…)

So I explained a little about EFT and Energy EFT and then asked them all to join in with me tapping for “Calm”. In my non-planning I was a bit panicked so earlier in the afternoon I had asked my energy mind to help me out and guide me where I needed to go. My energy mind said to get them to stand up. This wasn’t something I had done before, but I did it anyway.

Well, we tapped for “Calm” and it was such amazing connected energy (which we can thank Margaret for and her meditation and other exercises with us). All of us focused into the centre of a circle. The echo of voices saying “Calm” and hearing us all breathe in harmony was calming on its own, let alone adding the tapping.

Then I asked each of them to think about something that had caused them stress during the week. We then all tapped for “This stress“. The energy was heavy, but connected, and lightened. When I asked how they went, the majority of the group said they had lost interest in the stress that they were tapping for towards the end of the round. That the thing that had stressed them before no longer did. Brilliant!

I explained the concept of the SUE scale and how we were probably all around that neutral point, so collectively put our heads together to tap for something positive to energise. We came up with “Love and peace“. Which was beautiful. A definite lighter energy was emerging. More smiles, more laughs in the process of tapping.

I was loving the group connection so suggested we do one more round on the Goddess theme. Collectively we decided on “Powerful Sexy Goddess!“. Well this was lots of fun and very energising and a great point to end my demonstration.

I spoke with a few of the women afterwards and they recognised people they knew or issues of their own that would benefit from EFT (Yay for getting the word about EFT out there!). Participants talked about how relaxed they felt physically and recognised changes in their bodies and energies.

I left feeling GREAT. FUCKING GREAT! I had made a difference, I had demonstrated the power of EFT, I had made ten women (including me!) feel empowered in 45 minutes! I ROCK! EFT ROCKS! I am Energist, here me roar!!

Part 2: Avin at the Petrol Station

So home I drove, empowered and cheering and laughing and energised. I stopped by the petrol station as the fuel gauge was on E. When I went to pay, a man named Avin was behind the counter.

Avin: Busy night? [I figured he was just making chit chat]

Me: Yep! Just came from a class. [He doesn’t need to know..]

Avin: A class?? [He’s probably wondering what kind of class happens this late at night on a Friday..]

Me: Yeah, an energy class. We did tapping. [I tapped my head as I said this.. like that would explain everything! LOL]

Avin: Oh, what’s that? [Hmm I guess he’s interested? Or just bored. No one else is around. He might want some entertaining.]

Me: It’s called EFT and is a meridian therapy to help with negative emotions like stress. [In a nutshell.. but is SO much more.]

Avin: Oh really. How does it work?

Me: It’s probably easiest if I just show you so you can feel the changes yourself, did you want to do it? [Am I crazy?!?!]

Avin: Sure.

[He takes his glasses off and I put my purse and keys down on a pile of Cherry Ripes on the counter and I proceed to teach a man I’ve never met before how to perform Energy EFT. At 10pm. In a petrol station. I felt like laughing the entire time! I asked him to think about something that had been stressing him.]

Me: So that’s it! How do you feel?

Avin: It feels like… I’ve just been running.

Me: Like an adrenaline type of buzzing feeling? Yeah that’s your energy flow.

Avin: Yeah wow. I really did feel… something.. different. In my whole body. Wow. I will look into this more.

And I picked up my purse and keys, said goodbye, and laughed all the way home.

Oh what a night!!!