Call your problem into the room with you to evolve it

Using energetic entities are a fantastic method of tackling a problem which seems too big, or has a life of its own, especially with relationships. And given that between a person and their beliefs, lovers, friends, foods, concepts, belongings, goals, money, etc is always an energetic relationship – we have a very powerful tool on our hands!

Using EFT in conjunction tackles the problem to the ground… or rather, draws them into our spirit and makes peace with them, resolving the issue.

It might sound a little ‘out there’, but it’s super easy, will you do it with me?

Step-by-step to using an entity for self-healing:

  1. Consider a problem you currently have. Hopefully you can think of something. Whether it’s an interpersonal tension or just something you’re struggling with. Got it in mind?
  2. Now ask yourself: If that problem was in your space, where would it be? Point to it. Maybe it’s a few metres away. Maybe it’s quite close. That’s your entity and that’s what we’re working with.
  3. What does that entity look like. How does it make you feel? I had a woman who had communication difficulties in her marriage describe her husband entity as a green alien-like creature. I had another woman describe her inability to orgasm as a ball of light trapped in an iron cage. I’ve seen difficult relationships as spiky balls, grey mists, pink mists. Maybe they look like a person, maybe energy, maybe an object. There’s no right or wrong. Just go with what presents for you.

    An example of an entity (from Dr. Silvia Hartmann)

  4. So then we use EFT to evolve that feeling and that entity, we want to improve the issue and improve our energy flow about this entity and problem. Tap along with my silent video now (it takes 3 minutes! I hope you have 3 spare minutes to help yourself feel good) and on each point say a phrase or word relevant to your entity. eg. “Trapped in a cage”, “Alien that creeps me out”, “Cold spiky ball”.
  5. Now that you’ve tapped (I hope you did!), look at the entity again. Is it closer to you? Has it changed? What does it look like? How do you feel about it?
  6. Tap another round about it. Tap along with my video again, using what presents to you now. Maybe the spiky ball has softened. Maybe the alien is more human-like and is being affectionate. Maybe the cage has unlocked or the bars have melted. Maybe the changes are making you feel scared, anxious, nervous. Tap for these things. eg. “Scared and excited”, “Softer spiky ball”.
  7. Consider the entity again. It might be closer and it might be more welcome. How do you feel about it? Tap along with my video again for how you’re feeling now. The entity might be seeming lighter, nicer, more loveable. Go with that.
  8. You may need to do additional rounds of tapping based on the issue, but ultimately the entity comes closer and closer until it is absorbed into your energy. I have done this many many times myself and with other people and each one ended in this way. I see it as a reconnection of what was a displaced part of the energy system before. And it is a positive and beautiful feeling!
  9. How did you go? Comment below and share with me your experiences! Did you evolve your relationship with something? How do you feel now?

Money and the Zen Monk

I asked my energy mind to help me with any reversals relating to receiving money. This is what presented.

I’m in front of a bank teller. He’s serious in expression. The walls and floor are a dark grey stone and the bank is dimly lit and feels cold. There are black iron bars all around the counter.

“Yes?” he is saying. He’s dark haired, bored, dismissive, eye-rolling. I bet he LOVES his job.

“I’d like some money” I say.

“Really? I thought you were above this material stuff. Well no you can’t have it!”


“Because I said so. NEXT!”

“No, hang on. It’s my turn here. Isn’t this a bank? I’d like some money. Do I have an account here?”

“You do. And you have plenty of money in it. But I’m not going to let you have any. Good day!”

I bang my fist on the counter. “That’s really not good enough. Give it to me now! I’m a good person. I deserve to have access to my money! This is crazy!”

They roll their eyes.

I say loudly “Is there a supervisor here?!” and look around and see a well dressed, blonde haired lady coming over. Clip clopping of heels as she comes.

“Yes what’s the problem here?” she says. Far less dismissive but possibly being over polite in trying to soothe things so I leave quietly.

“I’d like some money and apparently I’m not able to?”

“Oh.” she says and looks uncomfortable. “We actually received a letter from you some time ago, requesting that if you ever came into the bank and demanded money that we were to deny you. See?” and she points to an A4 piece of paper on the wall with my photo and what seems to be a letter.

“Can I see that please?” and she hands me the letter.

I read it. It is written as though I am a zen monk who lives high on a mountain and is immune to ‘the evils of money’ and blissfully, smugly, laughingly, distanced from everything to do with it. I don’t remember writing this or thinking that I was ever undeserving. This zen monk version of me seems to have forgotten that I have bills to pay and need to buy food with something other than Monopoly money.

I turn the letter over and scrawl on the back of the paper with a black pen that was resting on the bank counter.

“To whom it may concern,

Please give me all of the money that is mine and intended for me, without question or delay. I am deserving and entitled and open to receiving it. Please disregard any previous correspondence and refer to this letter in future.

Yours, Kelly B.,


I hand it over and the bank teller and the supervisor read it together. Their eyes light up and expressions change. They smile openly and are attentive and enthusiastic.

They hand me a wrapped stack of $2,000 in $100 notes. I put them in my bag. They both wish me a great day as I head toward the door of the bank where bright light is shining through. “Come back soon!” they say. I smile all the way out of the bank!

Money And The Energy Body – Tap Along

I’ve talked about energy body stress before, and mentioned the top seven stressors in family life. One of those stressors is MONEY. Your concept and feeling towards money has an impact on your energy body and therefore a flow-on effect to those that you live with.

On my Facebook page I posed the question: “When you read the word MONEY or think about the concept of money in your life, where do you feel it in your body? What does it feel like?” Consider those questions right now.

What is YOUR Feeling About Money?

Most people will have some kind of sensation in their body. If saying or reading the word MONEY doesn’t give you a positive feeling, there is room for evolution. The energy of the word should flow through you, not get stuck anywhere along the way. So if you read/say/think ‘money’ and feel a tension anywhere, let’s shift it! Emotional Freedom Technique is great for this purpose. And if you feel nothing much at all, we can improve on that too. It is a good idea for your partner or other relevant family members to do this also.

Go back to that feeling.. Where is it, how strong is it, what does it feel like?

Using myself as an example, I have a small fluttering in my solar plexus area. From that feeling, we can create a phrase to tap for. My phrase is “This fluttering in my solar plexus”. Have you got a phrase of your own? Decide on one now.

If You Feel ‘Meh’ About Money

Some may feel very ‘meh’ about money. They don’t care either way, don’t hate it, don’t love it, it just is. In Energy EFT, we consider that to be the “Zero Point of Nothing”. This used to be the goal with EFT (to get people feeling nothing vs. feeling bad), but now we aim for much more.

So for the ‘meh’ people, think about how you would like to feel about money in a positive way: Excited? Enthusiastic? A sense of freedom from any restrictions money might put upon you? Generous? Trusting? Open? Flowing? We are going to ‘inject’ a positive feeling about money with EFT.

With regards to phrasing, you could use an affirmation: “Money flows freely in my life”, “I love money”, “I am at peace with money”, “I always have enough money for what I need and more!”, whatever you choose. Or even just the word “Money!” will work. Tapping on those affirmations until you feel your energy rise and have a warm, light, positive feeling about money.

So Let’s Tap!

  • Place your hands together at in the centre of your chest and take three deep breaths, thinking about your intention to improve energy flow relating to money.
  • Using your index finger, tap the top of your head in a gentle rhythm, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap the middle of your forehead (as above), while taking a deep breath, saying your phrase on the out breath. Being aware of relaxing your body.
  • Tap the inner edge of either eyebrow, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap the outer side of one eye, at the side of your face, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap underneath one eye, on the bone, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap underneath your nose, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap underneath your mouth, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap on the under edge of your collarbone, the angle where the breastbone and the collarbone meet, while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath. Relaxing your body in the meantime.
  • Now onto the finger points.. each of these is at the side of the finger in line with the nail bed. Firstly tapping at the thumb, taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Repeat on each finger, one by one: Pointer, index, ring, pinky – for each performing the tapping while taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Tap the karate chop point now (which is the fleshy side of the hand which would strike an object if you were to do a karate chop!), taking a deep breath and saying your phrase on the out breath.
  • Return your hands together and to the centre of your chest and take three deep breaths.

Take a drink of water and move your body a little.

Reassess The Feeling

So now you’ve done a round of EFT (well done!), have a think about money again. To get a stronger sensation you could visualise your online banking screen, your purse or wallet, see yourself involved in a transaction where you are needing to pay for something, or consider the situation of your income (getting paid, not getting paid, not getting paid what you think you deserve). The stronger the emotion the easier it will be to work with here and give attention to.

What do you feel now? Has that sensation that you used for the round of tapping altered? Has it moved? Is there a different feeling elsewhere in your body? What is that feeling and what does it feel like? If it is still the same as before you can use the same phrase too, or modify it, such as “This remaining fluttering”.

For me, I feel some tension in my throat now, so I would tap for “This tension in my throat”. I can relate this to frustrations in not always having a say about money, but the beauty of EFT (and using this Body Protocol method) is that you don’t need to know what it relates to or what it means to resolve it. Follow the instructions above again, or you can tap along with me by watching my video.

Reassess Again & Repeat

What is the feeling now? Money money money! 😉 Bills coming in the mail. At the checkout at the grocery store, about to pay for your trolley load of food. Where do you feel it? Tap for that feeling in whichever way it presents. Repeat the process  until thinking about money has you feeling lighter, less weighed down.

From this point of lightness and with freedom of tension when, you can now tap as per my suggestions above to the ‘meh’ feeling people: What would you LIKE to feel about money? Carefree? Easy? Secure? You can choose an affirmation to tap for. Examples being “Money serves me well”, “I am at peace with money”, “Money does great things in my life”, “I’m not afraid of money”, “I talk about money openly”, “Money works for me!”. Choose one or more of them, whichever resonate with you, or create your own and tap to move you up the positive end of the scale. 🙂 Using these positive statements should boost your energy flow about money and give you a positive, warm, glowy feeling. This is called a Healing Event and is SUCH a good feeling.

What Now?

We have tapped for the feelings about the concept of money in general, but there may be other aspects that need attention. These are different for everyone based on our individual situations and experiences. Above all, remember that it’s ONLY ENERGY, and energy can be shifted and improved upon, no matter where or whence it came from!

Are there tensions or difficulties in relation to your career or workplace? Clashes within your family relating to division of funds and decisions to do with money? Issues when it comes to planning, budgeting or organising the money you have? Limiting beliefs in relation to how money exists in your world? eg. “People like me will never be financially comfortable”, “I don’t deserve good things”, “There’s always another unexpected expense, just when you’ve got ahead”, “Only smart people get rich”, “My Dad said I’d never be a success because I failed my high school exams”, “I’m no good with numbers”, “We just can’t get ahead”, “The Universe is against me”.

All of the above are potential places needing attention so you can move forward positively financially, even if you love and adore money. You may not get the results you are after until you do so. So in the process of your day-to-day life, notice what comes up in relation to money and give it attention. Tap for “stress” or “calm” first, and then consider the situation. Notice how it feels and where the feeling is and tap to evolve it.

And if you feel that you can’t get to the bottom of it on your own and need some suggestions in pinpointing where to focus your attention, contact a an EFT practitioner (like me!) to help you. EFT is not going to suddenly make billions of dollars fall from the sky onto your head, but it will allow you to release stress about money which can result in smarter decisions, better management of the money you have and improved ideas for increasing income – these things can of course lead to financial abundance and security.

Stress And The Energy Body

What’s The Big Deal About Energy Body Stress?

What does stress mean to you? Some examples that come to my mind:

Clenched fists, tense jaw, tight shoulders, pacing the room, screaming, wanting to tear hair out/punch something or someone, crying, wanting to hurt oneself, panic attack, temper tantrums, making mistakes trying to do something too quickly, finding it hard to sit and pay attention, having to re-read things several times before they absorb, not being able to sit still, breathing shallowly, faster pulse.

All of those things are symptoms of stress, and I’m sure there are many more. As well as those isolated symptoms, some mental/emotional disorders can have stress as a contributor. With heightened stress, the physical body is under strain and the energy body is also under strain.

As an energist, I’m here to talk about the energy body only. In energy terms we feel the world through a layer of stress and we may respond to this stress layer rather than be able to see the genuine issues. We act irrationally as far as the outside world is concerned, but very rationally indeed if the stress layer was our true reality. And at those points in time, the stress to our energy bodies is so BIG and surmounting that it may as well be real.

Stress doesn’t only affect ourselves. It has flow-on effects to all of our relationships and experiences. Our parent-child relationships, client-professional relationships, how we drive, how we work, how we live, how we sleep and how we learn.

The potential for energy body stress to fuck up our lives is HUGE. This is why it is so important to be aware of it and give it attention and energy. I cannot express enough how much reducing energy stress alone (even with no other changes) could make a positive difference to our lives.

So What Can We Do?

We are not trapped in this state however, and heightened stress isn’t essential for a full life. De-stressing the energy body (with flow-on to the physical one) is as easy as using Emotional Freedom Technique and tapping for phrases such as ‘Stress’ itself, or ‘Calm’, ‘Peace’, ‘Relax’.. any word that has the impact of relaxing you. The simpler the better. Tap along to my video using the word or phrase of your choice at each point. You can tap to de-stress at any time and any occasion: In the car at the side of the road after a near-miss, in the toilet at a dinner party with someone you clash with, prior to a job interview. You can even tap silently with that pressing feeling of stress doing all the ‘talking’ for you, you don’t necessarily need to use words for EFT to work. Your thoughts and intentions speak volumes. Using words out loud is recommended for focusing if you are new to EFT however.

What Can I Do To Reduce Stress Levels In My (Family) Life More Permanently?
So what if you are tapping to de-stress multiple times a day and yet you’re still under the weight of stress and struggling in general? You might recognise for a moment that you feel better, but due to things that arise in your environment, or ongoing issues, you are back to feeling stressed soon after. The de-stressing absolutely assists in the heat of the moment, but it pays to look further into things rather than just keep skimming the top off the stress pile.

Consider these top 7 stressors in family life:

1. Sex life of alpha couple
2. General alignment of alpha couple on common goals and values
3. Money
4. Health/mental health concerns in the nuclear family
5. Social status/societal expectation/work
6. Family/social relationships (excluding nuclear family)
7. Long term worries (of any kind)

These things impacting us are likely to mean that when additional unpredictable stresses occur (the car breaks down, we’re running late for an appointment, we have a broken night’s sleep) that our coping ability is severely impacted and we are more likely to display one or more of the symptoms of stress above.

We are all different and are going to have our own histories and beliefs, however tools such as EFT cater for our differences and allow an individual path forward through these issues.

So look at each entry there in the list. How does the topic name itself make you feel? What does it remind you of? If you read it and feel positive and flowing energy, that’s fantastic! Go onto the next list item. BUT – if you read it and you think “Hmm maybe there’s something there..”, or feel any kind of tension, then go with that feeling and look at it further. What’s the ‘something’? Whatever resistance is there is going to benefit from attention and energy work.

Some of you may look at the list and instantly recognise what is probably impacting on your family, but may feel that the stressors in are unchangeable and therefore the ‘somethings’ and resistances are there to stay. You may feel defeated in terms of your lot in life and a little like “Why bother?”. To those people, I ask you this: What have you got to lose by focusing attention on these things and letting them evolve as they will? Anything that is true, real and permanent is not something that EFT or any other energy work can shift. In fact energy work is to help you to be your true self, without layers of energy disruptions in the way. So you literally have nothing to lose in the sense of who you are, your identity and your inner self. And what you gain is up to you! The process of tapping takes 2 minutes approximately and you may notice improvement in as little as one or two rounds of that.

Care to give yourself 2 minutes of loving attention that might just make your whole life easier?

It’s a very interesting experience and well worth the time. I would love to hear from you! I’ll be continuing to blog the journey of looking at my own stressors as part of improving my son’s behaviour and the feel of my household.