“It was real and I was really there!”

A friend of mine has had her own ‘world’ available to her as for as long as she can remember. It is only that I started talking about energy habitats that she realised that other people don’t have this as constant as she does. It is a place that she can drop in and out of, and feels safe and peaceful and relaxed. It seems she has passed on this trait to her child who brought up the subject out of the blue. They had this gorgeous conversation during a car trip and she shared it with me:

Mummy, sometimes when I go to bed I have adventures!

Do you? That sounds exciting!

It is! Do you know where I went in my adventure last night?

No, where did you go?

I went up into space! And I was floating. And there were wavy things that felt tickly. It was hard to see though because it was very dark.

Oh wow! What else did you see?

Um, I had a rocket ship that took me there. And I could see the wavy things that were soft, they looked funny.

What an awesome adventure.

It was! Is it a dream, Mum?

It could be. What do you think?

No, I think it was real and I was really there!

That’s great. How did it feel to be in space?

It felt good and happy and like a big hug.

The Rain Storm of a Toddler

Yes I’m here again writing about yet another storm habitat relating to my 2.5 year old son. What a freaky coincidence… 😉

The habitat is a very strong wind and heavy rain pelting down on the aspect. It is not hot or cold, but the storm is preventing the aspect from getting anywhere. She can’t see where she’s going or what she’s doing. She is completely stuck, trapped by the severity of the storm, and can’t get anywhere. I use EFT to rescue our aspect and tap for “can’t get anywhere”.

The storm has died down and she can see ahead and there is a shed at the end of a jetty. She runs ahead, along the jetty and gets up to the shed. She’s a bit frantic and looking for shelter. She gets to the shed and it’s locked. She is devastated and cries in disappointment. She stayed there for awhile, not sure what to do as she was tired from running and fighting the storm. I tapped for “Don’t know what to do”.

The sun shone through the clouds at this point and the storm had passed! What remained was a gentle sunshower. The aspect was thrilled and when she turned around ready to walk back up the jetty, she saw that behind her, where she had begun, was in fact a beautiful scene of tall trees, flowering bushes, vines with raindrops on them making them look like sparkling gems. The aspect is smiling and feels great.

There are so many elements here – which is the beauty of these habitats. Even retyping this now I am seeing new things. New messages. New lessons. What’s your take?

The Snow Storm of a Toddler

I am trying to resolve issues with my 2.5 year old. I don’t want to fight with him but the simple act of deciding that he and I should go for a walk seems to be fodder for a fight as he refuses to get dressed, refuses to get shoes, begins throwing things etc. As all habitats are, there was a learning experience with what happened here.

So I created a habitat with the intention of it being a representation of his behaviour. It was a snow storm in the middle of winter. I can see tall trees. It is night time and winter. I’m cold but not freezing as I’m rugged up well, but my face is cold. I don’t want to be in the storm but can’t see where I was going. The snow and wind was whipping at my face. I tapped for “Can’t see where I’m going”. The storm reduces in severity enough that I can see ahead of me but is still there.

I’m able to see a light ahead and feel really positive heading towards it. I’m able to get to this cabin and go inside. The cabin is warm and brightly lit. I feel restless here. I have thoughts of there being a storm outside and “maybe I should be trying to get somewhere else”, but decide since I’m warm and dry and had supplies that I would stay.

On one hand I could see that perhaps I need to keep pushing through ‘the storm’ to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. The message might be to keep going, persist. But then the message might be to stop making it harder than it needs to be too. If things are fine enough, then don’t panic with the storm going on around me.

Through this habitat I had a lightning bolt moment: If I am shiny (see The Golden Girl)  and have my needs catered for, then I can weather ‘the storm’ that is the rough age of 2.5 years. Accepting where he is at (with his own struggles and frustrations) without fighting for something different.

Life is Not All Sunshine and Roses

As part of an assignment I was to choose a phrase or a saying and unfold it by using energy habitats. I had used improvised energy habitats before (visualisations) but this was my first official experience of deliberately engaging the energy body and the conscious body. I began tentatively, wanting to remain open to the experience and not wanting to sway things in any way with my conscious thoughts.

“Life isn’t all sunshine and roses” was the saying that I chose.

It is a sunny day, there are white fluffy clouds and a big rainbow across the sky. The aspect is in their back yard. The grass is greener than green, each blade of grass is perfect. As well as the green grass there are trees lining the back of the yard. There are a line of rose bushes and screening trees along the back of the yard as well as the sides. So the aspect can’t see fences or neighbouring houses. All the aspect can see is greenery in their yard.

Everything feels very perfect. The sun is just past the point of being overhead but the clouds are in such a way that it’s sunny but they’re able to see without glare or feeling their skin get burnt. A gentle breeze is keeping them cool. It feels like Spring.

There are white roses on one of the rose bushes. The aspect looks to another bush and can see additional roses. Pink and yellow too. The bushes blend into one mass so they look like one big pretty multicoloured rose bush.

The aspect lays down in the grass and relaxes. The aspect starts to feel a sadness build up. A surging feeling in their heart which feels like an ache. Tears roll from their eyes and they begin to cry. They are getting edgy also. They stand up and are pacing in this perfect environment, crying and feeling stressed. The aspect feels completely alone, isolated and empty. I use EFT and tap for “The aspect is lonely”.

The aspect is drawn to the apple tree in the yard. Was it there before? It’s there now. It is as if there is something in or on the tree but she can’t see it. This feeling is making her a bit nervous. The something that’s there, is it good or bad? I tap for “The aspect is nervous”.

There is something there, she feels like she’s ignoring it. She puts her hand out towards the branches of the tree under the cover of leaves and she finds a dead bird. Her heart breaks for it. She cries for it. It is cold and solid even though it’s feathery. The bird died alone. Tapping for the aspect’s feeling: “The bird died alone”.

After tapping for this the aspect feels a surge of strength and empowerment. She knows what she needs to do. She wants someone to enjoy this space with her. Behind her is her house. She calls out and the door opens and her husband and children come out of the house and come towards her. The children run at her and hug her legs and her husband gives her a kiss. She shows them the green of the grass and the multicoloured roses, the rainbow, the blue sky and the shining sun. They say “Wow” and take it all in. And then they want to play.

The aspect is grateful for their presence and while she has soaked up the beauty of the environment she is finding even more beauty in her children running and shrieking and laughing, and in her husband watching them lovingly and holding her hand. I’m tapping for “Even more beauty”.

She is feeling complete and happy and peaceful and smiling. Life is not all sunshine and roses, because there are better and more precious things in her world. I tapped for “More precious things in her world” as the last round.

I finished with a very warm feeling in my heart and an excitement to do this kind of thing again.