EFT Case Story – Accepting Her Mother-In-Law

A client expressed that she had had a very frustrating phone call with her Mother-in-law a few days prior and had carried some frustration and resentment with her since then. There were also ongoing issues relating to her Mother-in-law and Father-in-law coming from interstate and only staying with them when it was convenient to them (instead of when requested), the “kill two birds with one stone” approach, never putting themselves out for their son and his family.

I explained that relationships are created by the energy we feel between us and another person or thing, and that if we evolve the feeling, we evolve the relationship.

We initially tapped for “Calm” to de-stress.

The strength of feeling about her Mother-in-law began at -8 on the SUE scale, from -10 to +10 where 0 is neutral. It was a sense of resentment that she was feeling, recalling the phone call she’d had. She tapped for “Resentment”.

This feeling lost its severity and what remained felt at -6 strength and was more of a frustration. She tapped for “Frustration” and then “Annoyance.

At this point what presented was a “What the..?” feeling. A sense of confusion as to why her Mother-in-law does what she does, feeling far less negative now at -2. She tapped for “Confusion” and felt very neutral about her Mother-in-law. “Meh” is a good way to describe it.

From here I asked my client to think about how she wants her relationship to go with her Mother-in-law and what she could tap for. She was happy to accept and welcome her into her home, but wasn’t sure that she felt more beyond that, nor that she could at this point.

She tapped for “Welcoming” which naturally evolved into “Acceptance” during the round of tapping. Going to +6 after a second round of “Acceptance”.

She was happy to end at +7 while tapping for “Happy to see you”.

This is a significant difference from feeling resentment to begin with and a very positive evolution of her feelings toward, and relationship, with her Mother-in-law!