EFT Case Story: Fear of needles

My client has a chronic medical issue which requires for her to have many appointments and many injections or blood withdrawals via syringe. She had an appointment later in the day in a clinic where she knew she would be getting a needle. She woke up feeling sick about this needle and it preoccupied her thoughts.

When she thinks about it, she said she feels “Guhhh! I feel sick and like I’m going to faint”.

We tapped for “Needles“.

When thinking about needles now, she recognises that they are unavoidable. She also feels less sick, and feels some tension in her neck and shoulders.

We tapped for “Needles” again.

After this she described that the shoulder tension increased and then let go. She also got a beautiful visual of herself in warm water with purple butterflies flying around her. She described it as tranquil and calm. A rock area with a lagoon and fresh water.

We tapped for “Tranquil and calm” and then expanded upon the scene with Project Sanctuary. She described the experience of being at this lagoon very peaceful, that she was just sitting in this space silently and could take in the surroundings of forest trees and lush green grass. She had no intentions of leaving this cleansing lagoon, but would sit on a rock, soak up the warmth of the sunshine before returning to the lagoon, and repeating as needed.

She felt that she was able to see things as they are with no distractions, no confusion. We had done other tapping before this and some additional clarity may have been due to the shifting of other energy reversals also. She was enjoying this space and decided to bring her husband and children into it also.

While talking about the surroundings, she recalled a dream that she had kept having where she was flying very fast very close to the ground. She recognised that the trees in this sanctuary were the same as those in her dream. She realised now that this place was where she had been trying to get to in her dream.

When she thought about needles that she would be soon to have, she had no negative feeling at all, she felt quite relaxed and calm. She decided that she could take this tranquil space and revisit it as needed through her treatments as well as in her every day, and was considering sketching the scene to have a tangible reminder of it.

It was a little goosebump worthy to have this Project Sanctuary experience as well as the dream connection present itself in the process of resolving an issue. Just beautiful!

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Uncloaking The Men

This interesting energy habitat experience was inspired by a dream that Silvia Hartmann described. She found herself in a normal world, a shopping centre with all the same shops as expected in a normal shopping centre.. yet all of the men, and all of the male children and babies, were covered in black cloaks from head to toe. When one looked closer, the men seemed to be uncomfortable and unhappy with this even though it seemed to be the ‘done thing’. There were people going cloakless in secret when given the opportunity.

I asked my energy mind to take me to where I needed to be to resolve this black cloak issue..

I am facing an emperor of sorts who is sitting on a large throne which is on a platform that stairs lead to. Their energy is quite intimidating and I’m scared. We are up high in this building, and through dark/tinted glass I can see trees and buildings far below, mostly trees.

There are guards with him with weapons and protective gear. 

The emperor himself has a mask on and I can’t see his features. He reminds me of Darth Vader in a way. He is wearing a black cloak himself and the mask is black and he has black gloves and shoes on. 

He says “What do you want” in a deep and gruff voice. 

I feel almost paralysed with fear. [I tap for this.] 
I say evenly and clearly “I am here to talk about the black cloaks that the men wear”. 

“Yes? What of it.” 
“Well I know that it bothers them and is a problem for them. Why must they wear them?” 
“Because it is the respectable thing to do of course!” he sounds irritated. He stands and starts pacing. His guards watching him and I. 
“Respectable how? They can’t properly eat, read a newspaper, engage with others. Their beauty and truth is suppressed by the cloaks. It’s an outrage really how this has been allowed to continue on. Especially for male babies to be born into this.” 
He is quite close to me and turns and points his finger at me “I don’t have to justify myself to you!”. 
“No,” I say, still quite calm, “But you have to justify yourself to YOU. How do you live with yourself knowing how you are affecting the lives of others so negatively? Why must you hide them?” 

He looks at the guards and dismisses them with his hand. They look uncertain and pause and he dismisses them again and they leave down the stairs and corridor behind me.

“Right” he says once they’ve left. “If you must know, the cloaks are present because of a curse. The curse began with me and continues with all of man.” 
“Well that’s great then!” I say “We can lift it. I know we can!” 
“It’s not so easy” he says and sighs. 
“I’ve tried. It just doesn’t work. The cloaks are staying.” 
“I refuse to take this as an answer and the end. Stand back!” 

I don’t know what I intend to do but I am about a metre away from him and I assess the cloak with my energy hands, my energy mind and my energy heart. I feel like sobbing with the intense sadness that I intuit. The hurt, the rage, the defeatedness and lost hope is hurting me too. A tear rolls down my right cheek. 

I close my eyes and ask for guidance. I hear “The antidote lies in the heart”. 

I ask for him to stay still and I place my energy hands over his heart. I intend for the necessary healing and energy to flow through me and into him. To make right what went wrong, to lift what had lay stuck, to release what was blocked, to break the curse. 

There is a big rushing of wind and a howling to go along with it. I keep my feet and my focus and my intention. There is a vacuum type of noise and the wind then dies down. 

The emperor’s mask has been blown off and it reveals a stunned face. Where my hands were on his heart area is a single thread exposed and standing out. I pull this thread and keep pulling it and pulling it while it comes. A pile of string is gathering at my feet. 

At last the thread comes to an end and the cloak drops to the floor. 

The man shines, as if he glows from within. He beams with happiness and stretches his arms out and shifts in this space. It is as if he has been shackled his whole life and is now free. He is crying tears of happiness.

“Thank you!” he says. “Thank you for what you have done and for this freedom that is now mine.” 

The windows no longer seem tinted and from the top of this glassed area we can see the sun shining brilliantly over the ocean. The energy here is calm and still and relieved.

Meeting Cho Ku Rei

I revisited Reiki level I today as part of my Reiki master level. It was great getting back in amongst the history and the symbols and lovely like-minded people on their own journeys.

I’ve learnt a lot since I originally did Reiki I. One of the things I have learnt is Project Sanctuary and creating energy habitats. I was inspired to blend these two things and create a habitat for one of the Reiki symbols, Cho Ku Rei, my intention to ‘get to know’ it. It looks like my painting of it below.

I see an Asian warrior in front of me. He slowly brings an elongated metal symbol up and over his head like a sword. He presents it to me. With the careful way he is handling it, it feels like it is powerful and dangerous if not handled correctly, like I imagine a samurai sword might be. I feel that the ‘swordsman’ is trained in its use and wants to train me.

He traces a finger along the metal of the symbol, drawing it, and it materialises into silvery dust with a misty cloud. He is holding his hand out and this is suspended in air above it.

He leans in and blows gently at the dust. Some of the dust comes toward me as he is leaning in, and I find I am leaning in also. I feel that we are drawn together by our foreheads. We are almost magnetically drawn there, yet I feel there is a push of energy away from him – an energy field as connector and barrier. He is smiling and I can tell that this is fun for him, I feel like he is reading my mind. I test this and make a joke in my head and he laughs out loud.

We begin communicating telepathically. He thinks, “Now watch this”. He stands upright again, throws his hand up and the remaining silver dust goes up into the air, particles floating between us joining it. It goes up and outward around the two of us, and is shaped like a dome of silvery grey light. “We are protected in this space”, he thinks, and I can feel this is true.

He reaches up above his head and touches the inner top of the dome and the dome shape is scattered and dust particles draw inward and back to his palm.

He again blows it toward me. Systematically, from my head downward, my organs, bones, veins, glands all light up bit by bit, in various colours and then fade. The downward scanning continues to my toes and I realise that my liver has stayed lit up, and is illuminated red. The rest of me darkened.

He waves his hands slowly over the area and I can see that particles that were elsewhere in my body all zoom inward, returning to my liver. The liver is now pulsing silvery white light and the man is still moving his hands. The red light fades gradually until it is no longer illuminated. The man takes a deep breath and the dust returns to his upward facing palm again.

He smiles and opens his palm and gestures for me to do the same. I open my right palm and he places the dust there. I look at its shimmering dance on my hand, marvelling at the flecks of light moving and turning.

I look up and the man is gone. The dust remains.

The Spider-Octopus and Free Speech

In the process of being more honest, more open and more ME, I have come up against situations where the truth may not have been the most popular route, but I took it anyway.

It recently reminded me of being told when I was a child “Your mouth will get you into trouble“. A friend thought it sounded very curse-like and maybe I should remove it. I’ve not removed a curse before, so I asked my energy mind to show me how. This Project Sanctuary experience below is the outcome, and a nice reminder that energy work and resolving things can be fun:

I’m in Sanctuary in my cabin and this THING is suckered onto my mouth. I am pulling at it to get it off and it won’t budge. When I pull at it, it takes my mouth with it. I’m feeling angry and a little distressed. I don’t want it there and I can’t say anything or do anything to get it to move. I figure I could calm down and just go on with my day, and just not be able to talk, but I don’t want to do that (anymore).

I move in front of a mirror in the cabin. I can see this thing. It looks much like a big spider. Black, partly shiny body, but also slimy like an octopus and also suckered onto me like an octopus could. It’s pretty gross. I’m looking in the mirror and this thing also sees the mirror and looks at it too, with its four eyes. It has a furry mouth-like thing which grins. 

In the mirror I give it the finger, because I don’t know what else to do. I ponder if this gesture of displeasure communicates across the spider-octopus to human language translation.

It looks like it’s laughing at me. I growl “GRRRRR!” and it jumps a little. I growl louder and with more force and it rises up on its legs and its body away from my lips, before coming back down again. 

I begin another growl, which builds into a scream once it has raised itself up off my lips and I then close my hand around its body, and am able to pull it off my face, its few remaining suckers making ‘pop’ noises as they unstick, and fling it into my fireplace. I am still screaming and this scream turns into loud cackles of laughter. The thing is hissing and shrieking before it burns and melts into a pool of blackness which is also burnt away into black steam which rises up the chimney and is gone.

I’m left standing in the cabin, playing with sound and my voice and listening to the sounds bounce off the walls back at me: La la la LA la la laaaaa! Buh diddley doo DAT, TAH!! BOOGERS!! SHITFACE!! MONGREL ARSE LICKERS!! (more cackling laughter)

I open up the door to my cabin and I walk out into the forest and the sunshine. I take a deep breath and yell: IIII CAAAANN SAAAYY WHATEVVVVERRRR III LIIIIKKKE!! bahahaha!

So long mouth spider octopus!


It may seem just like a story, and just words, but the energy unfoldments and processes that occur along the way using Project Sanctuary have lasting effects on the energy body and emotions, as I am feeling now! Amazingly high, and SO free to speak my truth!

You know the answers, so will you ask yourself the questions?

Two weeks ago, my husband and I found ourselves with both children asleep, through the day, while we were in the car and at the start of an hour drive. Firstly, they NEVER sleep at the same time, and secondly time with each other while they sleep through the day is unheard of! We had been talking about going with the flow and I made a jokey comment as to there being some sort of meaningful purpose to us having this time to ourselves.

So we got talking. My husband talked about a creative project he has been working on and how it was taking some time to get stuck into it because he needed to have some details on the story/plot before he could do some other technical work. So he said something like “Maybe in a few weeks we can get together with A <a friend also invested in the project> to brainstorm some more ideas”.

I said, “Why do you want to wait a few weeks? Just use your energy mind for the information”, and he scoffed a little, but humoured me, as he does. 😉

So while I was driving, I prompted him with questions and targeted visualisation, creating an energy habitat where his perfect and successful project existed, and suddenly my husband said “Quick I need a pen and paper!” and we found one pen and the back of a print-out. He scribbled down a page of notes about the information he had gleaned. He deliberately stopped the flow of ideas and information because he now had plenty of information to start with, and didn’t want to get overwhelmed. He knew he could come back to it at any time.

Did you get that? He got TOO much information. He was creatively stumped just moments before.

I thought this was pretty cool (as did my husband). Getting this creative inspiration from ‘thin air’. I wasn’t exactly surprised as I had used energy habitats/Project Sanctuary for my own inspiration, self-healing and assistance many times before, but was thrilled for him to have been able to apply it and make use of it. Project Sanctuary is the precious brainchild of Dr Silvia Hartmann, who uses it for her own purposes of fun, creativity, inspiration, knowledge and learning. Needless to say, Silvia is never creatively stuck!

I had this experience with my husband on my mind as I met with a woman who runs a website but was stuck on the colour scheme to use. She said she was “over it” because she had been thinking and looking at colours for days and was no closer to deciding on what to do, and simply didn’t want to think about it anymore.

I shared with her the story about my husband, and also about my own experiences with using the energy mind for self-healing and direction. I posed some pointed questions to her about her website and what her vision was for it, and could she see purple on her website, could she see red? I reminded her that there is a part of her that has these answers, that would give her a response to the questions. That it could help her. She said that she just couldn’t see it. The topic changed and I forgot about it.

The next day I received an email from her, explaining how she had been laying down in her daughter’s room, trying to get her to sleep beyond 6am, when suddenly she got a vision of her website in her mind’s eye. She now was starting to visualise it. She said: “I just wanted to thank you for your help yesterday as I’m sure that is what helped the image come to me today.”

I was so happy for her to have that clarity come to her, and touched that I was able to help. And while I have experience and learned how to do this, it isn’t hard by any means.

Begin with questions. Saying “I’m stuck”, “I don’t know what to do”, “I can’t work it out” gives no room for anything new. A well worded question can be a magical device! A question allows answers to come. Do we want to be stuck or do we want answers?

So turn it into a question or an open statement. “I would like to know how to..” “Should I <suggest an approach> ?” “What should I do next here?” And include details! “I am open to receiving what I need to know in order to create a website with a visual appearance which attracts more business, makes visitors feel comfortable, improves my financial situation, attracts more success!”. Why not!? And if you aren’t experienced with visualisation, use your feeling in your body, your physical reactions or your intuition to tell you what’s right. Trust that what comes to you is significant in some way.

Then ask specific questions as though you are seeing your project, including the senses to make it feel more real: “It is a sunny day, I’m inside my house and I can smell coffee and hear my children playing and cars going by. I am sitting in front of my computer and I have typed in the URL of my highly successful website that I love and adore. The page loads and now I can see my website main page. What colours am I seeing? What is the feeling of the site overall? Is there a logo? What does it look like? What fonts am I using and how do they make me feel?”

And that is just ONE tiny example.

What answers or inspiration do YOU need? When will you allow yourself to receive it?

An Interview with Dr Silvia Hartmann

Dr Silvia Hartmann, you have achieved amazing things in the areas of emotional healing, energy healing, human and animal behaviour and development. You’ve developed and designed transformational, healing and educational tools including Project Sanctuary, The Genius Symbols, Emotional Transformation, and Energy EFT. You’ve also written and published powerful fiction and non-fiction books as well as created magical works of art and music..

Is there anything that you can’t do!?

Many things. But whatever I can’t do in the hard, I can do in Sanctuary. Thus, I can certainly have a go at most things, in my own way …

What brought you to energy work?

Like so many people, I have a measure of talent relating to extra sensory perception. But in the absence of some kind of logical explanation, I didn’t do that much with it. I was working as a researcher in modern animal behaviour. We tried to isolate physical factors that affected behaviour especially in companion mammals, such as dogs and horses. We found a lot but there was always an X-factor. One day, I had the revelation that the missing piece was the exchange of energies between social mammals. I wrote that up in the Harmony Program of 1993 and started to create training strategies based around these energy exchanges. I then switched to human behaviour and ran into the problem of the so called “unconscious mind.” This needed to be resolved, so I created Project Sanctuary. This was doing a good job and in 1998, I came across EFT, which was the first time I’d seen what I would call “real” energy work outside of my own research. I thought it would make a good bridge to get more people to understand the reality of energy work, so I put myself behind promoting it. In 2002, it was going great guns so I did some further refinement and research and created EmoTrance as the result of that. 

What do you feel has been your greatest success to date?

On a personal level, I would say the discovery of the 6th sense. That’s a pretty profound thing.

On the transpersonal level, I don’t know. At the moment, I’m betting on the SUE Scale.

You have been at the helm of many energy modalities, which is your favourite? Which do you personally use the most?

I use Project Sanctuary the most and that’s also what I turn to in moments of personal need. To me, it’s the most natural and satisfying way to interact with not just energy but really, the wider Universe. Wouldn’t be here without it …

What is your creative process like, how do you come up with new material?

Project Sanctuary, of course. I’m used to using it so we’re not talking about the ABC version of creating specific habitats. The thing is to have a question that needs answering. You need to want to know something. Without that, the whole process cannot start. “And what else is there?” is a good question when you run out.

Do you ever get creatively blocked or stuck?

Haha! That’s funny. 

What is your favourite song?

Starman by Bowie

You have worked with many people. What is the most impressive healing outcome that you have been a part of? Or your favourite?

I have never cured anyone of cancer. But it’s true, I haven’t tried. I have very little to do with the physical side of things; that’s a decision I made at some point. People get too hung up about physical healing. It’s understandable when you’re in pain, and yes, it’s the basis of existence. But we will die at some point, all of us, and for any of us, it could be much sooner than we think. So I’ve kind of specialist in the areas of the non-physical questions.

So then, what would I call a star healing event?

I was once with a builder who said quite viciously, “I’m so stupid,” because he’d left his hammer behind in his van. I turned around to him and said, “You’re not stupid.” He laughed and said, “Tell that to my teachers, they all agreed.”

I said, “They were wrong.”

He laughed a little nervously and looked up into my eyes. Hesitantly, he said, “What. all of them?”

And I looked right back at him and said, “Yes. All of them.”

His pupils dilated, this wave went through him and I knew for a fact his world would never be the same again. 

That’s the sort of healing I love.

What challenges have you faced when it comes to helping us humans through our struggles? What type of issues are the hardest for you to help others with?

Look, I don’t think helping people is hard. It’s not hard and it’s not long. It doesn’t entail strapping people to your back and carrying them around like some hideous burden.

The way I see it, I just look at the person and think to myself, “For sure, I am no angel, but what I have to give, I give to you.” 

That usually does … something.

And really, it is all I can do. I can’t do anymore than that. This being so, it is immaterial what the problem might be, or whether I can help or not in the sense of “fix that person so they can function according to societal standards at this time again.”

I know everyone wants healing to be physical healing. But I’m the soul guy. There aren’t enough of my kind about. Souls are really more important than their current physical bodies; and when they’re happy, or at least stop screaming for a bit, there’s more chance of physical changes as well.

As a mother yourself, do you have any suggestions for those who are having a hard time with parenthood? Or facing behavioural difficulties with their children?

Yes. De-stress and re-energize. The higher up towards +10 on the SUE scale you can go, the more “healing” you become to your environment, and the better your relationships become. And think of this not as a one time fix but like brushing your teeth. After every meal plus morning and night. With extra flossing. An ongoing process.

What’s your view on parents expressing their emotions in front of their children? (such as crying)

Whenever I hear the words “expressing emotions” I think of expressing oranges, or breast milk …

Seriously though, emotional honesty with children is … really, the 101 of having a meaningful relationship. Can you damage fragile children’s energy systems with emotional outbursts? Yeah, sure you can. Big time. But they won’t hate you for it and let you rot in an old people’s home or move to Australia when they grow up, not like the ones who have always been lied to will. That’s unforgivable, and thus it never is forgiven.

The best thing is to de-stress and re-energize, that makes then a good adult and a good role model. And if you’ve had a freak out, don’t beat yourself up for it. Do EFT or whatever, apologize to the kid if necessary, explain yourself and promise you’ll do better in future LOL.

So many people struggle with their self-view and how they feel about their bodies and themselves, do you have any advice or suggestions on how they might overcome this?

This is a very important issue, so much so that I gave a day’s lecture on the topic and made an energy therapy for body image called BeautyT

The thing to remember is that low self esteem, struggle, negative emotions are all stress susceptible. The more stressed a person is, the worse all of it becomes and it all lifts when stress recedes and the energy body becomes re-energized, starts to work again like the creator intented it to work.

Watch your stress levels first of all and if you think, “My god I’m hideous!” take it for an indicator that you’re clearly very stressed and need to take some energy action.

For body image problems that are related to traumas and sometimes also Guiding Stars, I advise to seek an experienced EFT or EmoTrance or MET practitioner and work on it.

Feeling bad about your body is a bad thing. It can ruin a person’s sex life.

Do you have a ritual by way of energy work, such as a morning prayer/meditation, energy self-defense, evening EmoTrance workout?

No. I go with the flow.

What makes you feel alive?

A tooth ache! Just kidding … Being alive is not something I tend to forget. I’ve had a number of near death experiences, I guess that sort of teaches you the difference.

What grounds you?

I feel like I’ve been permanently grounded ever since I arrived on Planet Earth! I take every opportunity to go higher that presents itself. Gravity takes care of the rest …

What is a typical day like for you?

Very exciting. Containing all sorts of different emotions. Lots of laughs. And a whole lot of very sensuous experiences in the widest possible metaphorical sense 🙂

What is the best tip you have for manifesting a success/goal/money/love? And what have you manifested personally?

Best tip is to aim high. Really, really high. If you start a band, don’t dream about playing down the local working man’s club. Dream about centre stage at Glastonbury instead. And keep that in mind as you go through the daily grind. Use it to uplift and inspire you.

I manifested a silver Mercedes Benz for practice at one time. That was interesting.

Energetically speaking, why do people experience depression?

No energy flow. Often not because they’re not being given energy, but because they’re not processing it. And they’re not outputting any energy. Which is why cats can help, they draw energy from people and eat it. Strange creatures that they are.

Do you believe it’s necessary to feel some low moments in life in order to enjoy the highs?

No. That’s a ridiculous idea. It’s like saying you have to eat shit in order to appreciate a good curry.

Do you feel that some people are born with natural talents or skills in things such as psychic ability?

My jury is still out on the nature/nurture debate.

Do you believe in: ghosts? aliens? fairies? politicians?

If I stop believing in them, will they go away and leave me alone?

What is your dream by way of energy awareness and the modern world? How would you like things to be?

I’d like for everyone to understand what emotions are and how they work. That would change everything. It does change everything, every time another person has that OMG moment when they understand they’re not really crazy after all.

What do you say to skeptics?

See ya later, alligator.

What frustrates you?

That I didn’t know what I know now when I was 14. (But an alternate timeline is under way in Sanctuary as we speak …)

What makes you laugh?

Monty Python and Father Ted.

What’s next for Silvia Hartmann?

Don’t know. We’ll have to wait and find out … 🙂

I’m in the unusual position, working in this day and age, that I publish my findings as they happen, live, as it were, rather than at the end of a 40 career in academy as it used to be the case. And I love being surprised by what I find. I think I’ve snuck that into my enquiry set ups at the baseline. I’m going to keep doing what I do and look forward to the next surprise. 

Anything else you’d like to share?

Yes. I am extremely grateful to be alive at this specific time in the history of the world, and in this place I’m in. Especially being a woman, there would be no way I could do the things I do in the Renaissance, in Ancient Rome or in Afghanistan, for that matter.

Praise be!

My New ‘Imaginary’ Friend

We can make friends with our energy minds (and be reunited with old ones..). This was an assignment task that I did recently.

I was walking along the forest path with my intentions wide open to meet a new friend here today. A friend who is just right for me, here and now, at this time of my life.

I am walking along and I see someone ahead on the path standing still looking in my direction. I am steadily walking towards them and taking them in in the process. It seems to be a man based on the silhouette and the posture and stance. They have a cap on which seems to be mostly blue. And brown slouch boots. This person reminds me of Robin Hood in a way. They actually have a bow and arrow slung across their back. They have ruddy skin, it looks weathered by wind and elements and is a little flushed. Their hair is very dark black, short and unevenly cut, based on the hair showing from under the front of their cap. They have a heavy looking jacket on, which looks to be leather. I am feeling like their face needs my attention and not their clothes so I am looking at their face.

This man is smiling and looks friendly. He looks relieved to see me. I notice now that he is holding the legs of a small animal over one shoulder, which I presume is a future meal for this man. I am upset by this but try and keep an open heart and mind.

He is probably 5″10′ and in his late 20s or early 30s. I say hello and ask him what his name is. He says Atreya (Ahh-Trey-Ahh).

The sunny day darkens quickly and it starts to rain. I’m getting hit with big fat raindrops that come through the trees and onto my skin, the air is cooler and the wind has picked up. The wind and rain makes it noisy and I yell for Atreya to follow me to shelter at my cabin.

I push through the grass and bushes and leap over the stream, through the grasses again and toward the cabin. I am getting soaked in the process and it’s quite heavy and uncomfortable. I unlock and open the cabin using the key on the necklace and go inside, with Atreya following me in, closing the door behind him.

“Phew!” I say and there is a very obvious change in noise levels now we are sheltered from the rain and wind and while it is whipping at the windows at the side of the cabin it is much quieter. It’s also much warmer in here. Atreya is looking around and looks a bit awkward. “Come in” I say and lead him to the couch by the fireplace and gesture for him to sit down.

I begin to boil some water on the stove to make a hot tea for the both of us. “Do you drink tea?” I ask him. He says “Yes, I like black tea”. I tell him how I love herbal teas and feel like lavender tea today. He nods and smiles. He takes his wet coat, hat and boots off and places them on the floor near the fire. I ask him if he wants a towel and he says no. He ruffles his hair, wipes water from his face with his sleeve and looks much more comfortable.

The water is boiled and I am pouring it into the mugs I’d got down from the hooks. I want to know more about this person who is in my cabin. He seems like a quiet type of person and it’s feeling a challenge to get information from him. I let the teas steep and get a towel from the shelf near the bathroom and wrap it around me to help me dry. I move one of the dining chairs closer to the fireplace before getting each of our teas, handing Atreya’s to him and sitting down with mine. The lavender smells divine and I take a deep breath of it and close my eyes for a moment.

Atreya’s voice interrupts. “Is that your horse?” He’s looking out the window and the brown horse is standing there looking in. I say “Not exactly, but he is here a lot. I’m not sure where he comes from. I don’t know much about caring for horses..”.

Atreya starts telling me (between sips of tea) about how he grew up caring for horses with his family, especially his father. His father showed him how to handle them, tame them, care for them, ride them, train them. He tells me of specific times when spooked or damaged horses would be ‘charmed’ by his father, and how he learned to do the same. He talks about connection and bonding with these animals and how trust is important. He tells me how this horse looks quite trusting and that he would like to help me build a shelter at the rear of the cabin.

I tell him this sounds great and I would be very grateful and ask him about materials and sourcing them. He knows where some wooden logs are and thatching for the roof and has some nails, rope and hammer as well as a ladder at his home. He tells me he will begin the following day as the rain will have passed by then.

I drop back into this habitat through the following day and it feels like at least a week has passed because to the rear of the cabin and to the right is a wooden structure with four posts and a roof. Underneath it is bales of hay and straw on the floor. I also see Atreya with the horse bridled and he is leading the horse around in circles and making various noises or gestures to have the horse stop or change direction. I am impressed and smiling. Atreya calls out “You will have to think of a name for him!”

The Forest Path ~ a sanctuary

I wrote this as an assignment for the Project Sanctuary Masters Course. I was to create a habitat, a dwelling, map it, furnish it and live there for two weeks. The way these things unfold on their own (and are extremely pleasurable!) makes it feel like someone else is doing my homework for me.. 🙂

I am in a forest, with tall trees all around. The trees have pale green leaves and light brown trunks and branches. Rays of sunshine are coming through. It feels like Spring, mid-morning. I can’t see too far beyond where I’m standing right now as the forest is thick with tall leafy trees and shrubs and grasses.

It’s relaxing and soothing here. I’m enjoying this space. It’s sunny but breezy, with subtle noises as the leaves are rustling and moving in the wind and the grasses moving gently. It is fairly cool here. The ground is firm. It’s a dirt path that is uneven and worn. People have walked this way before and their feet have left this path. I notice my own feet are bare.

I take a deep breath and notice that the air smells and feels fresh and clean. To my right I hear a faint sound of trickling water and am drawn to walk that way to investigate, suspecting that it might be even more relaxing there. I move off the path and push through bushes and past trees. At my feet I can see a shallow stream with water bubbling over stones and pebbles. Looking ahead I can see it leads onward. I wonder what it becomes. But my eye is caught by something else.

Across the stream, in a clearing, I can see a wood cabin. I cross the stream to this cabin, pushing through more tall grass as I go. It’s soft on my skin, like tiny brushes.

The cabin is in front of me and there is a door on the side I am facing. The cabin has a pitched roof and I can see a chimney above and to the rear of the building with smoke coming from it. I walk to the door and try to open it. It’s locked, but in the process of trying to open it a key on a long necklace I’m wearing slips forward, getting my attention. I use this key and unlock the door and go inside the cabin, closing the door behind me.

The cabin seems to be one large rectangular space without any rooms. Up against the back wall of the cabin is the fireplace. It’s warm and inviting. Close to the fireplace but on the right side of it is a couch. It’s firmly padded, a red and gold flecked felt material. It has ornate legs painted gold. It looks wide enough for me to lay down on. I approach it and take a seat and realise that it’s much softer than it looks. There is a tall book shelf against the wall full of books. I don’t notice any of the titles at the moment, but I feel drawn to investigate soon. A green book on one of the upper shelves is pulling my attention.

Instead of continuing to investigate the cabin I give the book shelf and the green book my attention. It is an older book and it has gold writing on the spine and on the cover. The book is called The Truth and has my name as the author. Interesting! I decide to carry this with me and keep looking around.

On the other side of the fire place is a small dining table with two chairs. It’s a circular table. On the table is a lace cloth, a white vase with a single white daisy in it.

Up against the back wall near the table is shelving with cups hanging from hooks and plates and bowls slotted upright. Some pots and pans are hanging from larger hooks. There is a very small sink and a stovetop and bench here with some cupboards underneath. I have a look in a few of the cupboards and it looks to be canned and dry goods. Food that won’t go off in a hurry.

Behind me looking back to the door, on the left hand side, same side of the cabin as the couch, is a wooden single bed. It has white linen with some lace detail and small roses embroidered on it. It has plump pillows (I see at least two) with the same linen covering them and the bedcovers also look very plump and cosy. I am tempted to have a sleep here. There is a little circular rug at the side of the bed of red, green and white. I put my book down on a wooden stool that is sitting next to the bed, wipe my feet and hop in under the covers and lay down to dream and sleep. I notice above me is a hanging from the ceiling with crystals, feathers and little stone birds. This is moving gently in whatever air movement is in the room and I watch it until I fall asleep.

I wake up to the sun shining through one of the windows onto my face. I can see out a window on the same wall from my bed. A brown deer catches my eye. It looks up to me suddenly, standing very still, then darts away.

I hop out of bed and pull the covers back up and make the bed. On the opposite side of the room is a beautiful claw-footed bath. White porcelain tub with gold fixtures and feet. I start filling it up and notice a shelved area with essential oils and small glass bottles of things. I pick up a pink coloured one and it says Soothing Bath. I tip some of this under the running water and for a moment I see glittering pink sparkles but then the water turns a pale shade of pink and bubbles start being created.

I put the bottle back on the shelf and notice a mirror and razor and nail brush and hair brush, all very rustic looking. Some towels and face washers are there too. Near the wooden brushes with natural bristles. On the other side of the bath, where I almost didn’t see it, is a toilet. I am grateful for this!

I take my clothes off and step into the bath. Turning the water off when it is full enough. The water is so warm and soothing (the bottle was right!). I feel weightless and dreamy and relaxed. I lay my head back on the bath edge and I can hear my breathing, the sound of birds outside, the crackle of the fire – and not much else.

I decide to have a look in the green book I had found earlier but can’t quite reach it from the bath. Since I am in Sanctuary, I use telekinesis and the book lifts off the stool and floats through the air before I hold it in my grasp and open it to read.

The Truth. Page 1: “Deep down within your spirit and underneath your cloak of fear is the truth of who you are and what you bring to this time. Will you boldly shift this fear and inhabit your truth? Or will it stay hidden and unseen?”

I turn the page, and a few more pages and they all seem to be blank. I put the book down and step out of the bath and use the large cotton towel that was on the bench to dry myself. I get dressed again and lay down on the couch and watch the fire.

Two weeks later:

So I’ve been here for two weeks now. I feel so at peace here. Life is simple and there are no pressures or stress. I make myself tea, I read books, I make sure the fire has wood (there is a woodpile at the back of the cabin), and I sleep in this beautiful bed and relax in this beautiful bath. Life is sweet.

It’s a little lonely though. I haven’t spoken with another person for two weeks and I feel quite isolated even though I’m relaxed. I am wanting someone or several someones to talk, to interact, to share a joke, to care for, to hug, to share the fireplace with and make tea for and go for walks with.

I am loving the stream and have walked alongside it as much as I was able to where the vegetation wasn’t so thick. It lead to a great waterfall which flowed down into a lagoon. I haven’t worked out how to get down there yet, aside from jumping down, and haven’t taken that leap yet.

I see (and hear) owls and birds and other animals. I’m not afraid of anything out here. Some of the ‘bumps in the night’ are actually quite comforting. Letting me know that I’m not alone.

One morning this week I was laying in bed and saw out my window a brown horse with white markings on its face. It noticed me and stayed there, ate some of the grass where it was. I went outside and was able to approach it and stroke it gently on its nose. It had no signs that it belonged to anyone, but was tame and trusting of me as a human. Its brown eyes just watched me.  Soon I am going to try and see if this horse allows me to be close enough to get up on his back and ride with me. I’m hopeful that he keeps returning and feels as though he can trust me. I am not pushing things in any hurry.

This place has really slowed me down. Things just happen as they will, in their own natural flow. I am enjoying the little things. I want to write more in my green book as my truth unfolds. I also want to take some longer walks to see if I can find some other people around here.