The Extra Terrestrial Self-Love Weight-Loss Plan

OK this is a bit of a vent so bear with me. Sometimes I feel like I am on another planet and I’ve just had yet another other-planetary moment and my mind has been blown.

I stumbled across a blog entry whereby the author admitted that maybe… just maybe… that people who were thin may actually be unhappy too.

What followed this post was many many comments congratulating the admission and the honesty and bravery and “WOW that made me think!”.

Wait. Really?!

Do people REALLY presume that body size, shape, attributes have a bearing on how we feel within ourselves? That everyone who fits in a particular tiny clothing size has a glowing attitude to match? When people lose weight do they think that when they are just short of their weight goal that the Emo Fairies will come in through the night and take the sadness and hurts away? How would this possibly work? How does it possibly make sense?!

Would the women trying to lose weight look in the mirror every day.. feel “meh”, then suddenly one day look in the mirror and a choir of angels sings and light beams down from the ceiling, allowing them to recognise that they have FINALLY attained TRUE beauty and they were free to live life with only positive feelings?

OK I’m being a little cheeky, but I just don’t get it. I don’t get how any of that makes sense at all. It’s so obvious to me how things such as emotions and energy work that I assume that other people understand it how I do.

Sadness is sadness whether it’s in a fat suit or a thin one. Experiences happen, no matter our outer physical ‘shell’, and those experiences alter our energy and evoke emotion, good or bad. And sad feelings remain until we process them, or evolve them, or reverse them. Altering the physical doesn’t necessarily alter the emotional. Putting on a pink hat doesn’t make me filled with feelings of love unless I already have the capacity. And if I already had the capacity, then the hat is redundant, isn’t it. I could pretend I put the hat on. I could visualise I constantly had that hat on. In the end I wouldn’t even think about the hat, it would be all me. Just as it was from the beginning.

Which is it in a nutshell, I guess. Some people think they don’t have permission to be happy in their skin unless they have a ‘pink hat’ telling them what they can feel, or an outfit with a magic number on the label which says to them: “NOW. Now, you are definitely a beautiful woman. Enjoy!”

Why wait for the permission from something on the outside to tell us it’s okay to be happy? Why wait to feel good? Wouldn’t feeling good about ourselves FIRST make it easier to prepare ourselves lovely healthy meals, move our gorgeous bodies and get active in a way that is fun to us, take care of ourselves with incredible tender loving care? In that way, wouldn’t feeling GOOD about ourselves make things like weight loss, dieting, strict regimes etc redundant?

But hey.. what would I know, I’m clearly from another planet. 😉

EFT Case Story – Releasing Anger

A case story using Emotional Freedom Technique to help heal feelings of anger. Contact to organise your own session.


I did a Skype session tonight with a client going through many different challenges in her life. She was wanting help with her feelings of anger in relation to several different issues that were also interlinked due to events and experiences along the way. She described her angry feeling as being hot. And heat around the chest. She rated her strength of feeling as -8 (on a scale from -10 to +10, with 0 being a neutral feeling).

We began with a round of EFT for “calm”, to de-stress the client, get us both comfortable and show her how to tap. I explained how we could go back to this at any time to release any energy stress that might arise.

We then tapped for “This heat in my chest”. My client described that the heat had reduced, it was much cooler. She felt energy flow, a “buzzing feeling”. She said the feeling in her chest felt like it had a fuzzy outline.

My client is intuitive and was definite on what she was feeling. She decided she wanted to tap for the emotion that she knows the physical feeling as. We tapped for “The anger”. After this she said she felt a lot calmer. She would rate the feeling -2 or -3.

As the anger was still there, we tapped again for “The anger”. She felt that she would rate the anger at 0 now. I explained how with Energy EFT the point of zero is the point where we can tap for positive feelings – how we desire to feel instead. My client decided that she wanted to tap for closure.

We tapped for “Closure”. During this round, she was reminded of a guided meditation that she had done last night. She had been met in this meditation environment by her deceased brother. The version of herself in the meditation pushed him away, as she was too upset by his presence. I felt that this was something that presented itself as needing some attention before closure was possible. She recognised that there was sadness from his passing that she hadn’t dealt with yet. She hadn’t known what to do with it.

We decided to tap for “Sadness”. It was understandably emotional for my client – one challenging aspect of Skype as I am just on the screen, as are they, and I can’t give a hug, just be reassuring as best as I can be with words. After this round she recognised that there was no sadness there anymore. She also felt that her response to him in a meditation would change if she was to do it again. Through this round she was reminded that she didn’t get to say goodbye, as his passing was sudden.

My client wanted to tap for “Calm” before going on at this point. We tapped for this together. She described a letting go feeling after this.

We then tapped for “Didn’t get to say goodbye”. My client felt this was much needed, and that it was like a release for her. I asked about the anger and she said it still felt like it was there, but that it was directed in a different direction now. Also related to her brother and what he had left behind.

We tapped for “The anger”. After this she felt less anger and it was hard to think about. The concept of anger changed during the tapping and the word “misunderstood” came to mind. Related to her brother but also related to her husband. That her husband misunderstood her at the time of her brother’s death.

Here we tapped for “Misunderstood”. And what came to mind was a wound. She was wounded by his reaction, his reaction to her own. This wound is what remains.

We tapped for “The wound”. There was a good and light feeling here as we tapped. She felt that she could see it more as a miscommunication between her husband and her, rather than an insult or a hurt. She felt this was feeling more neutral and there wasn’t anything remaining that was troubling her.

As we were at a neutral feeling again she felt that we could tap for affirmations here, that there was nothing negative left to shift. We tapped for “At peace”. She said she felt more positive, lighter. I was struck how the choice of words covered both the concept of relationship tension being resolved, as well as the concept of someone’s memory being laid to rest.

Our final round was for “Free”. My client described a very light feeling in herself. She described that she felt that she now understood things much more clearly where before the intermingled issues were too overwhelming, and she wasn’t sure what to do about them. She said she is feeling more positive about everything.

I thought she did remarkably well facing these things that presented themselves and letting go of what she needed to along the way. She described her feeling at the end as +7. I’m very happy with this outcome and seeing her smiling face before we disconnected.