The Cleansing Waterfall

Hi Energy Mind,

What have you got for me today?

Love, Me


I am standing under a waterfall. I can’t see anything about my surroundings because I am completely under the water. I can breathe easily though. It’s rushing down over my body, this cool clear water. It feels fresh and cleansing and invigorating. The air is warm, it feels like I am in a place which is relatively humid.

I look down at my feet and I’m standing on a rock surface, the water is splashing down onto my feet and beyond. I don’t feel like moving from here. I close my eyes. I relax into the water and feel it washing away my worries and fears and concerns.┬áThe water is firm and strong, yet it is not rough or hard on my skin, it is soothing in its pressure. I am enjoying this experience and the sensation of letting go, whether I intended to or not. I feel safe here.

My hair and scalp is being massaged by the waterfall. Anything I was thinking or worrying about has been released. I move my head gently to each side and my neck is then massaged and relaxed by the water. Any rigidity that was there has gone now. My entire head feels relaxed and I feel as though I can think more clearly. I tilt my head back and the water splashes down on my face and down my neck to my chest. My face muscles are relaxed. I lean forward and the water is now cascading down my shoulders and my back. Any weight I was carrying has rolled down, hit the stone floor and washed away. I hold my arms out one at a time and each receives a cleansing shower from the waterfall, releasing any tension held within them.

I feel lighter and brighter and happier. Unencumbered. Free.

I look around me now. Behind the waterfall is a stone area where I decide to sit and relax and breathe deeply and enjoy this feeling. I have no need or desire for anything else right now.