Feeling GOOD versus Not Feeling Bad

This is for the self-tappers, the people who use Emotional Freedom Technique on their own at home! I want to say YAY! and HOORAY! and give you a virtual thumbs up for using EFT for yourself (isn’t it awesome!?), but I have some suggestions which may make it even better.

It can be a very easy trap to fall into to just tap a problem to a point of nothingness: To go from feeling grumpy or frustrated or sad, and then tap on that down to a neutral place, where you can easily carry on with your day. At that neutral point you then can forget about it, because really, it doesn’t matter anymore – you’re not feeling it as a problem anymore due to the elimination of the negative feelings associated.

The issue with this is that this doesn’t allow a permanent resolution of the actual underlying problem to happen.

So a problem happens.. Someone’s words were hurtful. We might tap from our hurting (-8) down to feeling fine (around the neutral point of 0), but what could we ‘inject’ to help us in future if the same thing happened again? What positive message do we want to absorb and feel instead? How could we energise ourselves associated to an event like that?

Maybe the hurtful words related to a disagreement with our beliefs, or someone disliking a quality of ourselves. If we are proud of the person we are, and believe in the things we stand for, we should tap for that! (and if we don’t, well we should tap for that too!) And tap for the fact that we all have different views and approaches and that it’s more than okay to be the person that we are, even if it isn’t what others would choose for themselves. How lucky that in this life we can be the individuals that we are!

So upward we tap, for how proud we are ourselves and how much we like and love ourselves. We tap up to +7 and feel great, but decide to do at least one more round! We might tap for how much we appreciate other people in our lives, even if we disagree with them (in this example, the other person has given us a self-healing opportunity! Nice!). We might celebrate differences of opinion and freedom to think how we want to and express that. We might realise that we can choose who we want to associate with, and decide that we want to spend time with more like-minded people, and tap for those boundaries and choices being made and accepted. Allow it to unfold how it will, and energise with what comes naturally to you.

And maybe when we next disagree with someone or they tell us that there is a trait of us that they don’t like, that we might shrug and think “Well I love who I am. I’m okay with disagreeing or being wrong in someone elses eyes. I believe in me.”, and it doesn’t upset to the same degree anymore because there’s no wounded feelings, we know our truth and the truth of the situation. The ENERGY of those words FLOWS THROUGH! And we also know that if some element bothers us that we can repeat the process and feel even better about ourselves.

Encouraging the positive by tapping for it allows more significant changes within us to occur, instead of just “tapping away the negative” and staying the same underneath. Both offer evolution of how we feel, but tapping for the positive allows us to truly fly and become blissfully happy!