Meeting Cho Ku Rei

I revisited Reiki level I today as part of my Reiki master level. It was great getting back in amongst the history and the symbols and lovely like-minded people on their own journeys.

I’ve learnt a lot since I originally did Reiki I. One of the things I have learnt is Project Sanctuary and creating energy habitats. I was inspired to blend these two things and create a habitat for one of the Reiki symbols, Cho Ku Rei, my intention to ‘get to know’ it. It looks like my painting of it below.

I see an Asian warrior in front of me. He slowly brings an elongated metal symbol up and over his head like a sword. He presents it to me. With the careful way he is handling it, it feels like it is powerful and dangerous if not handled correctly, like I imagine a samurai sword might be. I feel that the ‘swordsman’ is trained in its use and wants to train me.

He traces a finger along the metal of the symbol, drawing it, and it materialises into silvery dust with a misty cloud. He is holding his hand out and this is suspended in air above it.

He leans in and blows gently at the dust. Some of the dust comes toward me as he is leaning in, and I find I am leaning in also. I feel that we are drawn together by our foreheads. We are almost magnetically drawn there, yet I feel there is a push of energy away from him – an energy field as connector and barrier. He is smiling and I can tell that this is fun for him, I feel like he is reading my mind. I test this and make a joke in my head and he laughs out loud.

We begin communicating telepathically. He thinks, “Now watch this”. He stands upright again, throws his hand up and the remaining silver dust goes up into the air, particles floating between us joining it. It goes up and outward around the two of us, and is shaped like a dome of silvery grey light. “We are protected in this space”, he thinks, and I can feel this is true.

He reaches up above his head and touches the inner top of the dome and the dome shape is scattered and dust particles draw inward and back to his palm.

He again blows it toward me. Systematically, from my head downward, my organs, bones, veins, glands all light up bit by bit, in various colours and then fade. The downward scanning continues to my toes and I realise that my liver has stayed lit up, and is illuminated red. The rest of me darkened.

He waves his hands slowly over the area and I can see that particles that were elsewhere in my body all zoom inward, returning to my liver. The liver is now pulsing silvery white light and the man is still moving his hands. The red light fades gradually until it is no longer illuminated. The man takes a deep breath and the dust returns to his upward facing palm again.

He smiles and opens his palm and gestures for me to do the same. I open my right palm and he places the dust there. I look at its shimmering dance on my hand, marvelling at the flecks of light moving and turning.

I look up and the man is gone. The dust remains.

The Cleansing Waterfall

Hi Energy Mind,

What have you got for me today?

Love, Me


I am standing under a waterfall. I can’t see anything about my surroundings because I am completely under the water. I can breathe easily though. It’s rushing down over my body, this cool clear water. It feels fresh and cleansing and invigorating. The air is warm, it feels like I am in a place which is relatively humid.

I look down at my feet and I’m standing on a rock surface, the water is splashing down onto my feet and beyond. I don’t feel like moving from here. I close my eyes. I relax into the water and feel it washing away my worries and fears and concerns. The water is firm and strong, yet it is not rough or hard on my skin, it is soothing in its pressure. I am enjoying this experience and the sensation of letting go, whether I intended to or not. I feel safe here.

My hair and scalp is being massaged by the waterfall. Anything I was thinking or worrying about has been released. I move my head gently to each side and my neck is then massaged and relaxed by the water. Any rigidity that was there has gone now. My entire head feels relaxed and I feel as though I can think more clearly. I tilt my head back and the water splashes down on my face and down my neck to my chest. My face muscles are relaxed. I lean forward and the water is now cascading down my shoulders and my back. Any weight I was carrying has rolled down, hit the stone floor and washed away. I hold my arms out one at a time and each receives a cleansing shower from the waterfall, releasing any tension held within them.

I feel lighter and brighter and happier. Unencumbered. Free.

I look around me now. Behind the waterfall is a stone area where I decide to sit and relax and breathe deeply and enjoy this feeling. I have no need or desire for anything else right now.

The Golden Jellybean

I asked my energy mind to help get me to bed earlier because it’s just not happening. And I’m tired!

The first thing I see is a table with jellybeans on it. They are much bigger jellybeans than usual size (like a small biscuit size), placed at various points on the table. The table seems to be backlit and is bright white.

I see me there and I am looking at these jellybeans, I am trying to choose one. The backlit table shows my face lit up and glowing. I’m overwhelmed by choice but excited at all of the possibilities! My energy mind doesn’t care that I don’t eat sugar apparently. 🙂

As far as my surroundings go I am actually in the same room I was when the public speaking was happening in my last habitat. But no one else is with me and it’s really quiet. The sun is shining in this space and it’s mild temperatures. I have been to this place before in The Hard and it is in Warranwood in Victoria, Australia.

I look back to the table and I am drawn to the right upper side of the table and there is a gold jellybean which is sitting there and appears to be glowing. I don’t even notice any other jellybeans anymore.

I reach for this jellybean, pick it up, and eat it. It is thick, quite chewy, and tougher than I expected. It doesn’t have much of a taste but the texture is like thick licorice, which is fine with me! As I am eating it I notice how my body begins to share the same glow. Again I am radiating with gold. Shining and feeling warm and energised.

I’m no longer interested in any of the other jellybeans on the table and am satisfied.

Gold is SO prominent for me across my habitats. I understand it as an enlightenment of sorts. Being in a state where I am free from many encumberments like doubt, fear, worries, stress. When I’m gold I’m still human and interacting with the human world, however I am radiating love and peace to an extent that those things don’t affect me as much.

It feels like something to strive for in a sense, however if I look at this blog entry (and habitats) I can see that I am already gold, it is just a matter of removing the obstacles in my way, letting go of what I don’t need. This other blog entry reminds me to let go also on the way to goldenness.

This current habitat reminds me to focus specifically on what I want and not to get distracted along the way. And once I get what it is that I want, I won’t be distracted or left searching and looking for more.  And that is what it feels like each evening, and WHY I’m not getting to bed at an hour that would give me enough rest overnight. I am searching in all the wrong places (usually all over the internet) for answers that are already within me.

Drifting in Space

I talked a client/friend through creating a habitat to represent their life. I knew that they were at a crossroads of sorts and hoped that this might help them to decide what to do. This is an example of how you can’t plan how these things will go, and also how things that seem to not be going anywhere are actually unfolding gently.

Their habitat was darkness. Just dark space. Not scary, just dark. No particular time just dark and quiet. There are no stars, just dark space. The aspect is just sitting on a comfortable chair. They have ‘no feelings at all’. The aspect does not feel any need to do anything at all but sit.

I will admit that I felt a little stuck here as the practitioner and guide. I said: “Okay so a day passes in space and it’s a new day. More days pass. What is our aspect up to?”

Still the aspect is still floating through space. More days pass. One hundred days pass and I wonder whether the aspect wants light, wants to move, anything?

No, the aspect is happy to sit in peace. It’s a comfortable place.

Is there anything in that place they can see or are they feeling any sensations on their body?

Nothing. Totally alone. Comfortable drifting along where they are being taken.

Another 100 days pass. Our aspect is still cosy, calm, comfortable, not in a hurry to go anywhere, just drifting.

So I suggested that we tap for ‘drifting’. The aspect is still happy to sit and enjoy the peace. She looks around and she can see some stars now. It is a beautiful dark sky with stars and peaceful to look up at the stars from the comfy chair. The aspect feels relaxed. She is happy to take in their beauty.

I wonder if there are any blocks to feeling emotions at all or feeling with regards to rapport with myself, as the habitat wasn’t matching the situation. We tap for ‘feeling’. After this the aspect is feeling at peace and happy within.

I admitted that this was not turning out as I had expected and that I was curious what was happening. I asked the client if they understood a correlation of what their aspect was going through in relation to their real life situation.

The client talked about how when she sees stars at night that she is struck by their beauty but also by the fact that due to how light travels that they may be twinkling as far as we can see but may have burnt out (died) and we wouldn’t know it for some time. She supposed that perhaps she had been looking at something for a long time that hadn’t been there and she hasn’t seen it.

She admitted that this was the most challenging thing she was going through in her life: Believing something had existed and was real, yet had it be proven to be false all along.

So while it seemed  that nothing was happening, a small unfolding revealed something quite significant to her.

It wasn’t long after this habitat session that this client began a gentle process of moving forward in her situation.