My New ‘Imaginary’ Friend

We can make friends with our energy minds (and be reunited with old ones..). This was an assignment task that I did recently.

I was walking along the forest path with my intentions wide open to meet a new friend here today. A friend who is just right for me, here and now, at this time of my life.

I am walking along and I see someone ahead on the path standing still looking in my direction. I am steadily walking towards them and taking them in in the process. It seems to be a man based on the silhouette and the posture and stance. They have a cap on which seems to be mostly blue. And brown slouch boots. This person reminds me of Robin Hood in a way. They actually have a bow and arrow slung across their back. They have ruddy skin, it looks weathered by wind and elements and is a little flushed. Their hair is very dark black, short and unevenly cut, based on the hair showing from under the front of their cap. They have a heavy looking jacket on, which looks to be leather. I am feeling like their face needs my attention and not their clothes so I am looking at their face.

This man is smiling and looks friendly. He looks relieved to see me. I notice now that he is holding the legs of a small animal over one shoulder, which I presume is a future meal for this man. I am upset by this but try and keep an open heart and mind.

He is probably 5″10′ and in his late 20s or early 30s. I say hello and ask him what his name is. He says Atreya (Ahh-Trey-Ahh).

The sunny day darkens quickly and it starts to rain. I’m getting hit with big fat raindrops that come through the trees and onto my skin, the air is cooler and the wind has picked up. The wind and rain makes it noisy and I yell for Atreya to follow me to shelter at my cabin.

I push through the grass and bushes and leap over the stream, through the grasses again and toward the cabin. I am getting soaked in the process and it’s quite heavy and uncomfortable. I unlock and open the cabin using the key on the necklace and go inside, with Atreya following me in, closing the door behind him.

“Phew!” I say and there is a very obvious change in noise levels now we are sheltered from the rain and wind and while it is whipping at the windows at the side of the cabin it is much quieter. It’s also much warmer in here. Atreya is looking around and looks a bit awkward. “Come in” I say and lead him to the couch by the fireplace and gesture for him to sit down.

I begin to boil some water on the stove to make a hot tea for the both of us. “Do you drink tea?” I ask him. He says “Yes, I like black tea”. I tell him how I love herbal teas and feel like lavender tea today. He nods and smiles. He takes his wet coat, hat and boots off and places them on the floor near the fire. I ask him if he wants a towel and he says no. He ruffles his hair, wipes water from his face with his sleeve and looks much more comfortable.

The water is boiled and I am pouring it into the mugs I’d got down from the hooks. I want to know more about this person who is in my cabin. He seems like a quiet type of person and it’s feeling a challenge to get information from him. I let the teas steep and get a towel from the shelf near the bathroom and wrap it around me to help me dry. I move one of the dining chairs closer to the fireplace before getting each of our teas, handing Atreya’s to him and sitting down with mine. The lavender smells divine and I take a deep breath of it and close my eyes for a moment.

Atreya’s voice interrupts. “Is that your horse?” He’s looking out the window and the brown horse is standing there looking in. I say “Not exactly, but he is here a lot. I’m not sure where he comes from. I don’t know much about caring for horses..”.

Atreya starts telling me (between sips of tea) about how he grew up caring for horses with his family, especially his father. His father showed him how to handle them, tame them, care for them, ride them, train them. He tells me of specific times when spooked or damaged horses would be ‘charmed’ by his father, and how he learned to do the same. He talks about connection and bonding with these animals and how trust is important. He tells me how this horse looks quite trusting and that he would like to help me build a shelter at the rear of the cabin.

I tell him this sounds great and I would be very grateful and ask him about materials and sourcing them. He knows where some wooden logs are and thatching for the roof and has some nails, rope and hammer as well as a ladder at his home. He tells me he will begin the following day as the rain will have passed by then.

I drop back into this habitat through the following day and it feels like at least a week has passed because to the rear of the cabin and to the right is a wooden structure with four posts and a roof. Underneath it is bales of hay and straw on the floor. I also see Atreya with the horse bridled and he is leading the horse around in circles and making various noises or gestures to have the horse stop or change direction. I am impressed and smiling. Atreya calls out “You will have to think of a name for him!”