Why care about emotions or energy anyway?!

I am kept awake in the wee hours of the morning being urged to write this by something within. So here I am, writing while my house is dark and silent and my husband sleeps beside me.

I have a lot of information on my business cards.

They tell you that I am certified in a number of things. That I am an energist. That I use flower essences, reiki, EFT, intuition, spiritual guidance. That I can help you. But what does it all mean and how can I help people, and why should they be helped in the first place?

I’m an expert of the energy body.

The spirit part of ‘mind, body and spirit’. The part that many forget they even have. It’s easy to forget because it’s not able to be seen with our eyes.

Just like the physical body, the energy body wants to be well. It wants to be balanced and wants flow. However it is much more subtle to tell if it is out of balance and needs assistance.

Fortunately, we have EMOTIONS  and feelings to guide us.

Take for example the word ‘Marriage’. If you say this word out loud or to yourself, does the energy of this word flow through your body pleasantly? Or does it begin its journey and get stuck somewhere? A lump in the throat, a twinge in the gut? Does saying it result in tension or pain in your body somewhere, a feeling of unease, an emotion such as fear or worry or anxiety? This latter situation is an indication of an energy disruption.

Visual representation of disrupted energy flow

Try the same thing with other words as an experiment. Try: ‘Sex’, ‘Food’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘Success’, ‘Love’, ‘Mother’, ‘Attractive’, ‘Money’, ‘Going on a plane’, ‘Spiders’, ‘Exercise’. Where does the energy go? Does it flow through or does it get stuck? Maybe some of those zipped through your energy happily (nice hey?), maybe others didn’t.

So why do we care?

Why do we care if we say a word and it feels awkward? Big deal, right! It’s just words, after all.

We care because not only is that feeling an indication of our stance towards that word on its own, but it is an indication of our beliefs and attitude towards that entire concept, and a clear indication that something is not quite right, energetically. It is then very likely that we could have issues with that part of our lives outwardly, and flow-on issues as a result. Therefore that feeling is VERY important.

Why the energy body?

Why don’t we just fix things with our physical worlds and be done with it? Or tell ourselves the truth of the situation and use our minds to think ourselves to be more positive?

If we want to solve a problem with ‘Exercise’ for example (say we feel dread when we think about exercising), we have three choices.

  1. Engage the physical body and make ourselves do it, one step after the other, even though we don’t want to.
  2. Engage the mental body and psych ourselves up to get out and exercise regularly, even though we don’t want to.
  3. Engage the energy body and evolve that feeling of dread into something more positive, so exercising is no longer dread-ful at all.

Options 1 and 2 aren’t going to be easy nor sustainable long term. They are going to require motivation, focus, and energy to maintain. However, option 3 addresses the root cause, has the entire person (mind, body and spirit!) in agreement and flow, and resolves the issue permanently. It makes it easy! And the energy body is quick to adjust when you work with a practitioner.

Gone are the days of pushing yourself through something that you hate when you can evolve how you feel!

My business cards could say so many things!

Via the energy body we can tackle anything and everything. Mental and emotional problems most definitely, such as stress or anxiety, but also physical problems which have emotional components. We can alter our beliefs, our relationships, concepts, our view of ourselves and others and the world around us. This means that our reality is able to be changed and improved! We are no longer limited by our past experiences or negative beliefs. We have the ability to change our lives for the better – and it’s easy!

When we are able to get in at the root of the issue, treating the energy body directly and improving how we feel about something without mental or physical effort, we just feel good!

Healthy energy flow!

Now how do I put all that onto a business card?

EFT Case Story – Anxiety about partner’s health

A client shared that she had been struggling with anxiety. She had been seeing a psychologist in the past but things had persisted. She wasn’t sure if the anxiety she was feeling was related to her personality (she considers herself a ‘worrier’) or something more that needed attention.

We began by tapping for “Calm” to de-stress before expanding more on the anxious feelings that were occurring.

She found that she was becoming more anxious in situations she wouldn’t normally be, such as considering canceling trips that involved airplane travel. She also felt untrusting about other drivers on the road when driving with her son. In terms of anxiousness, she was most concerned about her husband’s health conditions and his future.

She described that she had a sense of doom about her husband’s future. Feeling that there was not much hope for him, no cure, no successful treatment, and knowing what was likely to eventuate. She also felt a corresponding pain and tightness in the chest and neck, describing that she often felt her emotions physically in her body.

She rated the strength of feeling as -7 on the SUE scale (where -10 is very strong negative feelings and +10 is very strong positive feelings and 0 is neutral), frequently worsening at night, to -10.

We tapped for “Doom“, which was understandably emotional for my client during the tapping, and a very heavy feeling to process. I let my client know that we could stop and de-stress at any time.

The strength of feeling evolved from -7 to -4. My client felt that she was at a point where she recognised that fighting wasn’t going to change things. She could acknowledge that her husband wouldn’t be around as much as she wanted him to be for her and their son. We decided to tap for “Peaceful resignation“, which was also emotional.

After this round she felt a significant looseness and relaxing in her neck. Less tension, less weight. She described it as though the tension had been “vacuumed out”! She felt far better physically, but emotionally she described that she felt conflicted: That there was a part of her that was ready to no longer be worried or anxious, yet there was another part of her that felt that she was a bad person if she wasn’t worried for her husband.

At this point my client said that this was “Amazing”: We had come to this point of realisation about an inner conflict that had not surfaced in the sessions she had with her psychologist.

We discussed the conflict that she was feeling before deciding to tap for “I’m a bad person if I’m not worried“. However there was no evolution on the SUE scale with this round. She remained at -2. She said that she felt the conflict throughout the round of tapping – one part of her agreeing, the other part not.

I decided for us to tap directly for The Aspect in question: That part of her that felt that she could only be caring if she was worrying. We tapped for “The aspect that believes she needs to worry“.

At this time my client said that she is no longer feeling the need to worry, and is feeling quite neutral. She is also feeling completely relaxed in her neck and chest.

From here I suggested we tap for a positive feeling that she would like to feel about the situation. She immediately said “I can love and care for my husband without worrying“. She began talking about moments with her husband where there was nothing but joy, and she lit up and her energy brightened.

My client was happy to end the session at this point, feeling great and at +7.

The other issues which had also been a source of anxiety had also evolved in the process, and she described them as feeling neutral now. I gave her the instructions for her to use on her own to tap for positive phrases or affirmations on the other issues also.