EFT – The gift that keeps on giving!

I am always thrilled and excited when I hear back from people who I have taught EFT to and have them describe new ways in which they have used it. EFT is really very easy to do, takes 3 minutes to do one round, and is applicable to anything and everything.

So here are some ways in which my lovely EFT-ers have gone on to use EFT on their own:

  • One of the ladies had a negative association with tapping regularly for her issues at home, relating to it being an OCD-esque kind of nervous habit. She was able to tap through that (beginning with “calm”, moving onto the negative beliefs about the OCD association, then onto “This really works and I’m feeling good” and “I am positive inspired energy”) and feel only positive associations with it.


  • Another lady (I don’t get a lot of male clients at this stage!) let me know about a challenging situation she’d faced after sending a message to her boss about a co-worker. She sent the message and immediately felt anxious, as if she’d be seen as a trouble maker and stirring the pot. She tapped to calm as well as relating to the “stirring the pot” feeling and felt great and at peace at taking action.


  • And lastly there is another lady who is in the process of quitting smoking who is using EFT to help her along the way.


I love that the act of learning how to do EFT unlocks a world of feeling good in so many ways. They may still ask me for feedback in relation to what they are tapping for if they get stuck, but going it on their own and evolving their own issues on the spot would be very empowering and satisfying!