The Street of Grey

I’m on a street, it’s raining a misty rain. It feels like early evening. I am in a city setting and there are many people walking past me (‘trudging’ or ‘marching’ even) in all different directions. Everything feels grey coloured. Dark colours, grey clothing, pasty coloured skin. The peoples’ faces are looking down towards the ground where they’re headed.

I am trying to catch someone’s eye. Someone, anyone. To get someone to look me in the face, to maybe smile, acknowledge my existence, say hello, have a conversation. Do they see me? Why aren’t they looking at me? I feel invisible, frustrated and anxious.

I’m not grey like them. I am rainbow coloured and radiating gold light. I can see myself, my arms legs and torso, and I can see the presence I am creating in this world. I know I am real and I know I’m visible.

I wonder how I can have them notice me as I am? It should be easy for someone like me to catch their eye, I wonder if I’m doing something wrong? (Here I tap for these things.)

I stand still in this city street, amid all the bustling foot traffic. I close my eyes and look upward. I get jostled, pushed, grumbled about, complained about, hated, raged at but still I remain still and stand strong. I won’t lose myself in this crowd.

I am glowing and radiant and my glow shows as a golden aura around me. This expands outwards from me more and more as I breathe deeply. As the gold expands outward I feel my heart expand and fill with a blissful feeling of love. I radiate love and happiness, regardless of anything else.

If I could look down on myself standing there I would see one person amongst the crowd who walks by, head down. They move through my aura. They stop in their tracks, look up and wonder what just happened. They feel different. They look down at themselves and their grey is being covered over with colour and warmth. The grey is slipping away. They feel lighter and with head held high they remain still and soak up their space.

One by one the same thing is happening. The grey is erased and light and gold spreads exponentially, person-by-person, who then affects the people around them and so on, until the entire street is one glowing mass, so bright to look at, so strong in feeling.

We’re not looking at each other or anyone but we are radiating together, looking upward and feeling secure in where we stand. We recognise our connectedness and we make one body of light. We are beautiful! Amazing! Complete!

This habitat was created with the intention of boosting self-approval, self-acknowledgement and self-love. May we all shine in ourselves and ‘infect’ others with love!