Breaking the Sleep Curse

I’ve decided that my household might be cursed in terms of sleep. My 2 year old son doesn’t seem to sleep at all, preferring to busy himself with his toy cars and books even sometimes in the middle of the night, then waking up early the following day, with boundless energy. My 4 year old daughter delays sleep and comes up with excuses not to go to bed and then the following day tries to sleep in and complains of being tired. I am just like my daughter. My husband is just like our son. Or maybe the other way around! I have looked at my own sleep from a few different angles but the problem persists. So let’s try and break the sleep curse, energy style.

I am faced with a dragon. It is at least four or five times my height, it is huge! Green-tinged, and angry, swishing its tail and gnashing sharp teeth.

I’m standing on unstable ground, rocks that shift and move and crumble underfoot.

The sky is dark, grey clouds, red-tinged sky.

I am scared, wondering what I’m meant to do here and suspect I’m about to be eaten. I have a sword and thin armour but not much else that would do any good!

The dragon lunges forward with a growl that’s so heavy it sounds as though it’s coming from within the earth. He comes at me as if to bite me or eat me. Do dragons eat people? No time to think. I swiftly dodge to the side and go behind him and quickly climb onto his back.

He shifts and moves and I hold tightly to fin-like protrusions on his back. He tries to twist his head and neck around to be able to snap at me with his teeth but where I’m sitting and how far he can twist means I am safe for now. Not completely relaxed or comfortable, but cautiously safe! He gets frustrated and writhes more violently, his noises also getting louder.

He lets out a long and ear-blastingly loud bellow before stretching out his wings, flapping them with huge whooshing sounds and lifting himself with me off the ground.

So high up we are! I would try and touch clouds but am to scared I’ll fall down to a ground that I can’t even see. I cling tightly to his fins and neck.

After flying for some time, he comes down to land in a grassed area. The weather is completely different, a blue sky and sunshine! My husband is there waiting while we land! He doesn’t seem perturbed by the fact I am riding on a dragon, and seems to be exchanging a nod in greeting?!

I climb down and rush to where my husband is and look back to the dragon. It is no longer a dragon standing there, but my brown horse from Sanctuary in its place. I approach it and stroke it gently, taking the reins in hand.

I take my husband’s hand in the other hand and walk toward a path that leads us to a forest that I am familiar with.

To be continued? (this dragon rider can’t stay awake)

The Golden Jellybean

I asked my energy mind to help get me to bed earlier because it’s just not happening. And I’m tired!

The first thing I see is a table with jellybeans on it. They are much bigger jellybeans than usual size (like a small biscuit size), placed at various points on the table. The table seems to be backlit and is bright white.

I see me there and I am looking at these jellybeans, I am trying to choose one. The backlit table shows my face lit up and glowing. I’m overwhelmed by choice but excited at all of the possibilities! My energy mind doesn’t care that I don’t eat sugar apparently. 🙂

As far as my surroundings go I am actually in the same room I was when the public speaking was happening in my last habitat. But no one else is with me and it’s really quiet. The sun is shining in this space and it’s mild temperatures. I have been to this place before in The Hard and it is in Warranwood in Victoria, Australia.

I look back to the table and I am drawn to the right upper side of the table and there is a gold jellybean which is sitting there and appears to be glowing. I don’t even notice any other jellybeans anymore.

I reach for this jellybean, pick it up, and eat it. It is thick, quite chewy, and tougher than I expected. It doesn’t have much of a taste but the texture is like thick licorice, which is fine with me! As I am eating it I notice how my body begins to share the same glow. Again I am radiating with gold. Shining and feeling warm and energised.

I’m no longer interested in any of the other jellybeans on the table and am satisfied.

Gold is SO prominent for me across my habitats. I understand it as an enlightenment of sorts. Being in a state where I am free from many encumberments like doubt, fear, worries, stress. When I’m gold I’m still human and interacting with the human world, however I am radiating love and peace to an extent that those things don’t affect me as much.

It feels like something to strive for in a sense, however if I look at this blog entry (and habitats) I can see that I am already gold, it is just a matter of removing the obstacles in my way, letting go of what I don’t need. This other blog entry reminds me to let go also on the way to goldenness.

This current habitat reminds me to focus specifically on what I want and not to get distracted along the way. And once I get what it is that I want, I won’t be distracted or left searching and looking for more.  And that is what it feels like each evening, and WHY I’m not getting to bed at an hour that would give me enough rest overnight. I am searching in all the wrong places (usually all over the internet) for answers that are already within me.

Between Mother and Child

I see a cane basket with a white blanket within it. Laying in this cane basket is a chubby little pink-skinned baby. She is fair, not much hair but what is there is light coloured. She is outside under trees. Palm trees. The basket rests on a grassy area, from which you can see the ocean 100 metres away.

The sun is out today but here under trees it produces a gentle warmth, and there is a soft breeze blowing. Waves are crashing onto the sand in a regular rhythm. The occasional seagull squawks as it passes.

I see billowing white fabric and a woman appears in the scene who has a flowing white dress on and at least one silver bracelet on her left arm. It is plain but has detailing like loops in the bracelet.

I see her arms reaching out and she picks up this baby. I’ve no doubt she is the mother, I see that there is a mother-child bond between them. I know that they have chosen each other. The baby is content and is happy to be held and they are both bright, light and enthusiastic about each others company. The mother has a big smile on her face.

She carries her baby over to a blue and white hammock suspended between two palm trees. Carefully she sits down on the hammock and then lays down with her baby in her arms. The hammock swings slowly in the gentle breeze and after awhile, the baby falls asleep. Her breathing heavy and her body relaxed in her mothers arms.

While the baby is sleeping the mother soaks in the beauty of this little being and marvels at her plump lips and her smooth skin and the curve of her eyelashes. The breeze moves the thin hairs on her head a little. For this woman, nothing else matters at this moment and time seems to stand still. Her heart is so full with love for this little being.

With a deep breath, she closes her own eyes and soon they are asleep together, hearts in sync, swaying in the breeze, nothing else mattering.

Why Can’t I Fall Asleep?

That’s what I asked myself last night. It was late and I should have been asleep ages ago but I’d been awake doing my own thing, writing for this blog actually.

So as well as being annoyed that I couldn’t now just fall asleep, I wondered why I was awake until far too late MOST nights. To my own detriment when I would find it hard to get up and go the next morning and also feel tired through the day at various times. I like being a night owl and get my creative self expressing best at that time of night, but there has to be a point where I say “enough is enough” and make some reasonable boundaries for myself.

So as I was trying to fall asleep I decided I would create an energy habitat for some insight as to this bad habit.

I asked the question of myself: Show me something that will help me to understand why I can’t fall asleep right now.

Immediately I saw myself in my mind’s eye – in a powerful speed boat! Going very fast. I was the driver. I can’t say I’ve ever driven a speed boat before but it was exhilarating. Wind blowing in my face and my hair blowing behind me. Sea spray. Sea smells. I was going really fast. Not sure where we were headed and I started to feel concerned about the speed I was going as I could crash if I wasn’t careful.

So I thought “I could just slow down”. And I did. The boat slowed down, it was still moving but much slower now and the version of me in the boat seemed more relaxed. I did too.

And the aspect of me in the boat decided to slow down even more, coming to a complete stop.

This was a great feeling and a big “Duh” moment as to why I wasn’t instantly falling asleep at the drop of a hat. Pretty obvious hey? I had been going full speed up until that point and then expected to put the brakes on. Very unrealistic.

So to get myself falling asleep earlier I’ll be needing to make sure to shift myself down a gear leading up to when I want to fall asleep – or maybe switch to a row boat..? 🙂

ps. I fell asleep straight after this too.